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  1. It's live. 23€ EB (instead of 25€) with 28 hours to go.
  2. Some new (and ambitious) Stretch Goals have been added.
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/printinggoeseveron/mines-of-maznar-3d-printable-dandd-adventure Starts in a week: The campaign will synergize with the Printing goes ever on Patreon, there have already not-Morie releases this month and March will have them as well (not the same as in the KS). Core bundle: 10 medium size miniatures 5 large size miniatures 1 huge / gargantuan (depending on how you lay it out) Cave Kraken Modular Dwarven Bridge, with 7 supportless modules to mix and match 4 other dwarf themed terrain pieces, including working gate 3 different species skulls scatter props Full Mines of Maznar D&D 5E Adventure Module, with high quality battlemaps (PDF files) Core Bundle + All Stretchgoals 20 medium size miniatures + unlimited modular goblin 3d customizer access 11 large size miniatures 1 huge / gargantuan Cave Kraken (depending on how you lay it out) 1 large / huge Balor (2 print sizes supplied) with modular weapons Unlimited access to the modular goblin bundle in our Interactive Modular Mini Customizer Modular Dwarven Bridge, with 7 supportless modules to mix and match 5 terrain pieces for a goblin camp 7 other dwarf themed terrain pieces 6 different species skulls scatter props Full Mines of Maznar D&D 5E Adventure Module, with high quality battlemaps (PDF files)
  4. The price seems pretty high compared to Patreon releases. Pit Fighter was already a mixed bag, but offered far more in comparison.
  5. Now live. Owners of Clorehaven have access to all its models. One of the stretch goals is STL import which should be useful to patrons of CnP or other OpenLock creators.
  6. You can get a decent resin printer for about 200$. That's less than many people spent on a single physical KS. A liter of Elegoo Gray costs me about 30€. Resin printing has its downsides, but cost isn't one of them.
  7. I vastly prefer digital Kickstarter's to physical ones. They are usually cheaper, the minis are delivered sooner (or at all, considering the bad record of many physical KS). No shipping costs or picking up packets at the custom office. I can vary the resize of the minis or mirror them to fit my needs. And instead of a drawer of shame I just have a drive of shame.
  8. Compared to Archvillain, Titanforge or Epic, CnP's Frostland release seems rather lackluster. The Throwbacks are nice, but I already have them. I really liked their Underdark and Cosmic Horror releases, so I have hopes for next month's horror theme.
  9. From the lastest Shadowfey update:
  10. There is a comment section, though, as well as an update section that is currently unused. Considering that a majority of STL KS are already using MMF for fulfilment, this is just the next step. Compared to Kickstarter + Backerkit + some hosting service this is an all-in-one service. Another advantage compared to KS is that there is no need for a credit card. On the other hand, you pay upfront and can't back out, so it's mostly for safe KS, but most STL KS fall into that category anyway. They'll probably go after Patreon next, which I appreciate, especially if I no longer have to pay 19% VAT.
  11. There's already a thread for this KS: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/94495-desert-scenery-terrain-for-tabletop-gaming-wargames/
  12. There's an currently extended timed EB with 51€ for 6 sets.
  13. It's still about as expensive as both KS I mentioned together. You can also get similar sculpts on Thingiverse for free. It seems to be their first time offering STLs, so they probably didn't research their competition sufficiently. The set also seems rather bland compared to their previous ones, there's no real centerpiece, just a bunch of rocks and houses.
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