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  1. On 4/7/2021 at 4:09 PM, Lidless Eye said:

    I'm not sure what you mean?  The project has had plenty of previews on their pages for the last few months and the initial description had the idea of around 100 sculpts if stretch goals were met.

    The initial offerings seemed pretty meager, even with the promise of more. I'm still happy with the amount of stuff I'll get from this KS.

  2. 5 hours ago, PaganMegan said:


    What's that, Universe, you WANT me to run an Eberron game with lots of airship on airship action?


    Okay, if you insist! ::D:

    It's a cute little airship, but the Sordane ones are far more impressive. I had plans for an Eberron airship campaign using the Oakenspire airship before the pandemic started. I'll probably have the stuff from the 2nd Sordane KS before we can game like we used to again. And what's the point of an enormous 3d printed airship if you just use roll20?

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  3. 49 minutes ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

    Darn. He doesn't have the airship and tree house set up for add-ons. I might still get his forest terrain set. One of these days, I'm going to bite the bullet and actually get my 3D printer setup and printing...

    Are you sure that's Lovecraft? EC3d has a tree house with an airship (Forest of Oakenspire) and it's available in his current Beast & Baddies KS.

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  4. About a year ago, Sync worked far better than Dropbox (which had a serious issue with incomplete bulk downloads). Now, you have the same issues wjth Sync, at least when it works at all. Currently, myairbridge is nice, but that might change once they are used more. Now at least patreons are seeing the issues, a few months ago some insisted that the users where just using it the wrong way. The biggest advantage of MMF is that you have infinite access to the files, at least as long as the site is running.

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  5. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/printinggoeseveron/mines-of-maznar-3d-printable-dandd-adventure

    Starts in a week:



    The campaign will synergize with the Printing goes ever on Patreon, there have already not-Morie releases this month and March will have them as well (not the same as in the KS).


    Core bundle:

    • 10 medium size miniatures
    • 5 large size miniatures
    • 1 huge / gargantuan (depending on how you lay it out) Cave Kraken
    • Modular Dwarven Bridge, with 7 supportless modules to mix and match
    • 4 other dwarf themed terrain pieces, including working gate
    • 3 different species skulls scatter props
    • Full Mines of Maznar D&D 5E Adventure Module, with high quality battlemaps (PDF files)


    Core Bundle + All Stretchgoals

    • 20 medium size miniatures + unlimited modular goblin 3d customizer access
    • 11 large size miniatures
    • 1 huge / gargantuan Cave Kraken (depending on how you lay it out)
    • 1 large / huge Balor (2 print sizes supplied) with modular weapons
    • Unlimited access to the modular goblin bundle in our Interactive Modular Mini Customizer
    • Modular Dwarven Bridge, with 7 supportless modules to mix and match
    • 5 terrain pieces for a goblin camp
    • 7 other dwarf themed terrain pieces
    • 6 different species skulls scatter props
    • Full Mines of Maznar D&D 5E Adventure Module, with high quality battlemaps (PDF files)
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  6. I vastly prefer digital Kickstarter's to physical ones. They are usually cheaper, the minis are delivered sooner (or at all, considering the bad record of many physical KS). No shipping costs or picking up packets at the custom office. I can vary the resize of the minis or mirror them to fit my needs. And instead of a drawer of shame I just have a drive of shame.

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  7. There is a comment section, though, as well as an update section that is currently unused.

    Considering that a majority of STL KS are already using MMF for fulfilment, this is just the next step. Compared to Kickstarter + Backerkit + some hosting service this is an all-in-one service. Another advantage compared to KS is that there is no need for a credit card. On the other hand, you pay upfront and can't back out, so it's mostly for safe KS, but most STL KS fall into that category anyway.

    They'll probably go after Patreon next, which I appreciate, especially if I no longer have to pay 19% VAT.

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  8. 4 hours ago, WhiteWulfe said:

    Note that it's in Canadian dollars.  The amount becomesuch more amenable I'd argue if you're in a country that uses say USD as the currency, because there's this nice multiplication factor of about 0.79...

    It's still about as expensive as both KS I mentioned together. You can also get similar sculpts on Thingiverse for free. It seems to be their first time offering STLs, so they probably didn't research their competition sufficiently.

    The set also seems rather bland compared to their previous ones, there's no real centerpiece, just a bunch of rocks and houses.

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