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  1. That is a great shot of Kaladrax. The base looks amazing, and there is a feral, stalking catlike quality evident from this angle. went i saw kaladrax in person I realized that not adding her to my vampire was a bad mistake ..oh well i still will have Cthulhu so not all is lost.
  2. picked my basic vamp set up at reapercon still waiting on the rest to be sent ,,, but loving the ones I have so far, now to decide what to paint 1st ....so many choices :)
  3. Great time at the con today, loved the whole thing but in particular I really enjoyed the tour, it was fun and informative, my main reason for going today was grab part of my vampre order and relax, but after today ill be coming out every year and scheduling my time so that I can be here 3 to 4 of the days.
  4. I've heard that to be the case many times, with people saying it's similar to venison. I really want to try it before I die, but in the US we have these weird taboos against eating certain animals that other cultures don't seem to have. I'd also eventually like to try dog, cat, pigeon, dove, guinea pig, and armadillo. In fact, if it's meat and it isn't endangered, I want to try it at least once. It's as simple as that. thing with dog is IMHO we have an implied social contract with them :)
  5. I just look at it as a modern day version of roman lite patronage :P
  6. And pick up your vampire package with any case or paints you may have? can i pick them up there because if I can that would rock :) but if not its only a few more weeks, trying to decide how ill paint up sophie should distract me for a time :)
  7. while of course I would love mine before may, ill live on the plus side i live in irving so going to head to reapercon fri and have a nice day
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