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  1. Upcoming 3d printable minis and terrain. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fatdragongames/vallis-mortis
  2. Judging from their previous KS, those will cost between 5 and 10 dollars each. So if those are the only ones you are interested in, purchasing them later would probably be cheaper.
  3. You can print their files with FDM and get good results. But resin will give you even better results. And while resin postprocessing can be intimidating at first, getting great FDM minis requires much finetuning. You'll also have a far easier time printing models that aren't supportfree with resin.
  4. Because one can never have to many 3d printable Mythos creatures. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/266656159/cthulhu-lovecraftian-bestiary-3d-printable-models It's not just Mythos creatures, though, there are some D&D ones like aboleth, remorhaz and flumphs, as well as aquatic animals (including prehistoric ones).
  5. There's a CA$ 40 pledge level for just the miniatures.
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spareoomstudio/creatures-of-cromsfall-lovecraft-inspired-minis-for-3dprint?ref=ev1e63 The Cthulhu is already printed (thus the lines on the rock in the back) while the other two are renders. A lloigor and a "witch" have already been unlocked, as well a Shub-Niggurath, although the last one as an addon.
  7. Considering the size of the ships, you'll need two printers. Filament for the large parts and resin for details.
  8. The great thing about 3d printing your minis is that you can print them out in your scale of choice, especially if they are unbased. It takes a bit of practice, but my D&D or Bones minis don't have a consistent scale either among their different release dates. Oh, and the files from the previous KS have been unlocked, bringing the amount of minis to over 60.
  9. The airship is great, I printed it out for an Eberron campaign.
  10. Unbasing minis in MeshMixer can be a bit fiddly, I prefer Prusa Slicer for it. It works best with flat bases, so the T-Rex or mammoth will be more difficult.
  11. Lots of 3d printable animals. While Thingiverse has quite a few, this ones are rather nice looking. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/163050832/stl-animal-companion-miniatures/description
  12. Finally some more renders. Also, Rockerboys and Deckers have been unlocked.
  13. I backed it, but I hope he'll show more renders soon.
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