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    Preview Gallery

    I would have preferred for Kaladrax to be smaller. Guess I'll have to order a Nethyrmaul to get a gargantuan Dracolich.
  2. Used it in today's session. My players really liked it.
  3. Got my tracks as well. Creepy Daytime Graveyard is perfect for my next Carrion Crown session.
  4. jadeite


    So, maybe Strike Team pledgers will get the option to trade the orks for something else.
  5. jadeite

    UPS fee and the bones Kickstarter

    Didn't Reaper state that the invoice would only consist of the 100$ for the Vampire level?
  6. jadeite

    Thunderscape - The World of Aden

    Now you'll get the Campaign Setting plus a six part Adventure Path for 40$.
  7. jadeite

    The Shadowlands Campaign Setting kickstarter

    You can get a softcover as an Add-in for 35$ and a hardcover for 60$. International backers also have to pay and additional 15$ for shipping. So, should the 28k level be achieved, 85$ would get you a 400+ page book and a pdf. The Freeport Kickstarter had a pledge level where you got the 512 page book and the pdf for 80$. At the moment, I'm still watching, but in my opinion they should have just have chosen 28,000$ as their goal if that's the book they want to produce. Now, even if the Kickstarter succeeds, it'll still feel like failing if they don't make that amount. And yes, the World of Aden Kickstarter offers a much better deal, especially if the next stretch goal is met.
  8. Sorry. While I did check before posting, I must have somehow missed it.
  9. Not a kickstarter bone, but Torg the Unicorn should make a great Nightmare with horn and beard removed.
  10. Vampire x1 $100 Starter Paint Set x1 $18 Undead Paint Set x1 $18 Mythos Monsters x1 $10 Mind Your Manors x1 $10 Starter Set 2 x1 $18 Spider Centaurs x1 $10 C'thulhu x1 $10 Kaladrax Reborn x1 $10 Deep Dwellers x1 $7 Deathsleet x1 $10 Fire Giants x1 $10 Frost Giants x1 $10 Dark Heroes x1 $5 Bedevilled x1 $5 Fire Giant Warriors x1 $10 I guess I'm rather complicated. But that's okay, I would take some time to arrive in europe anyway and my LTPKs have just been send. I rather doubt I'll be able to finish all the unpainted minis I already have (mostly D&D board games, non-kickstarter bones) before my bones arrive.
  11. The Dwarven Forge kickstarter has gotten much attention, but there's also this little kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1679800548/dungeons-of-the-mountain-king It should work nicely with Rise of the Drow and Throne of Night. It's also a lot cheaper, especially for people outside the USA.