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  1. The 90k stretch goal will be tree bases for the houses which make them look better. Would probably have been better to include them in the core.
  2. While it has a lot of nice models, some of them are from Patreon welcome packs (for example the gargoyle and the gunslinger from Artisan Guild) which might make the deal slightly worse than it seems to be.
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3dprintingdm/lost-adventures-vol-2-all-in-one-3d-printable-adventures # Not as great as the first one so far. More expensive for less models. Not too fond of the buildings. The bosses seem lacking as well, though I like the water myrmidon. Some of the stretch goal unlocks haven't been shown yet, so it might look better once they do that.
  4. Have you checked the Phrozen Sonic 4k Mini deal in the Pitfighter KS? I consider switching from my EB level to get one to replace my Photon.
  5. >140$, I'm afraid I have to do more culling. At this point, I have more files than I could print, not to mention paint.
  6. Very nice. I guess we'll see some of the models from here again, similar to his asian KS: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/city-of-jordoba-3d/city-of-jordoba-3d-printable-terrain-by-otus-and-lovecraft
  7. I'm really happy with esun PLA+ as well. They also offer refilament which is nice unless you use the spools to build stuff.
  8. The miniatures are rather bland and the fortresses are cardboard. At 2% after a week, it's also unlikely that it will fund.
  9. I already have the townfolk and heroes sets, still gone all in.
  10. @Talae Yes, I liked their 5e Cthulhu book and the previews look nice. I have no use for the EB mini, so I waited.
  11. While I have lots of the others, my selection of hobgoblins is somewhat limited. The Stretch Goals are very underwhelming. More minis would have been far more interesting than some cards or a book I already own.
  12. Decided to go in. I'm not really a fan of bearded dwarf women, but a fellow players in my current campaign plays on, so they might come handy. And I finally conviced another player to start painting.
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