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  1. I would very much like some model kits... Please... Yes! I want a Serenity kit... now would be good....
  2. The A-Team version would have bullets... they just wouldn't hit anything
  3. You'll keep the color richer if you bring the highlights up to yellow... Have fun!
  4. Hi Alex, welcome! Great to have another artist with your talents joint the fray! I like your web site, very cool stuff! Torin
  5. Thanks Haldir! Still have some donations coming in and it's all to the good, they let us keep at it until early August. Finishing the ride there were a lot of folks the local MSS chapter works with thanking the riders for their effort. It's kind of strange, here you are doing a long ride that they can't, but what you are wishing is that they could, and you want to thank them for the chance to help. They are the heroes to me. They deal with this disease with daily, it greatly affects their lives, and they do it with dignity and optimism. That's heroic, in that there is something we could all learn. We tend to get so twisted up in our own crap, we forget how good we have it. Many of the people I know with MS are the most optimistic people I know, they value every day they get, they just flat value life. Good stuff. And speaking of being caught up in our own crap. I was grumbling my way up a hill last year (it was a tough hill... I swear!), a guy with one leg comes pedaling by me, making good time. Talk about perspective, that is the last time I grumbled about any hills on that ride. While training for the MS150 and with all of the riding I do, every time I think about grumbling that I'm too tired, too sore, just don't feel like it, I remember that moment, shut the heck up, and climb the hill. Interesting the lesson life can teach us at times. Torin
  6. Yep, hard to pin down. I've seen 5-6" tall Mechs called Museum scale (Ral Partha), and for figures, everything from 54mm on up. Mastsumoto's got it right, a little interrogation is in order.
  7. :lol: And with gas prices going the way they are we'll soon be pushing our cars with our feet!
  8. On Anne's advice, I bought the book and loved it. Better understood why I like certain things other painters do. Color theory I understand at a deep level from years of color correcting photos, but pigments throw that a little bit of a curve. And then there is the subject of why certain colors work so well together and why some only almost work. Been buying books with works from the old masters to better understand their use of color. Made a big difference on my last piece, instead of being satisfied with it, I love it!
  9. 1st Marshall and I just booked our trip to LA for GD next month. I have sooooo much to do... plus Lili wants to give me a little tough love on my entries... and the class... man I'm going to be painting a lot for the next month. See ya Saturday
  10. It'll work for a while, but as the kids grow up it gets harder. We try to get at least one meal a day together, but with our varied morning schedules (Starting times for 2 different work days and 2 different school start times) it's almost never breakfast. Good way to start the weekend days though! Just remembered these banana pancakes the chef at a small resort in Negril, Jamaica made for us, those were amazing, had them every day I was down there. Still drool a little when I think of them...
  11. Quiet... the trees have ears...
  12. My son makes a version he learned at scout camp. Gets the batter going in the pan, drops an egg into the batter, flips it, and cooks it through. Very tasty, and very filling! Most of the time though I'm a maple syrup on regular buttermilk pancakes guy myself.
  13. I don't even know what to say to that.... but it is funny.
  14. Quick update... Made it through the ride, 78 miles each day for a total of 156. Weather was great and the people supporting the ride along the way even better. My 16 year old son was truly beat Saturday night, and I wasn't sure he had the will to take on the next day. Back out of bed at 4:00 am and we were back on the bikes at about 5:45. He toughed out the first climbs grumbling the whole way, then we started hitting the flats and the power came back to his legs. He finished with flying colors and now his mind knows his body can do it. I'm insufferably proud of him (what can I say I'm his dad) and he is very proud of himself. Thanks for the support from the gaming community, keep supporting the MS Society and the riders that get out there and wear their butts out doing the miles!
  15. Nicely done Matt! Bring to Attactix, I'd like a closer look...
  16. Man I gotta go paint... need more practice... *sigh* Really nice work and a lot of it!
  17. I appreciate any support you can add Haldir (and it was great meeting you at RC2007, wish we'd had more time to talk)! Just think, all it would take is everybody in the country adding $1 each and we could raise $300 million. The shear economic weight of this country is sometimes staggering, now as to how we use it sometimes... Not that I am always wise with my money, just the unpainted pewter in my basement would... oh, that's being covered in another thread. Leaving for the starting line at 4:30 am tomorrow... hope I can sleep tonight.
  18. I saw it Monday night, went with the family, had a great time. Not the best movies I've ever seen but the action was non stop and I thought they did a great job with it. Action scenes do get to be an aweful lot coming at you all at once. Worth the $ and good to see on the big screen... and I was never a big fan of the cartoon version. I like Bumble Bee as a Camaro, but not being a fan I had no idea he should have been a VW. Great they used the original guys voice fo Optimus Prime!
  19. Thanks for the support Ron! We're looking at a hot weekend, going to be downing a LOT of water on this one. Last year the first day was rainy and cold, then it started getting really nasty as we climbed 2100 feet into the Black Forest between Denver and Colorado Springs. It was the toughest ride I have ever done, but the people cheering you on at the end of the day made it all worth it!
  20. Thanks for supporting the cause WB, your bosses method of raising support is a great idea! I always here very personal stories as I go through this effort and I thank you for adding yours. I have a cousin dealing with the disease, several close friends and the team member as I said. Several business associates also have family affected by it and have lost people close to them. Every story I hear makes me more and more determined to help out.
  21. A big thanks to Flynn for adding his support! This is such a great community of people... And a huge thanks to Ed at Reaper for adding the support of Reaper and himself, that helped me zoom up to my goal earlier this week. As if we needed more proof, Reaper is the best!!!
  22. Hi All, I'm riding 150 miles this weekend on my bicycle, actually I'll probably do 100 the first day and 75 the second for Colorado's MS150 ride. Thought I'd do a quick post asking for donations to the Multiple Sclerosis Society. I've found as I talk to friends and family just how many people's lives are affected by this disease and the great work the MS Society is doing. There is hope on the horizon and the therapies are becoming more and more effective. One of the riders on my team has MS and is an absolute inspiration to us all. So it comes to this, if you can afford to throw in $1, $5, $20 any amount you can that would be great. This may not be the place to ask but I thought I'd give my fellow hobbiests the chance to throw in a donation. If you, friends, or family are dealing with this disease, toss a few bucks into the cause and I'll do the time in the saddle riding for all of you, and I know from the feedback I've gotten that it's very much appreciated. I have reached my fund raising goal,so there is no pressure at all, just thought there might be some folks that would like to contribute to a good cause. Thanks for considering it! Click here to visit my personal page. If the text above does not appear as a clickable link, you can visit the web address: http://www.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR?p...p;s_tafId=60284 And thanks to Mattmcl for helping me reach my fund raising goal!!! Torin
  23. Nice work! A good creepy paint job and tis can be one nasty fig...
  24. Still waiting as well, figured it will make it's way too me one of these days. Be nice to have a little surprise one day...
  25. Great work getting the shots of the presentation to Anne, it was one of my favorite moments at the Con.
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