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  1. Yup I am also one of the waiting. I ordered a few colors so to the end of the line for me.
  2. Just measured mine. The playmat + the cardboard tube is 4 lbs.
  3. I received my expansions on friday in VA. I had a bit of box dmg on my sunstalker but other than that its perfect.
  4. Not sure about the board game, but the video game of this war of mine had pretty good writing imo. A very good portrayal of survival and the gravity of any decision you take.
  5. They actually caught up a bit on my backlog with them. I think I am only missing the huge skeleton siege guy. Their updates are certainly sporadic but I think they are working on stuff. I have mixed feelings on mierce. Great minis with tons of detail. Long wait times with sub par communication. Questionable business model since they seem to like the whole kickstarter for another wave of stuff. I will definitely keep a eye on it but I really wonder if they are budgeting correctly. And if they are, maybe the sculptors are taking their sweet time?
  6. Got mine and kinda disappointed in it. I got the lapus lazuli which didnt seem to have that many color swirls like those in the pictures and a set of dragon fire which dont really have the same transparency in the pictures. Ohh well.
  7. I have received a tracking number to virginia. So shipping has started for sets of 2.
  8. Still dont have mine sadly. 8 pad backer
  9. Tbh the new insert doesnt really support expansions + sleeves. I still got rid of my insert. I am also still waiting on mage to deliver some sleeves.
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