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  1. Very nicely done! Just don't tell GW what paint you're using... shhhhh!
  2. Ouch! She's having a bad day... nice work, love the basing!
  3. That may be the best use of a flight base post I've seen yet. Very fun stuff!
  4. Great work! Maybe she still has b**bs because they were silicone to begin with...
  5. The battle over pre-paints vs. lovingly painted minis (models) is almost as old as the hobby. I've seen it dealt with on many a forum. My 2 cents is that if a kid can plunk down his cash, get his painted minis and play a game, I'm all for it. This is how we suck them in... Once they are playing against people whose minis look waaaay cooler than theirs, they get curious, want to learn to paint, then you got 'em! Pre-painted mini games are the gateway drug to lifelong brush licking. Encourage ALL forms of mini table top games, it grows the hobby, and gets more cool stuff on the market. That's how I started, played MK with my son, we had tons of fun. Then I got to looking at the minis and thought " hmmm, I bet I could do a better job, painting these looks like fun". Went out and bought some Reaper figs and the rest is, as they say, history. So in essence I say the whole arguement is missing the point, growing the hobby, making more people aware of the social and creative aspects of gaming is all good. Puts more game and mini companies in business, gives all of us broader options in figures and universes, the modelling aspect comes with time as a natural consequence of getting into the hobby. Encourage kids to play, teach them, be kind, and after a few years you end up with kids that are having fun, more socialized than some, commited to the hobby (and painting), and are great competition (this part I know from experience).
  6. Hey I think it's all good. I played MK for years, and I look forward to a good new game coming from Reaper, I think they see the whole left by MK's demise. I loved playing with a reasonably painted, (ell OK, it had paint on it) little plastic guy that I didn't spend hours painting. If it fell off the table, oh,well, if it broke, oh, well. I get too nervous using my lovingly painted display peices for actual gaming. I love to paint, and I love to game, but I have yet to completely paint an entire army for any game. Certainly painted enough to make an army but I never stick to one group long enough to paint an entire army. Hopefully there will be a good preview at RC, and why wouldn't there be?
  7. I like it a lot, very natural pose. Hard to pull off the body at ease, nicely done! If you sell her I will buy...
  8. I read all of the books that were out by last year loved them. The series is definately different but recognizable. Wasn't sure after th first couple of episodes but it is starting to come together and get pretty good. I've especially enjoyed the last couple of episodes, I'm sticking with it. If you haven't seen it lately, give it another try, seems the actors are starting to get more comfortable in their roles and it's starrting to click. One guys opinion...
  9. Oh and Rocky, I was the one sitting next to Anne having her rip apart my entries when she gave yo ua critique on this one. Told her to try and make me cry on her critique, she didn't get it done. But at the same time everything she told me was great information and left me inspired to try harder. Thanks to her for coming to Genghis and teaching so much!
  10. Not just the winners, I got at least one shot of entry, mutliples of winners. If you can give me a real name or the entry number from Genghis I can post the photo here for you! Oh, and my exchange mini should be off in the mail this week, just have to do some base work.
  11. Actually got to see this one in person at GenghisCon, it is spectacular. I am sure the bidding will be furious and the winner will be very happy, it is an exceptional piece.
  12. Ill be there! This time I'll remember my good background too!
  13. Well I have downloaded them to my machine and I'm in the process of cutting them down to a reasonable size. Mr Reed likes very Hi-Res shots, most of them are hovering just a tad over 1mb in size. So they are in process of being resized to something a bit more reasonable. OK, OK so they weren't web ready, that I'll admit. But starting from a higher res source, those photos are going to look good! Next time if you need me to run a script and down-res for web use, I can do that. Sorry to add to your work load!
  14. I'll at least get yours off to you tomorrow night, meant to tonight, left my notebook at work. Yeah Kris, with all of that mini goodness we gotta show the world!
  15. In a life storm of epic proportions I have gotten a little late, I apologize. My mini is on it's way Monday the 18th, hope the recipient likes it!
  16. He will indeed be happy, and the envy of anyone he fields this army against. Very nice work!
  17. Those are some great eyes for a first mini! You obviously have good brush control. Check out tips and hints, especially look into dark lining to seperate different areas, that would take this one up another notch right away. Then paint, paint, paint. Every mini will teach you something new to keep in your tool box. Excellent first effort!
  18. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/20...522-robots.html
  19. Thanks for all of the input, good points all. I definately need to work the NMM guy as bit more, harder lining to separate the beard from the gold a bit more, the tones are too close. And bring up the highlights to white. I appreciate everybody's thoughts, it helps to get an outside perspective after you've been staring at one for just too long.
  20. Great piece Gus! I can only echo you, just like all of us tend to do you backed off the highlights too soon. Push them up a bit more and this boy will pop big time. Very solid clean job on the painting and I love the base!
  21. BIIIG improvement! You've got more natural contrast and saturation as well as good neutrals. It also looks like you camera does what mine doeas and shoots slightly blue at that white point. If you can add just a hint of yellow it may pop even more. It may be my monitor but the reds look a little pink, and the yellow would bring them back. Your Photo fu is much improved, soon you may be able to leave the temple...
  22. Turns out I'm Mal, interesting... He is the charcter I identify with the best. Malcolm Reynolds (Captain) 95% Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command) 75% Wash (Ship Pilot) 70% Kaylee Frye (Ship Mechanic) 60% Jayne Cobb (Mercenary) 55% Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic) 50% Inara Serra (Companion) 45% River (Stowaway) 35% Alliance 30% Derrial Book (Shepherd) 25% A Reaver (Cannibal) 5%
  23. Dang, that's out of hand. You could take out most of a small town in about 5 minutes. Metal Strom indeed!
  24. The bow is actually metallic gold, I think I should have brought it up a bit brighter, looks a bit dull in the photo. Thanks for the feedback all!
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