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Found 476 results

  1. Just a water frog peddling his water crop. Agents of M.E.O.W. beware! anyways, this mini just makes me smile. Makes me think of a grippli from an old campaign. I cant help but imagine that after saving the world, the tired frog put down roots and started peddling trinkets and goodies to the good people of the swamp. I do like the way this came out, its simple but even the base just seemed to work. hope you enjoy him too.
  2. Her valet may soon find himself turned into a frog!
  3. Shpam

    02630 Frogmen

    Hi everyone! Here are my 3 last minis. I didn’t want to paint them a classical frog-green, so I looked for some frogs with cool colors (which generally means they are venomous, which is cool), and I found these : https://www.canstockphoto.fr/grenouille-rouge-flèche-poison-13879876.html I really loved the color mix and the pattern on their legs and back. I really thought I would never manage to make something looking like the model, but ultimately I’m happy with it. I didn’t do the pattern all the way to the middle their back, but only on the legs and arms. I wanted them to have a bit more red. I hope you like them.
  4. Venun

    02630 Frogmen

    Looks good! I love seeing things in different colors then usual :D At first I thought they were spotted frogs who used red shirts / cloaks as some sort of tribal thing! The change to the red is abrupt. That's cool! If you're open to a smaaaaall point of criticism? I feel there's a small change in the colours from the real frog that your mini's don't have. This could well be intentional! The area where the dots turn to red, the black dots at the edge continue into the red to make the transition smoother. See picture. I feel it might take away the 'red shirt' idea if the black dots are completed at the border areas. Take this as it's meant though, I love your paintjob! The abrupt ending has a thing to it aswell, good job!
  5. Frog-folk are always irresistible, and tiny poison-arrow frog-folk even more so. These are from a Nolzur's 3-pack. One had some kind of horns on its head I didn't fancy, so I trimmed those off. Look at these big-headed little savages! More angles: But I know you're all here for the Grenadier! Afraid I had to get this Marsh Dragon from Mirliton, but I couldn't resist. It's so salamander-like, with goggling newt eyes and axolotl gills, and that lovely rounded snout. We're really jaded by fancy dragons after years of fantasy art. Even a low-level drake like this would be pant-fillingly TERRIFYING in real life. Look at that dynamic curve of its body, the lashing tail! The armored prehistoric arrogance of a crocodilian, but faster and more agile; something with the metabolism of a tiger and the yawning bite of a leopard seal, with a bone-breaking tail-swipe. This is a great 'cryptid' dragon, suitable for Call of Cthulhu or a low-fantasy gritty medieval / renaissance game. You know any treasure hoard is buried deep in soft, acidic mud, too. They don't stockpile precious metals in particular, but anything else gets corroded away in that caustic sump. Like the Grungs, I gave it vivid aposematic coloration, partly like the salamanders it resembles, and partly because many of the dragons chronicled in Continental European legend were feared less for their size than for their virulent poison. I don't know what the excrescence on its back is meant to be; certainly not wings. Maybe a bony outgrowth, maybe a Suriname Toad style brood pouch of puckered and toughened hide, maybe an organic saddle. Since there are so many styles and colorations of poison dart frogs, I might get another pack of Grung and modify one of them to ride on this thing. Their bandy legs and its peaked carapace look like a good fit. EDIT: More froggies!
  6. Thank you! He is an adorable little frog! He currently resides on my work desk at home to give me a smile.
  7. One day paint. So when I started this, Elder Spawn was drawing Anime superheroes. Wifey and Mini-spawn were cooking stuffing. --- While I didn't get to the Monet exibit due to snow, I could still look up his work. pointillism is fun. The waterlillies were more fun than I expected.
  8. Those eyes are excellent! The frog looks great, love his pose as well.
  9. These maginificent minis were donated by @malefactus to add to my Lost World Project. WIP Here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/&page=109 Eureka Miniatures ( Pond Wars Range). I painted the Frog riders as Poison Dart Frogs and the Toad mounts as Bombina Orientalis ( Chinese Firebelly Toads). I had both as pets in my youth. Here is the unit, and in the latter pics on my Jungle Photobackdrop Board. EDIT : I wasn't completely satisfied with Red Frog, so a little Vallejo Heavy Warm Grey and some Reaper Sample Paint for his mouth.
  10. Wonderful, poisonous, blue! And nice buggy frog eyes - is it me or is the 'king' the only one with red eyes - nice touch
  11. Dr Boom

    44029 Bufo

    The return to school has put a sizeable dent in my painting time - Bufo here has been sitting around half finished for nearly a month now. I probably could have gone for a more traditional frog pattern, however the well defined musculature on this guy makes me think of a big bull male Australian Green Tree Frog. I tend to have a bit of trouble with bright greens, however I'm fairly happy with how his skin tone worked out, particularly around the head. Bufo will be playing the part of a Vodyanoi swamp guide in my Dreadmir campaign (bio beneath the pic). Possibly the best swamp guide in town, this Vodyanoi goes by the name Bufo because few humans can pronounce his true name. Garrulous and trustworthy like most of his kind, Bufo can take anyone to where they need to go, although there are a few sites he refuses to go, either due to their inherent danger or because they hold sacred relevance to his people. He will go out of his way to help anyone who wants to interfere with the plans of the Sczarni, although he won't mention why. Bufo's fees usually include a number of chickens which he gives as an offering to placate the enormous gulper catfish lurking beneath the surface - he has particular respect and reverence for the one folk call "the Admiral".
  12. Dr Boom

    44029 Bufo

    I'm pleased with the eyes as well. I tried to get a closer shot but my camera doesn't quite get that close. When you have an eye moulded as big as this you may as well spend some time on it. Green tree frog eyes have a burnished brass appearance close up which I tried to replicate. Method was (apologies for the GW paint refs) Rhinox Hide base Steel Legion Drab fine stipple Zandri Dust fine stipple Zandri Dust line across the centre with a dot in the middle Abaddon Black fine line and dot on the inside
  13. This guy has a surprising amount of fine detail on him. For anyone else painting it, the light green spot on the back is actually frog. I wasn't sure about the foliage on his upper branches, but I definitely like it now that it's done.
  14. Good looking forest spirit. I was blown away by the tiny frog on the back when I was working on mine, too.
  15. wickedshifty

    Frog Demon

    This guy was a blast to paint.
  16. Nice work on the frog skin - really looks bumpy but slimy - and like his eyes a lot too
  17. That frog is finished.. finally...going to take some rest from scene set doing some more simple figure and base before go into my next one ( already have an idea with Reaper bones figure this time :D ) My WIP for this project here : http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81457-darksword-frog-hunter/
  18. Your shading and highlighting on each little mouse is perfect! As someone who also enjoys painting the mouselings, I know how tiny they are! The orb looks great and even the tiny frog! Very cute and beautifully painted!
  19. My wizard Malak and his apprentice Grubb for my Frostgrave team. The wizard is Xi-Han is from GCT's Bushido game and then his apprentice is Lunk. This guy came with a bigger mini that is supposed to be a mutated him that I'll need to paint some other time. Fairly happy with the hat and mushrooms and frog. should have doen something more for his mustache though. It looks ok in person at least. Not super happy with my snow base results this time. Grubb here might see action as his alter ego Lunk from time to time so his base is just a stone base. Most of their crew is done as well. I'll get a group shot when they are all done. (Including the replacements for my lone casualty in our first real game.)
  20. Beautiful smooth transitions there - looks just like a green tree frog. The lava bomb is a nice touch.
  21. Painted this troll for an upcoming adventure. The party will be fighting a bunch of trolls in a swamp, and while I loved this Ice Troll fig, traditional blues and whites for an ice troll wouldn't fit the game. I modeled the colors after leopard frogs, as I've always loved the greens and browns together for a swampy atmosphere. If I had to do it over again, I would probably make the brown spots on his arms and legs a little bigger and more prominent, as they turned into my favorite part. I'll need a lot more trolls for this battle, so I'll most likely model the painting after this one. Comments and advice are welcome as always. Thank you!
  22. In US here and I can't see the pics either, but the links work fine. Nice, vibrant colors. They remind me of some real world tropical snake...or maybe a frog. But those deep, tonal greens contrast nicely with the base and pink mouth parts.
  23. This is a giant frog from Mega Minis (you can't get it from there any more, though. He sold the molds to another company; I'm not sure who) that I have painted up as an Ice Toad for use in FrostGrave games. Also part of my Morihalda Challenge.
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