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  1. Hope all goes well. Dont' tell anybody... but Denver is a great place. Everybody seems to think it's cold here all the time, never mind that we'll hit the 60's for highs in the dead of winter. Yes it's cold here now and again but usually only for a few days. We just had a snowstorm, roads got funky for 1 commute, it all melted off that next day. Good luck and we'll see ya around the local painting community!
  2. That just look awesome. Thw saturated colors really scream in the photo.
  3. Nice work Flynn, I think I saw this guy in an early stage at GenghisCon, sweet work on the shield!
  4. Digital, I did exactly the same thing, for pretty much the same reasons. Sold my bike when my first was born. A big v-twin Virago, and I pine for it every year as the weather warms up. One good thing, I used the money to buy the first computer I used to start my business, and now I have 9 employees. So I can relate all too well, but as for as answer... I'm fresh out. It's hard, but enjoying the time with your kids makes it better, if they only knew the sacrifices we make for them!
  5. In Denver over President's day weekend. Come up for some cool weather and some serious painting goodness!
  6. Booya Kris, glad to see you spreading the word! Know I'll get smoked in the master class but love to see the work of these folks... and I know Lili is working on something, look out Genghis!
  7. OOOOOOOkay... now that was just wrong, funny but wrong. Unfortunately I can relate.
  8. Had to call my son down for that one! Then the Burger King Star Wars watch commercial comes on the TV... the force is strong in this one.
  9. Congrats Cadaver! I've been married for 21 years, and I have to say I highly recommend it, smartest thing I ever did.
  10. Good luck Rast! Animals take a while to work things out but they they'll set the pecking order and all will calm with any luck. You're a gem for taking in the Yorkie, they tend to have egos completely out of proportion with their size. I think most small dogs suffer from a Napolianic complex. Some of the nastiest, bad-butt attitude dogs I have ever seen were the small breeds. They make up for their size with attitude.
  11. I've seen that one in many forms, getting a bit old... but CRAP I still jumped a little.
  12. Been using i-Tunes keeps things sorted. I can create lists easily that pretty much go with my moods and put them on shuffle. My iPod has saved me from screaming kids on a couple of recent flights, couldn't save me from them kicking the back of my seat the whole trip though....
  13. I was at the RAC this year and the cat did get around, didn't see her working the line, just hanging out. Hair just gets everywhere. If I'd gotten a blister with a cat hair I'd get a pretty good chuckle as I'm betting you did. Hmmmm, maybe if we could collect enough of them we could make a good brush.
  14. Very nicely done, don't see much I'd change. Love the subtle colors. gg!
  15. I could tell you, but then we'd both be visited by the black helicopters, and ditched in a secret prison somewhere in the old eastern block
  16. Ahh, the classic debate. Shouldn't this be moved to Beekeepers as it starts to resemble a debate about religion, and or politics? Having spent a lot of time in both worlds, and running a business where I need them to communicate constantly ( graphic arts ), and luckily cross platforming files is getting easier all the time Which machine do I have at home? I am typing this on a g5 iMac with a 20" screen that I just love. While I know PC systems have come a long way lately, I find their security, and operating system a bit clunky, and it is definately NOT user freindly. PC networks are a pain to maintain, and wht is it that I can have the Macs talking to each other AND the PCs of different operating systems within minutes, and it takes DAYS to do the same with the PCs. NT doesn't want to talk to 2000, which doesn't talk to XP, yada yada yada. You are practically forced to upgrade to be able to do jack. Some of my software and utilities aren't upgraded very quickly as they are very specific to a certain task that most of the rest of the world doesn't need, thus it is low priority. Whenever asked this question my response still remains the same. Do you want to get things done? Or do you wantto screw with your computer? A fair question and I know plenty of people actually enjoy jacking with their boxes and screwing around with settings and such. More power to them, and you Cadaver, I just simply don't have time for it. I need to get things done, a lot of things and handle GBs of data every day, for that I choose the Mac. As to gaming, yeah I game, but not on computers. I bust out the Playstation, that was made for the task, on my big TV and have a ball. I spend so much time at computers the last thing I want to do is sit in front of one while I relax. It's all personal choice and past experience but for my money I'll go Mac. To have OSs and computers that are still able to do plenty of tasks 8 or 9 years after purchase seems a good value to me. I have a VERY hard time getting a PC to stay useful for anywhere near that amount of time.
  17. Very nice work Heisler. I've tried a couple of the larger figures and it is very tough to pull off that smooth a look. Did you use acrylics or oils? i know some large figure paiinters use oils for superior blending. I've done them in oils but am not that satisfied with the results so far...
  18. Het death ant chance you can pick your favorite angle and bring the size up a bit, pretty dark and hard to see, can't comment much...
  19. Saw some of these at RAC... sweeet.... The new Sophie looks awesome painted, and I will be grabbing some of the others once they are out.
  20. Ouch Jeff, sorry to hear of the troubles. I got real lucky and dodged the TSA on both legs. Little did I know how lucky I was! Hope all works out and gets resolved to the best in the end. Torin
  21. Can't say enough about the Con. While I realized after getting a good look at so many GREAT minis that most of what I have painted is junk (by that standard anyway, a very high standard indeed). I learned soooo much, that I think one day I may be able to compete at a national level. YOU GUYS AND GALS ARE THE BEST! Thanks to all the Reaper peeps, especially Anne and Matt, Jennifer Haley ( Oh my god seeing her stuff up close is humbling), Lazlo (NMM god!), Amy (taught me a lot about what to look for in a competition mini) and all of the other great folks I learned from. You have created a monster, I am determined to paint at that level one day. Everybody was truly great and wants to help people learn. No secrets... you ask them a question and they will show you how to do it! I can't say enough about what a great experience it was, I came home very excited to improve my techniques. I have a lot of hard work ahead of me, but thanks to all of the teachers and participants at least i can SEE the difference and the path I need to travel. Very valuable indeed! I would recommend any aspiring painter to attend. It's a humbling experience to step out of your little local world and see the level of painting needed to compete at a national level, but very worth it. I hope to be there next year.
  22. The details really jump out, nice job. I especially like the look of his brow ridge, all lumpy and bumpy. Makes me think he's taken a shot or two to the head!
  23. The armor is very cool, kind of has a cast iron look to it!
  24. 1st mini??? Nicely done, much better than my first. Be careful you'll decide to try all kinds of techniques, and total figmentia will start setting in. Nice Effort!
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