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  1. They haven't changed that and now taxes are added on top of the pledge.
  2. They did break up, Andrea works alone on AG, but that doesn't stop him from promoting her project. But I'm not too fond of Frontiers, even more so since it became 19% more expensive than Kickstarter.
  3. It seems I was wrong, I already got my MMF mail to redeem the pledge. I highly doubt that KS has released the funds (as they have yet to charge my card).
  4. They managed to gather 440k. The campaign will be continued on MMF Frontiers with even more stuff. Backers of the Kickstarter will have the opportunity to get the MMF exclusive stuff for a reduced price (30$ if you are on the 85$ level). And that list of stuff is very huge. I'm not a fan of Frontiers myself, but that's an excellent deal for a worthy cause. The Frontiers campaign is live, now, but KS backers will have to wait to mid June to get their rewards and discounts.
  5. Another Iain Lovecraft project. Nearly managed to grab a 10€ pledge this time. Still a few hours before the price increases pretty drastically. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iain-lovecraft/dark-alley-adventure This time, there will also be metal minis for folks without printers available:
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3dlayeredscenery/ancrabourg-a-modular-medieval-harbor
  7. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/infernalminiatures/the-unlawful-bunch Kickstarter recommended this to me, it's a very good value for 20€ for games like Frostgrave, Mordheim or D&D. According to the campaign page, there will be far more arm options. It's kind of funny how 4 of the currently active Kickstarters I'm backing and the fifth one is for Ukraine.
  8. Dragon's Forge will do Halflings (and an Ettin) next month.
  9. It's a pretty impressive offering, even though I own some of the stuff like the The Willing of the Sleepers BETRAYAL KS.
  10. My weakness for Saurians strikes again, DragonsLake Miniaturas for April.
  11. Have you seen Asgard Rising's draugr? They are in 28 and 32, you can get them as a late pledge on MMF.
  12. CGF is doing an arena: Artisan Guild is doing Draugr
  13. For me, it already happened with Bones 5. That, and the fact that I still have hundreds of unpainted Bones 1-4 minis. With STLs, my pile of shame is hidden on its own hard disk.
  14. Next bunch of Stretch Goals has been revealed, bringing more, this time dwarven, gigantic heads:
  15. Here's the print. Worked quite well. The stl had some jaggedness, but they got smoothed out in the print.
  16. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sawant3d/hidden-places-amazing-3d-printable-scenery There are currently about 150 EB all-ins for 29€ left. Otherwise, each of the sets is available for 7€. I'm currently printing the test file, I will post pictures when its done and not a total embarrassment for my printer.
  17. Artisan Guild has been showing some dwarf WIPs on Lense, recently that go well with the trolls. More Trudvang than WoW.
  18. Those masters don't look very sharp, pretty similar to the results my 2k printer can achieve. But that might only be due to the lighting or quality of the photo.
  19. 3dartdigital, who are in the Ukraine, just posted an update that they are safe.
  20. They are even more expensive than GW. You can get 10 AoS Orks for 50$. And of course Wizkids uses renders instead of the actual minis on the box art.
  21. @Glitterwolf 3dartdigital is from Ukraine, I hope they are well, some of them were stuck in Kiev. There are some Patreons from Russia, but I would not be surprised if Patreon did the same as other platforms and removed their ability to get money. They are probably more occupied with tracking cookies at the moment. I'm not in favor of stopping to support someone who creates models I like just because he happens to live in the wrong country.
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