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  1. Wow, great job. If the client doesn't like, and they will, I'll bet you'll find somebody that will be more than happy to give it a good home!
  2. Very nice indeed, good color shoice. Ya know you always have a bit of depression and sadness after coming of the adrenalin of a good sacking...
  3. Aren't swords supposed to draw blood. Then again I am a fencer and we don't get to use the pointy ones. Cool conversion! I may steal that idea for something in the future if you don't mind.
  4. Cool a big guy ready to get on the table in a short period, I could learn from that, i don't have much to play cause I spend waaaay too much time on each piece. Hey.... I think I new this guy in high school... Played football I think...don't remember the squirrel though.
  5. Have to agree with Tale. Parts of it look a bit unfinished and the eyes look just plain spooky, if that's what you're going for ya did it. Very nicley done base, not overone but adds a lot of interest.
  6. I have this one laying around in my to be painted box, keep meaning to do it but I thought it had been soooo done. Conversion...hmmmmm... maybe I need to think about it some more. The wings look fabulous, a very impressive piece. I'll have to come up with a way to make her stand out as well. Great Job!
  7. Wow a 4 hour job??? That's impressive for that relativly breif time for sure. I get way to picky and can't seem to take less than 8-10 on small minis (is that redundant?). Big ones are looonnnng projects for me. How long did it take to do all of the prep work before you started painting?
  8. I tend to buy a lot of things to "support the hobby" The Darkson book is pretty darn good, and several of the GW painting and terrain books have a lot of good information as well. I always think it's great to learn from many different sources and then pick the bits that work for me. I think it is great when someone takes the time and trouble to create a book that helps us all learn, I will probably buy every one I can get. There are always some good ideas to gleen from others efforts and I appreciate the info. Anne's book, didn't know she was doing one, sounds great and I will get my hands on one as soon as they are out. Given the quality of Darkson's first effort I will definately buy 2.0 as well.
  9. Zoiks! Sounds kinda hot and muggy. Guess I'll leave the fleece at home, sounds inviting!
  10. The attendee in question was away from his email , but has sent an email to you! Hope everything is all straightened out now!
  11. Dang! That's pretty abusive. Sounds like if nothing else she needs to stay the hell away from that guy. You're doing the right thing, all you can do is be supportive. You don't want to get between her and dancing anymore than you want her to get between you and your minis. We all gotta have an artistic expression. Good luck, and I hope all works out OK.
  12. I'd love to try out both games while I'm down there, as long as you're willing to teach a rank beginner. Well beginner in those games, I play a lot of others, so I can probably pick it up! Of course that will have me buying even more stuff..... oh it never ends.
  13. slidedog

    RAC Hotel

    Thanks Haldir, good tip.
  14. slidedog

    RAC Hotel

    I already have a reservation there, would love to see them drop the prce a bit though. Probably won't be too excited about me wanting a slight refund.. but hey I can always ask.
  15. Nice clean paintjob.... Maybe too clean, I usually like a bit of grundge to make them look a bit more real. I know I can't stay that clean tromping around outside for even 10 minutes let alone going into battle, but that al depends on personal taste, keep it up!
  16. Nicely Done! Althoug in this particular pose he looks a bit "punch" drunk Great elven color scheme well excecuted.
  17. Thanks for the welcome Gus I look forward to meeting everybody!
  18. Well I guess I'll have to get active in these Forums, been lurking arouond off and on, but it looks like you people are having fun in here. I am coming to RAC so you can add me to your list. Driving down from Denver at Lilli's encouragment. Look forward to meeting everybody and learning a ton!
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