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  1. OPR March:






    April, as well as March, will also feature a 70% MMF discount for Patrons. At this point, they should just make it permanent.


    And here's their roadmap for the next months:

    April - Saurians & Eternal Dynasty + Loyalty Rewards

    May - Saurians & Jackals

    June - Saurians & Jackals

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  2. 2 hours ago, Kuroneko said:

    I realise that there's a no politics rule here on the forums, so I'll stick to facts.


    Kharkiv, where Signum Games is based, is currently under attack. As is pretty much all of Ukraine. I sincerely hope that the Signum guys and gals are not in imminent danger. At this point I don't care if I never get my pledge, I just want them to be safe and sound.

    From their current KS (Fantasy Commander):

    Hi there

    We are safe and keep working.

    Many thanks for your attention and care.

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  3. Here's a slightly better image of the trolls. I like the tails, makes them less warcrafty and more usable for games like Trudvang.


    On another note, Heroes Infinite's Aztec theme next months will be more lizardy than originally planned and they will revisited this month' High Elves in April. After that, they will revisit some other previous sets like Arcadian Elves ("not Eldar") or Kingdom of the Depths, probably similar to what Archvillain is doing.


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  4. 2 hours ago, Reverend Shartan said:

    I "THINK" there will be a pledge manager where you could add from some other KS projects. I believe Pirates vs Cthulhu is the first part of the KS that just ended.....but I'm not sure if that one is still available or not.....


    Reverend Shartan

    It's not available as a whole set, but you can purchase its contents on his MMF shop (which is linked from his own page).

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  5. 3c137bd611cfc493544fa7fb93554336_origina

    Not on KS, so no link. I'm not the biggest fan of the MMF's crowdfunding, but it's another huge collection of printable plant and rock scatter pieces. There's currently a 72h early bird level, with a bigger discount if you're part of his tribe or were part of his previous campaigns (he sent discount codes there).

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