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  1. Titan-Forge is doing Sylvan Elves for February. Heroes Infinite will also do Elves, but no pictures so far (as usual). Clay Cyanide's theme will be Celtic Mythology, so that may fit as well.
  2. At that price, you get a far better value by just buying a couple of printers and print the tiles yourself.
  3. So, Artisan Guild is just Andrea Tarabella. With ~7500 patrons for ~15 models per month, he's probably one of the best paid sculptors in the industry. There's always the risk of burnout and AG etablished itself before the real STL Patreon boom began, so it's in a far better position than starting ons, but I doubt the even GW's designers earn as much. In other news, February will be OPR's sixth 70% off month in a row, at this point they should just make it permanent.
  4. According to the last update on Tale of Two Cities, this one will launch in February.
  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/medusaminiatures/flesh-clay-stone-and-iron-golems-pre-supported-stl-files/description Another Medusa Miniatures KS, eight golems for 4 gbp, 6 gbp for the presupported files.
  6. @Glitterwolf That's what I usually do, too, except I use Cura or PrusaSlicer to have more room. I used to have a nice little comparison chart of different Patreons, but I can't seem to find it.
  7. I have become far more picky. Before, I was willing to use multiples off one model with the only difference being the paint job. With 3d printing, there's a huge number of models to chose from, for common monsters like undead or goblins, but also for stuff like beholders and mind flayers. I'm not sure if I'd ever need to field a couple dozen different models of those, but I totally could if I wanted to. I've also started to really like modular models. There's also the issue of scale which I didn't care about before (not that I had much of a choice), but with 3d printing it's far easier to keep minis in consistent size (it's still sometimes tricky and I did print my fair share of to large and to small figures). I now spend far more money on STLs than I did on physical models, due to Patreon and KS. I've also gotten interested in Wargaming.
  8. Reaper has little to gain from offering STLs. They have great sculpts, but pretty much all of their models have 3d printable alternatives already. There are several 3d printable pirate ships and mechanical dragons on MMF alone. Reapers current niche is affordable minis made in the USA, which is pretty good considering the problems with international shipping.
  9. 29€ are far too expensive for this kind of models. This is comparable to a 10$ Patreon release, but I've seen several better sets for Heroquest. This would have been fine 3 years ago, but the quality of models for 3d printing has greatly increased in recent years. To be succesful, you need to either offer excellent quality, great pricing or offer something that's in demand but not already taken care of.
  10. Probably Mantic, too. And Kobold Press, when it comes to RPG stuff. In my opinion, STL KS are much safer than physical minis, as in many cases the minis are already done and you get them a few weeks after the campaign ends. There are cases when the stretch goals exploded and the whole thing takes far longer than expected, but in that case, you usually get partial rewards. No problems with shipping rates (or pewter shortage).
  11. @Olaf the Stout I also have sorted the models by creator and month/KS, but I also try to have the monthly pictures in the creator folder. That way, I can quickly browse the models by going through the images. This, for example, is my AG folder.l I'd advise against a Spreadsheet, as it would reach its limits once you have several terabytes of stls. I'd use a database, but thus far, I'm lazy and use my memory and F3/Ctrl+F.
  12. All the time. It gets worse the more STLs you have. For viewing STLs, I use Papa’s Best STL Viewer, which is pretty fast. It works similar to a picture viewer and allows you to switch between the files in a directory with the cursors. You can also rotate and zoom the models. For supports, the autosupport feature of PrusaSlicer works pretty well. It also has a autorotate feature for minimal scarring or print time. I export the build plate with supports as a STL and use that in ChituBox to slice it. PrusaSlicer doesn't support chinese resin printers, so I use the Prusa SL1 profile which has a similar build plate dimension to my Photon. I've reduced the support density to 80% since PrusaSlicer can be a bit overzelous sometimes when it comes to support but it avoids unsupported islands better than other slicers.
  13. stl files contain the mesh information for a 3d object, as well as it's scale and orientation. The chitubox file contains the meshes, as well as added supports. It can be used to recreate the stl files. The ctb file is for the printer and includes informations on exposure time and such. It can't be used to recreate the model and is also not compatible with other printers and might not even work with different resins. So, if you want to save your supports, use chitubox or save the supported model as its own stl (take care not to overwrite the original file). The ctb file isn't really worthy of archiving, unless you want to print the same stuff over and over again.
  14. @Olaf the Stout The saved file is no longer a 3-dimensional model but instead a (huge) number of 2-dimensional images, with additional information for exposure time, lift speed, etc. When you open it again, Chitubox tries to recreate the 3d model from those informations, similar to how a FDM slicer can interpret gcode.
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/joinordie/the-willing-of-the-sleepers-betrayal Another project by 3DBreed Miniatures. Two armies, imperial soldiers vs tribal raptor riders. Multipart 32mm models, far less stumpy than their March to Hell models (which were also for 15mm scale).
  16. Titan Forge has posted the full previev for next month:
  17. It seems I missed the return of Cult Miniatures. Their current set isn't my favorite, but they are creating very nice modular sets for RPGs and wargames.
  18. @Glitterwolf Since the KS page is already online, I created a thread in the KS forum, feel free to post the previews there, too. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/97698-iain-lovecrafts-treasure-island/
  19. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iain-lovecraft/treasure-island-1 Another project by Iain Lovecraft. Excellent minis and terrain files for a very reasonable price.
  20. Heroes Infinite has renders, but they are somewhat hidden. In my opinion, the addition of troops made their releases more useful for gaming instead of just decorations, with less focus on their centerpieces.
  21. Have you checked this month's Heroes Infinite?
  22. I like her work, too, but I already have all of the models from her Patreon and previous KS (excluding the Stretch Goals), so this KS seems rather lazy.
  23. Looking at the free Dragonfolk Engineer, probably not too well, but you could try for yourself.
  24. Yes, but you should at least get the fantasy base pack as well. You can try desktophero3d and titancraftminis for free, but you have to buy the assets to download the STLs, either as a pack or per item. Titan Craft has the better interface, so it's a good idea to merge both sites.
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