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  1. I had a go at guestimating shipping using the USPS calculator: http://postcalc.usps.com/ Shipping costs will probably go up again in the next year and Reaper will hopefully have a better rate than standard retail but these should be indicative: Cheaper costs are based on using a standard size/service which is smaller than the box I got from KS1. More expensive costs based on the 19"x13"x9" box I got and 6 kg weight (about what my KS1 weighed). Aus/NZ: US$60 - 120 UK US$60 - 85 BC, Canada: US$40 - 85
  2. Before you all start speculating madly, I feel it falls on me to be the voice of reason and logic. Reaper are obviously introducing a 6mm scale knight as pictured next to the corner of the gargoyle included for scale.
  3. Continuing to stray well off topic... Poker's a great game, apparently there are rules and sub-types of this game that concern others but my version has one common challenge - how long can I play without looking at my cards. The cards stay face down, I bet or fold based on how others are reacting to their cards and how I feel about mine. Initially I could only go a couple of rounds of bidding before I had to look, now I usually only look at the end to see who won the round, unless I folded, then I never look. For some reason my friends that take poker too seriously don't invite me much any more. I think they're jealous of my advanced game play. :-)
  4. in an effort to alleviate the delays of international shipping, Reaper has booked space with Space-X for distribution from the international space station. the advances in global positioning satellites and orbital insertion technology means your house can now be targeted from space. with this new plan, it is expected that all international deliveries should arrive simultaneously. (you may want to consider the optional insurance) Well, there is an insurance company advertising its coverage of space debris damage, but if you ask for orbital bombardment, that might be considered "friendly" damage. Be very specific when you talk to your insurance agent. @Ladystorm, @Darsc, I like the way you think. I'll be settling up a paddling pool of cold water in the yard and providing it's gps coordinates as my delivery address. So many levels of efficiency and geek-cool tied up in one super-heated bundle! Well, GPS is accurate to within about 3m with military grade equipment (less so with civilian stuff), so you might need a rather big pool. And that assumes that you're using the $10K terminal guidance package. If you're trusting to a ballistic delivery, the best you could reasonably hope for is a CEP of about 100m. I think you're going to need a bigger pool. Bah, unbeliever! Get thee to a Nunnery! But make sure it's not the Nunry, that's Buglips putting up a sign to try to get girl-gobs to visit - you really don't want to go in there, though if you survived the experience you would definitely be converted into a true believer. I believe in Reaper! When I see my house on google maps (rolling under 13 to resist the Life of Brian quote here) and mark the screen (using red crayon) with an X where I'm putting the pool, then take a screenshot and send it to Reaper, I believe that's exactly where it will land. Inconsequential details like the hole in my neighbours roof, me running out of their house juggling a glowing red box screaming hothothot till I get to the paddling pool are irrelevant. Your so called facts and science shall not stop me!
  5. @Ladystorm, @Darsc, I like the way you think. I'll be settling up a paddling pool of cold water in the yard and providing it's gps coordinates as my delivery address. So many levels of efficiency and geek-cool tied up in one super-heated bundle!
  6. Any official, semi-official, or completely fictional speculation on what the story will be with international orders and international shipping? Am wondering whether I need to research US based re-shippers or getting a local consortium together for a combined order and shipping. Bones 2 launch at 3am Weds NZT by my reckoning, I think I feel a bout of insomnia coming on. Must be to do with the 20 espressos I'm going to accidentally drink on Tuesday night.
  7. I'm a bit late responding on this but I can't believe you all missed what is sooooo obvious, Chimera shimera! Colour me surprised, I never would have predicted this. Giving the KS#2 mascot, Buglips-the-mutant-goblin wings and extra heads for better perspective on his painting - priceless!
  8. Inventory complete - no issues. Thanks Jasper, the spreadsheet was awesomely helpful. First couple of figures painted, trying to get my hand back in with the modern figures before I get into the fantasy figures I plan to use.
  9. To Auckland, New Zealand... Hi there! We're shipping out your Kickstarter stuff! You're getting: Figure Case x1 Clockwork Dragon x1 Red Dragon x1 There Be Dragons x1 Forces of Nature x1 Demons x1 vampire x1 Your shipment was postmarked on 08-22-2013 and is being shipped USPS. A friend who was lucky enough to be in the first batch of ROW last month got his bones 7 days after the email. I think I'm coming down with the 'flu late next week. EDIT: Shipping Email + 6 Days... USPS Status Service: Priority Mail International Parcels Electronic Shipping Info Received August 21, 2013 Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility August 22, 2013, 6:45 pm DENTON, TX 76210 Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility August 22, 2013, 8:00 pm COPPELL, TX 75099 Depart USPS Sort Facility August 23, 2013 COPPELL, TX 75099 Arrived at Sort Facility August 24, 2013, 4:43 pm ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) Processed Through Sort Facility August 24, 2013, 4:44 pm ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) NZ Post Status 1 Picked up 06.45 PM on 22/08/13 2 Left country of origin 04.44 PM on 24/08/13 What this really means... Aug 21st - USPS Driver picks up my bones and makes a run for the Mexican border to trade them on the black market but was caught just before the border because he couldn't resist stopping to use them to liven up his classic choose your own adventure book. Aug 22nd - Joint FBI/Border-Patrol Black Ops team that rescued my bones finishes their top secret debrief (a quick romp through Keep on the Borderlands using Pathfinder rules) and drops them to USPS in Denton. Aug 23-24 - USPS Elite Logistics team, realising the shipment is now being tracked by the Feds make a show of shipping it out on the next truck that just happens to also be carrying sofas, sodas, crisps, and half a dozen suspicious rolled up carpets. In the back of the truck with their signal jammers turned on, they go old school, the IMEF marines are going in to sort out an EarthCiv planet that has gone medieval, except they spend all the time creating characters and fail to deploy. They barely have time to re-pack and leap back into their carpets. Aug 24 - The Cracked Canadian Geek-Terrorist squad tips off the Feds to the Chicago Mob's attempt to hijack the shipment, while they're both distracted they board the cargo plane to 'ensure safe delivery of the loot'. They give the pilot precise directions to NZ (go south, turn around when you see Mount Doom, right a bit to Hobbiton, then left to Orc land) then settle in for the next instalment of their Goblins campaign. The plane, having refuelled five times is currently on it's third circuit of the world. Hopefully soon the CCGT team will realise that the rust monster they left tied up in the barn is just what they need to take out Wyrmgear and the Clockwork Knights, then maybe they'll check on the pilots and let them know that Mount Doom is now dormant and capped with snow... EDIT: Shipping Email + 7 Days... NZ Post Status 3 Arrived in New Zealand 07.22 AM on 29/08/13 The real story... Aug 29 - Disgruntled at being eaten by Wymgear and waiting for their reincarnation as clockwork-Goblins, 2 of the CCGT take a walk on the tarmac while the plane is being refuelled. Chatting to the ground crew they find out they're in Auckland (perhaps they shouldn't have made perfectly reasonable assumptions about the spelling - Chief Buglips will not be amused). Reluctantly packing up, they hand the bones over to NZ Customs whose eyes alight with glee - the legendary Bones of Reaper... EDIT: Shipping Email + 8 Days - It's Heeerrreee!! USPS Status Processed Through Sort Facility August 29, 2013, 7:22 am NEW ZEALAND Customs clearance processing complete August 29, 2013, 5:11 pm NEW ZEALAND NZ Post Status 4 Delivery Complete 08.05 AM on 30/08/13 The real story... Aug 29 - After an Epic day of Swords & Wizardry going Against the Giants, NZ Customs green light everything they were supposed to clear today and head home for a beer. Lost in the middle of a pallet of ordinary parcels and it being late in the day, the NZ Post driver never realises the value of his last delivery to the automated distribution centre. Like the Ark in the warehouse the bones blend in with everything else to be sorted and distributed. Aug 30 - It's a cold morning, clear skies and a bitter wind from the south, wishing she'd had time for one more coffee this morning, the postie loads her parcels and mail in the back of her station wagon, puts her delivery bike on top and sets out to drop the large parcels first, maybe the frost will have cleared by the time she gets her bike out for the letters. As she wends her way down a driveway to drop some sort of archaeological parcel, a young school boy waits by the gatepost. Solemnly she hands him the parcel, idly wondering what the "THACO 3" scribbled on the side of the box means. The boy proudly carries the treasure into the house and presents it to his father. Intent on getting everyone to school on time, at first the plain brown box in my son's arms is just another delay to us getting out the door on time, then the world pauses on its axis for a moment as realisation strikes. "Boys, what are the consequences of you being late to school?" "Detention", "Extra Homework", "I lose house points" they reply but I'm not really listening as I reach for a blade, "That's a sacrifice you'll just have to make" I say as I reverently open the box. Consequences are forgotten as I open they box and they see... the giant plastic packing bubbles, casting them to the floor they gleefully jump on them until they bang. My older son and I know what the real treasure is and carefully extract and examine every piece, knowing we don't have time to open the plastic bags and play as we want to, we sorrowfully pack them back up to wait for us until tonight. They're here! Squeee!
  10. I'm assuming that they're not counting this week as a full week in August and when they say by that week they mean the end of the week so what they actually mean is that (maybe) some of us will be sent our orders by the 23rd August which might arrive sometime in September. Bolded for important parts.
  11. RoW Lesson #23: When ordering from US suppliers, always use a US based redirection service.
  12. The key issue (from my p.o.v.) is one of lost credibility caused by failed communication. As RoW backers our expectations have been set based on Reaper communications and then broken, multiple times, with minimal or no explanation. Now any estimate they make, any expectation they set has no credibility. Stuff happens in the real world, things go wrong, third parties let you down, decisions that seemed such a great idea at the time are crap in hindsight. Most people are aware of this and will accept that - IF WE ARE TOLD. If I'm standing in a horribly long check-in queue at the airport, I know my place, I can see how long the queue is and I have an expectation of how long it will take. Yes I'm envious of the short business class queue and the gold frequent fliers but their prioritisation has been clearly stated and it's what I expect. I'm even fine with airline staff calling out those behind me who are on the flight leaving before mine. But when they start processing people based on height, then number of bags, then zip code and changing the method without any explanation, then the lights are turned off and half the counters close for morning tea - it's time to go postal. The Ticker was fantastic, it showed us the length of the queue, how fast it was being processed and we could entertain ourselves guessing when it would be our turn. Now the rules have been changed again, the ticker doesn't work any more - that's a shame but how about a crude replacement. An end of day post/twit/FB update that says "159 dispatched today! 1,300 left." - I saw that once and cheered but how about posting it at the end of every day. We'll still be annoyed that we're being processed at about 100 a day when the domestic orders peaked at over 1,000 per day but at least it lets us know that the queue is still moving, and gives us a clue how far away our order might be - assuming we're last. [/vent] - Seven lines of New Zealand
  13. A friend in Auckland (New Zealand) had his box turn up at work this morning, no prior emails, no warning, just dem bones to sit on his desk all day taunting him until he can get home to unpack them. Biggish order, 2 vamps and one of each extra. My generous heart is happy for him, my jealous heart hopes he suffers all day. EDIT: Turns out he did get a shipping email about a week ago, the tracking link had nothing until the day the box arrived. Sadness now, I've had no shipping email which means my bones are at least a couple of weeks away - maybe - who knows and optimism in the past has been a mistake.
  14. Don't be too sure - I thought I'd probably be the only backer in Dunedin, but apparently there's at least three. I see your logic and raise with blind faith, belief and self-centred egotism. It's mine! ;-) Psst my fellow Kiwis, I snuck through the customs swamps and black gate to Australia to see if they was keeping our precious bones for themselves and telling us filthy lies but no, they don't have them, lost, lost they are lost... [singing] 1,829 Bones boxes sitting on the dock, if one Bones box should gain clearance and ship, there'll be 1,828 Bones boxes...
  15. I saw "Auckland NZ" on the ticker, it's mine, my present, my precious... Squeeeeeee!
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