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  1. Hi all we just updated with mini-goal and a freebie. Check out the update when you get a minute! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/710406053/hangar-18-pinups-modern-pinup-miniatures-bawidaman/posts
  2. And remember that this includes, shipping, boxing, and any applicable taxes. I've bought a ton of 54mm figs and I think our pricing is right in there. Many of these models are going to have 6-10 parts and packaging will need to be spot on for them to get to our backers safely. But I also understand we alll have our likes, I've wanted this project to happen for years, had it not been us, I would have paid nearly anything to get my hands on these beauties.
  3. Nice to see Marike will be back and I hope dks can make it. Always fun to see in person what everybody comes up with. I did manage to find a mongol model that might look pretty cool when I'm done, but it's not XXX and I'm not enough of a sculptor to make it so... might be able to make it look like Vin Diesel dressed up as a mongol though.
  4. Bummer, I just discovered his stuff in the last couple of years. Picked up a ton in a used bookstore and got familiar with the Great Skeeve and the Phule series. Great fun, I love the tongue in cheek approach with the occasional moment that makes you go hmmmm. Always look to see if anything new is out from him... sad to know that isn't going to happen from here.
  5. Some things just won't remain secret... plus you hang around with mouthy people Have a great b-day! See ya in a couple of weeks. :bday: :bday: :bday: :bday:
  6. ...and there are snowball fights in hell. Good to see you painting Flynn, now show up at Attactix!
  7. I'd like to suggest a 54mm version of this one. A bit more scantily clad perhaps. Andrea has been doing a larger scale pin-up series that is a lot of fun and I believe is selling well. I'd love to add Sophie to the case I'll have for pin-ups "soon", (like years from now). Obviously leaves open the possibility of an UL version as has happened in the larger scales in the past.
  8. Alliance Troops and Browncoats? Played a great Serenity based miniature game at a con here in Denver a couple of years ago. The host had managed to find miniatures to fill the bill, but specific ones would be great. Alliance guys would work great for gallactic cops for darn near anything. And heck the Browncoats might work with an Old West game.
  9. Thanks, I needed that!
  10. Picked up a Con booklet at my FLGS and apparrantly I now have a couple of Golden Sophies. Woohoo! Who knew.... But thanks for trying to fill my class up!
  11. Looks great! Very good brush control for one of such tender years. Keep it up! And enter some youngbloods/ youth comps, you'll do well.
  12. Hi Haldir! The anti-Santa... or Robin Claus... or Santa Hood!?? Hey in a world like this at least he was polite!
  13. Real fossils? If so . . . la la la . . . I didn't hear that . . . (archaeology laws and all) Oh yeah, they are real but acquired legally. My brother is a geologist and a dealer in, of all things, meteorites and had contacts all over the world and acquires them through the same channels that many of the museums do. In fact he sells to a lot of museums when he tracks things down, even has a museum named after him in Bolivia...
  14. That IS cool. Thanks for pointing it out Meg, I'll pass it along to my son, he's really into it. Owns a ton of fossils and even a dinosaur egg thanks to my brother.
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