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  1. Neat and organized??? Mine stay that way pretty well in a carousel as mentioned above... then I start painting. Of course not many accuse me of being neat and organized :)
  2. Have they actually given you some time to work on it? Sounded like they had you pretty tied to the painting table, hard to blame them with the results! You've given me plenty of good advice but a guide would be cool to keep reminindg me of all of that good advice... the older I get the more leaks!
  3. Zoiks! Nicely done. Bet all of that practice on eyes will stand you in good stead on future miniatures!
  4. I'm with you Flynn. Music, that's all good. Music-AL YIKES! Seems like a rather large story, wandering as it does through Middle Earth to bring to the stage. Wonder where they will find some Hobbits? No camera trickery available on stage.
  5. Did anyone else notice the deadline is tax day? Seems there is something else I have to do by then...
  6. Sorry to hear that... As far as thin pins go, I've found piano wire at some local hobyy shops, very hard to cut (don't use spru cutters, it screws them up! I know... yeah, the hard way). Another alternative is thin sewing pins from the sewing/fabric store that you can cut to bite size pieces. Bad luck on the loss, hope he finds his way home soon!
  7. Geez, and I thought their horns were enough to be worried about... Now I gotta watch out for warhammers.
  8. Go Flynn, Go Flynn! Another soon to be sucked into the Colorado Masterclass, the evil plan is working!
  9. Great brush control and details!
  10. Nice job! She looks chilly...brrr. I always trhought of her as a *warmer* creature. But maybe that's just in my strange little mind!
  11. Sweet! Looks like a great time. And if there's a flood you even have a tiny canoe to let the minis escape in!
  12. Kris, does that meen you're moving and she's leaving Attactix?
  13. Good deal, it's always a pain when you have to chase your stuff. Maybe boxes with metal pointy things are a security risk these days
  14. In the past I've been able to sign the back of the Notice of Delivery Attempt slip and leave it for the driver. Once they are off the hook they usually take it as you assuming the risk and will leave it. Might work... might not. Good Luck!
  15. Pain is NO vacation, that's for sure... Now if they put in BEACH vacation...
  16. It's about time you moved to Masterclass! Congrats yet again, and you've put some pressure on the rest of us for the next con. Yep Masterclass gets a shot a best in show as well, but you'd be surprised how many times that award comes out of the other categories. Masterclass was indeed that at GenghisCon this year, there was some amazing work to look at. Anybody in the region should try to make it for next year. Tons to learn and I think it's safe to say the best comp in the Rocky Mountain region! Been admiring Raven's work for a while (I even bought one of his minis on ebay). He's been wanting to get into the masterclass... careful what you wish for!
  17. Pretty cool, nice base work. As far as the chain end falling off, maybe try some pins. A little drilling and a bit of metal and your problem may be cured.
  18. My son would love this one for Mage Knight games (ya we still play it). He'd sit up there with his archers and pick me apart before I could get in range. Nice job!
  19. Nice work! I really love the atmosphere you've created on this piece.
  20. Stone and the metallic work look pretty good! As for the skin and such, as the resident mini painting goddess (you know who you are) would say, and she has to me more than once, THIN those paints more. Build it up a bit slower with coats and you'll be amazed how much improvement you'll see. Don't dip 'em, learn new things for a while, try new things, then go back and paint the same minis again. It is very encouraging to see the change in your skills. Sometimes it feels like we learn sooooo slowly, but when you do a compare and contrast like that you can really see the improvements. Good lukc and have fun!
  21. Derek is da bomb. You're lucky to have him around. Saw him in the speed painting comp at GenghisCon here in Denver and he managed to get an amazing ampunt accomplished. I would have spent hours getting anywhere close, kind of disheartening. But with all the great painters hanging around that weekend I learned a ton!
  22. Kinds looks like a close-up of a certain kind of "crab", a louse as somebody said. Kind of gives ya the yips to imagine this guy crawling around your nethers- YIKES. It's interesting how we, as a species, think we have figures out our planet, and yet we keep finding new things and critters. Wonder what else is hiding out there...
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