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  1. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/263291121/titancraft-heroes

    A third version of DesktopHero, this time using last year's TitanCraft as a base. It will include the assets from DesktopHero2, as well as offering new Victorian and Pirate asset packs.

    Some of the monsters from TitanCraft weren't as customizable as I had hoped for, but it's still quite impressive. Not as shiny as Hero Forge, but instead of paying for each model, you just purchase the assets.



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  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/buryak/tamed-and-wild-ones-prehistoric-beasts-and-terrainse2c5f64553efc569fb6254ec20bc691e_origina


    11 different prehistoric animals as well as a Dodo, each one in different poses. Most of them also have juvenile, armored and deceased variants, others have those as stretch goals. The early bird pledge is 20$ and is still available for half a day, after that it will be increased to 25$ which still seems to be a good price for the number of minis.

    I backed their previous Cave Set and was happy with the result.

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  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/3dprintingdm/uncharted-lands-book-and-stl-collection/description

    Another KS by 3dprintingDM Danny Herrero. In my opinion a vastly better deal than his last KS (which wasn't that bad to be honest).

    Just compare thisdd5c66a8a0b4541d2a223040d157ae59_originato this f8086eebf1826214ca8d7324073ac4f5_origina(and that's after less than 24h, there have already been lots of extra minis unlocked).

    There's also a Tier inbcluding the physical book (70$ as an EB, 80$ later).


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  4. 2 hours ago, Lidless Eye said:

    Dang, what is that, 3 pirate Patreon themes this month?  Vae Victis, Crippled God Foundry, and 3D Art Digital?  It's always weird when a theme has so much overlap (though this is a more common one than the Egyptian one that was also similarly coincidental)

    Grimoire is also doing pirates.

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