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  1. Saw the newer Sophie in here the other day and thought I'd share this older one with everybody (just got it back from a hobby store display). Hope you like it! What's with all the winter theme at the beginning of summer? Just shows how long it takes to get to things I guess.
  2. Here's a pair of Dwarves I did for a *gasp* GW store competition. I did the Lord in NMM and the Mechanic with straight metallics. Thought it was an interesting comparison, what do you all think? Which one comes off better? I could only enter one of them and the manager at this store said his staff are not fans of NMM so I entered the Mechanic and won the comp. This was for the Book of Grudges contest, thus the books. Let's hear those comments and suggestions, don't worry about hurting my feelings, I have a pretty thick skin at this point, but I am always looking for ways to improve.
  3. Denver Area: Attactix (Aurora) has a painting group one night a month, I don'y rmember which night you'd have to call them. Lilli Troy has a painting class/ group at Valhalla's Game Center the first Saturday of each month (barring Con conflicts) from 12-6 There are probably others but those are the ones I know about. Good luck!
  4. I've had the same problem with highlights. You have to push them til they just don't look right close up. When you pull back a bit it makes the mini POP! I feel your pain, keep pushing them brighter and I'll endeavor to do the same...
  5. There is a lot going on and you managed to make it all work together, nice job. The base looks great too. Keep it up!
  6. Yet another very nice piece Flynn! I know what you mean about "done as it's gonna get". So many times I am done with something well before it's finished... Looks like a lot of effort went into it and I love the color choices.
  7. Your cat needs a bigger temple! You know what they say: dogs- we feed them, give them water, play with them, and give them a nice place to sleep, they think we must be gods. cats- we feed them, give them water, play with them, and give them a nice place to sleep, they think they must be gods. Great looking piece by the way!
  8. Well not to be contrary to the Xacto method, but I use fresh single edge razor blades. They are very thin and sharp, leaving a very clean edge.
  9. Great vibrant reds, love the contrast with the dark armor. Well done!
  10. Congrats Digital, you'll be painting again before you know it. With kids to look after and raise time goes very quickly... After all my son is responsible for getting me into this hobby in the first place, so you never know. We get a lot of "quality" time hanging out in the basement, painting minis and playing various games. It's so worth it.
  11. Don't do it Flynn, you have TactiCon entries to work on Congrats Gus and Angela, I wish you all the best!
  12. I hope it's the photo Jabberwocky, but I'll give it a look see! You know those elves, always hanging around campfires and such.
  13. Thanks for all the comments folks. The purple blotch isn't... I looked for it after I submitted this elsewhere, and it's not really there. It's actually a rather unfortunate shadow being cast by her nose with the way I had the light hitting it. Sheesh, it's always something isn't it? Glad everybody seems to like the lighter interpretation!
  14. Maybe I could mount a couple of these babies on my Scion. Could help clear the traffic in a hurry!
  15. Don't want to dump on the boards but thoght I'd toss another one your way. I like how she turned out with the classic elf colors and all. Hoepe you like her but as always I have a thick skin and always enjoy a good critique so bring it on! Really didn't like the handson this sculpt, a little hard to deal with. They seem waaaay to big for the figure, or am I just being picky? Click on the photo, the color shows up better!
  16. Hey all, thought I'd put another one up. Had fun with the purples. Looking at her now I probably should have done a darker interpretation. Any comments and suggestions will be appreciated.
  17. Nothing like getting knocked on your keister! I'm thinking a bio-mechanical body suit would help. Or just make big nasty CAV mechs, they wouldn't lose a step shooting these babies off. Good stuff.
  18. I use poster tack putty and stick the little round base down on top of an old GW paint bottle. Gives me something my big hands can hang on to without much strain.
  19. SaWeet! Excellent job. If I knew where Chapparel was I might have to come to NM and see if I could get some of that skill to rub off on me! Truly great work.
  20. Way to go Flynn! Great work and congrats on the wins! Bring one of those Sophie Trophies to TactiCon so I can get a good look at her. I'm turning green with envy over here! Time for you to get busy on your TactiCon entries, with work like that you're the next to move up to Masterclass! Again Congrats on the well deserved wins. Torin
  21. Thanks for the pics of the banners! Glad to know they got there and put up in time. My company printed them up here in Denver and sent them down earlier in the week. Looks like everything got there and put up. I'm betting there was a lot of hustling going on around Reaper this week!
  22. Nice! I might tend to rust up a bit more myself but then I don't get accused of "clean" looking paint jobs very often. Love the tarnished look of the armor. And I really love the the faded wood of the axe handle, that looks really cool!
  23. Since there seems to be a cry for critique Take this in the spirit intended, as one who has been working hard for years to get better and really enjoy getting good input. I would have to suggest skipping NMM for the time being, you need to work on your brush control for a bit longer before you will be able to get the results you're probably looking for. If you continue working to achieve excellent blends, very defined control of your brush and paint consistency, very sharp detail between surfaces, eyeballs (they're a pain), and the like. When you make your foray into the NMM technique your skills will be there. There are MANY excellent references for NMM here and on CMON and all over various artists sites. Another general comment, in the words of the illustrious Anne of Reaper "thin your paint more!" (Boy have I heard that a lot!) Getting very smooth layers and even base colors takes practice and thin paint. Again just my opinion, but I'm trying to help. I may be overreacting to some of what I'm seeing because the photos are probably showing every possible flaw. I feel it would be better to work on other things so that you don't get frustrated by the NMM thing (been there) and feel like giving up the hobby (done that... for a little while). Thin metallics can yield spectacular results as well. Don't get me wrong I love good NMM as well, but it is not the be all to end all. I commonly see well painted miniatures beat NMM goodliness in competitions and online. Above all have fun learning new stuff! This is a great hobby that keeps me sane... or at least more sane, than I would otherwise be! Good luck and paint on!
  24. This serves as a great warning to those of ignorant to this show, I'll stay away so that more of my time doesn't get sucked up. Thanks for the heads up!
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