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  1. Possibly to do with time zones. Apparently some people didn't get up at 3am to get in early - not everyone can be as sane and stable as us! If I had waited until a more civilised hour before pledging I would have been wave 4 at best.
  2. Your blind adherence to facts and market research is stifling my creativity.
  3. I am disappointed in you all asking for KS Bones III, Bonesium is a 3 year old product, if this were a Microsoft or Apple product it would be end-of-life already. Reaper is an innovative company, it is time for something new. They should obviously break new ground, create another revolutionary new product! They could make it grey and announce that white is no longer supported. Naturally in fear of having all of our miniatures fall over we will throw the old ones away and buy them all again in the new material, thus increasing reaper's profitability and helping with land-fill for our unimportant neighbours. To show my eternal support for Reaper I will even donate a name for the new product: Groansium! ** Bring on KS: Reaper Groansium the First! ** Also a great solution to feeble attempts at humour. ;-)
  4. Me three. W1 ROW no-email. Have emailed reaper help and had confirmation back that they're looking into it. Maybe Monday, unless I'm a special case that Bryan is dealing with tomorrow, it's possible, my mummy often said I was a VERY special kind of boy...
  5. Congrats mystery neighbour! Wave 3: New Lynn, NZ Just around the corner from me.
  6. Ditto. Thought I was being oh-so-clever with my split between EB and $1 Wave 2 to duck under NZ Customs limits. They were scheduled to go out a few weeks apart, now I suspect they both shipped today. I've had a UPS tracking email for the W2 pledge but not the W1.
  7. My sympathies in the issues with your carriers. How dare you pay them money and give them your business - did you stop to think how that would impact them???? ;-) Just received my UPS Tracking Email for W2 $1 Pledge (actually $20) to New Zealand. Woohoo... double-take... UPS? I thought ROW was all USPS. Am I USPS/UPS confused or has something changed, gone wrong, or is this normal? Edit: Answered my own question by reading elsewhere in the forums and KS Comments. This is normal. UPS picks up, tracks, sorts, hands over to USPS. Other logistics/email strangeness is that the email for my W1 EB Pledge (also only $20) hasn't arrived yet. Not too concerned over this, just bemused. No doubt the email will arrive as soon as I stop watching for it. I think I can wait another 20 minutes before panicking, I think I can... Edit: Sry, this should probably have been in one of the shipping threads. But I was camping out here and...
  8. Nakos: 69,000 in one day - even Reaper are not that awesome - but not far off. "Sydney River CA" - wow must be the longest river in the world to start in Sydney and run all the way to Canada. ;-) - Loving the Geo-watching too.
  9. Don't worry, worry leads to stress which can lead to hand tremors which can lead to bad paint jobs. For the Bones sake, Don't Panic!! There was mention of email delays. Keep calm and sing "Soft Bonsie". btw Saw Auckland, NZ come up - I'm declaring it mine, I have the screenshot to prove it!
  10. I believe the issue was with the printing of the order picking slips - a stack of wave 2 domestic orders were printed before the wave 1 internationals when they shouldn't have been. The picking teams grabbed their next stack and started packing as they have been trained to and chances are nobody noticed until we went meep! They then switched to printing the W1 internationals, the next picking team grabbed those and started work on them. The printed W2s are probably getting processed anyway as putting them on the back-burner at this stage is more like to cause further problems and slow everything down. So now we see a mix of W1 Int and W2 Dom being processed at the same time. Sadness that my W1 Int might not make it out today :-( but understandable and not a big deal - really... My grief counsellor tells me I should stop calling her and get over it! ;-(
  11. Wearing my HR/Responsible Manager hat - you are home sick to rest and get better! Stop checking on work. Switching to my crazy-fan-boy-beanie and taking a club to the work-geek hat - woot woot! Go Matt! Thanks for the updates.
  12. Thank you everyone for the kind words and support. These photos looked ok on the iThingy but the lighting and focus isn't great on a couple - sorry. :-( First to be painted: 80001 Ape-X He's big and a nice sculpt and I probably won't use him much in games (primarily fantasy) so he was first under the brush and I liked the final result - a good confidence booster. It's awesome how a fantastic sculpt can make my meagre talent look so much better. :-) The undead were next, because skeletons are easy and quick and you can't go too far wrong, only one had to be scrubbed down to plastic after an experiment went badly wrong. And an undead horde is always useful in games. 77016 Rats 77195 Mr Bones 77158 Arrius, Skeletal Warrior 77172 Malek Necromancer 77001 Skeletal Spearmen 77018 Skeletal Archer 77053 Zombies 77014 Zombies (Disco) 77159 Ghast 77169 Flesh Golem 77144 Mummy Other mummies, vampire and devil types in various stages of WIP. Stole some ideas from the forums for the Zombies - thank you. Arrius and Malek are also fine examples of sculpts artificially enhancing my abilities. Nothing unusual or outstanding here but perfectly adequate for swarming over PCs. 77185 Large Earth Elemental I love this sculpt, his big rocky smile, the fossil on his shoulder. I had a cunning plan for layers or limbs of different types of rock but failed in the execution and reverted to 50 20 shades of grey. And I am now officially in awe of those who can just add a line of white or grey to make a green rock sparkle like a gem, I tried several times but it always looked like I'd been careless with the white paint so they got painted over in plain colour. 77170 Clay Golem 77171 Stone Golem Stoney isn't right but he's a big boy and will crush anyone who criticises his fashion sense but I'm happy with how the clay turned out - looks better in RL than in the photo. 77112 Agramon, Pit Fiend My first attempt at painting fire, following the advice of the forums and a couple of utube vids they led me to. Going for a creature of hell fire, wings of flame, etc. Some bits good, others not so much but it looks good at a distance in dim light. :-) 77108 Shadow Dragon A simple paint job that looks awesome. I blame the sculpt. Makes me think that keeping my painting plans simple and letting the artistry of the sculpts do the talking could be a good plan. 77156 Owlbear I'm fairly conservative with colour and tend not to add enough contrast. I thought I'd try fur highlights a lot lighter than the base and didn't like the result. Advice and a wash borrowed from a friend salvaged it to the point that I can live with it. I wanted to put black pupils in the middle of its eyes but am fairly sure I can't pull it off but the all yellow looks ok. I love the figure and its attacking pose, feel like I've let it down. :-( I've never used Owlbears in a game - such a bizarre concept, never would have bought one on its own but now I'm going to fit one into the game somewhere. Mad Druids indulging in too much mushrooms and weed during mating season. 77157 Griffon Nothing too imaginative here, successfully letting the cool sculpt speak for itself. That's the sum of my efforts since my Bones arrived at the end of August, less a few weeks in October when I may have been distracted by obsessively following a KS some of you may have heard of. I only take a few unpainted figures out of the box at a time so I don't get intimidated by the number remaining but I think I'll have to increase my mpw (Miniatures Per Week) to finish before Bones 2 arrives. After experimenting a bit with the borrowed washes, might be time to invest in some. Or maybe the Army Painter dip.
  13. After about 15 years since my last painting effort (which was fairly poor) my Bones have bought me back to painting and learning it all again almost from scratch. Now my challenge is to paint them all before Bones II arrives. My figures are for RPG games, not display. I'm aiming for tabletop quality and hopefully not falling too far short. :-) Not the first but he has taken the most time so far and caused the most angst, so he's first against the wall. Still not entirely sure I'm happy but I wasn't unhappy so time to call him done, varnish and move on. 77163 Male Storm Giant - Bones Original intent was to try to make his armour look like magically bound Ice, deep blue up to white. Didn't manage to pull it off anywhere near what I intended and it was all looking a bit too blue and white so his arms moved to bronze with inlaid patterns. Possibly should have changed his leg armour to bronze but at over a month elapsed since I started him it was time to stop changing my mind every 5 minutes. :-) Will start posting other painted bones as I get adequate photos.
  14. I don't know what you mean about the hour, it's not even 11pm yet. - Doesn't everyone in the world operate on GMT+13? But seriously, someone needs to introduce Bryan to remote access to the work servers. Kit!! Bryan needs remote access to the work servers, and no this isn't a nightmare, it'll be a good thing - probably. EDIT Oooh Bryan's revealed everything - in a good way, minds back out of the gutters please! Family forum here. If you haven't seen it yet go look first before reading any further.
  15. I refuse to confirm any expertise in this matter but presumably something like polyester casting resin, not sure whether enough would adhere to the leg to make it strong enough but you could probably experiment with matchsticks. Also a pin in the end of the leg with one end set in the resin gives something to hold it by while dipping and drying and to pin it into dear Mashaaf. All entirely theoretical of course! @Pingo Crayfish shell armour for Mashaaf? Now that's nasty. Adventuring Tip #1362 When encountering a Great Old One for the first time, try not to mention how its mandibles smell of dead insects.
  16. I have an image of a Frost Wyrm shrinking away from a giant hand holding an exacto while holding its many, many legs close to its body... Could be worse, someone could have suggested pulling legs off actual insects (Praying Mantis forelimbs come to mind), dipping them in resin and using those to mod mummy wyrm Mashaaf. Fortunately nobody here is foolish enough to mention something like that in front of our impressionable fellow forumites. EDIT: Oooops!
  17. Resurrecting a zombied topic now I've finally caught up with the front of the <s>thread</s> run-away train of a thread. It seems unfortunate that so many people have misunderstood what these little black plastic discs represent, the start of the new Learn-To range of products. Introducing Learn to Sculpt Kits - a small bag of discs to start building on, just add Green Stuff and creativity!
  18. But then you'll never read page 224! That was so emotional it almost made me cry and I can stay dry eyed through Watership Down. And what about page 237, that was such a page turner that I couldn't stop until I'd read One-Boot's post on 239! And the cat-fight between Thes..... oops, I probably shouldn't bring that up again. How can you possibly appreciate the full drama of this real-people-online-reality-show-story if you don't read every page????? Disclaimer: Most of this post is entirely fictional, except for the really good bit. Actual page numbers and names may have been altered to protect fellow forumites. No rabbits were harmed in the writing of this post.
  19. Red Letter Day! Upgraded my secondary $1 pledge from Dec shipping to Wave 2 on Saturday and just now upgraded my core from Wave 2 to Early Bird! Thank you to whoever it was that dropped their EB. And Angels! And new reveal in CE2 coming up soon! And only 5 days to go! And and and... And Mashaaf? Who cares about the PCs, if I put that down on the table I'll be having nightmares. Looks awesome Talin!!! But I think you need counselling. ;-) Now I have to go take some valium and a cold shower, this is too much.
  20. Great figures, also love to see them in bones but all 3 are on one foot, leaning forward and quite top heavy. The poses may need to change or be given extra support to work in bones.
  21. I've done the same. :-) A couple of cautions on the NZ tax-free import threshold. Customs use their own official exchange rates set a couple of weeks in advance based on the arrival date of the goods, not our purchase date. You might want to allow some margin in case our dollar plunges vs the green back. And there is a review of the tax-free import thresholds under way at the moment (local retailers complaining about being undercut by tax free imports), the current threshold is there because they decided it wasn't economic to try to collect smaller amounts. After this review the threshold could go up, down or sideways. Even at government speed they'll probably have whatever changes they decide on in by the end of next year so we could end up paying import tax regardless of how clever we try to be. Some good news, toys incur 5% import duty but Scale Miniatures didn't used to, the regs may have changed now but if not, 5% of $200 is another optional add on! PS I've lost who created the ninja goat in the backlog of posts but Thank You!!! When I saw GG with it as a profile pic I had to have one too - with a kiwi twist (the silver fern on his ninja-jammies is the unofficial flag of NZ.)
  22. With Pride! Geek Porn - the best kind! And Legal in most states and countries.
  23. It's ok @Naponatom, I'll respect you in the morning! ;)
  24. Set yourself a Quota, 10 F5s of the KS or Forums per Miniature painted. If you use up all of your F5s then you have to go paint something before you can refresh again.
  25. 4+ days into the KS and I've finally got to the front of this thread! Wooot woot!! Now to go back in time a bit to conversations about shipping/customs/costs I wanted to pick up on (I think it was a post from @GentleGiant that inspired me but I couldn't find it again) and other related thoughts. I have a budget, not yet an exact number but balanced up against finishing the patio so I can enjoy it over summer, fine wine & beer, good quality brushes (I blame you fantastic forumites for this new expenditure), more paint (my 15 year old supply of Partha paints is getting pretty marginal), aparently kids need to be fed (in the fine print somewhere), etc. The budget will probably be less than US$230, when I exceed that I'll get charged another $100 in taxes and customs fees which would definitely exceed budget. The $230 includes postage (grr!!) which means maybe $180 max on Bones - barely enough to satisfy an addict's needs let alone what I want. As I understand the current plan, the Reaper international shipping costs are to be included in our pledge, so I just pledge my budget and then use the pledge manager to min/max what I can get for it. All fairly reasonable and straight forward and only my inner two-year-old (who wants it all and wants it now) is dissapointed. But surely there must be a way to have more.... NZ Post have a US/UK Mail redirection service (You Post), it would cost a little more but that cost wouldn't need to be paid until next year and because I'm paying a local company and already paying tax on it, it might be exempted from the customs calculation which means I could spend my entire (current) budget on bones! Is there a flaw in my plan, am I being a clever weasel or a foolish goblin? --- I was showing my wife the figures currently included in the KS last night and as I scolled back up something caught my eye - Early Bird: 1 Available... ... ... ... [heart resumes beating] sombody cancelled/changed, OMG, but it was gone by the time I got to the Manage Pledge page to upgrade. Nobody at home understands my pain but I know you all will. --- I love this KS but somedays I feel like I'm goofy with impulsive, enthusiatic goofy on one shoulder and dour, practical goofy on the other... I love most of the big scuplts! I'll almost never use them in games which is what I'm getting bones for. They're so cool! They'll takes weeks and tons of paint to make them look adequate and I'll always wish I could have done better by them. They're awesome! They intimidate me as an aritist(ish - well ok, a computer geek pretending he's an artist). They'd look great on the shelf! My shelf is full, my walls are full of shelves, I'm a collecter and hoarder - stop playing on my weakness. How about just Narthrax, look at those curves, the emotive pose.... And the G Cube - I haven't used one in a game since I was 15 and probably never will again - but it's such a great idea and it has a pile of bones inside! Want! Don't need. Want!! Won't use. Want!!!
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