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Found 45 results

  1. Just a water frog peddling his water crop. Agents of M.E.O.W. beware! anyways, this mini just makes me smile. Makes me think of a grippli from an old campaign. I cant help but imagine that after saving the world, the tired frog put down roots and started peddling trinkets and goodies to the good people of the swamp. I do like the way this came out, its simple but even the base just seemed to work. hope you enjoy him too.
  2. One day paint. So when I started this, Elder Spawn was drawing Anime superheroes. Wifey and Mini-spawn were cooking stuffing. --- While I didn't get to the Monet exibit due to snow, I could still look up his work. pointillism is fun. The waterlillies were more fun than I expected.
  3. These maginificent minis were donated by @malefactus to add to my Lost World Project. WIP Here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69308-lost-world-project-glitterwolf-paints-coldblooded-creatures-and-conquistadores/&page=109 Eureka Miniatures ( Pond Wars Range). I painted the Frog riders as Poison Dart Frogs and the Toad mounts as Bombina Orientalis ( Chinese Firebelly Toads). I had both as pets in my youth. Here is the unit, and in the latter pics on my Jungle Photobackdrop Board. EDIT : I wasn't completely satisfied with Red Frog, so a little Vallejo Heavy Warm Grey and some Reaper Sample Paint for his mouth.
  4. wickedshifty

    Frog Demon

    This guy was a blast to paint.
  5. That frog is finished.. finally...going to take some rest from scene set doing some more simple figure and base before go into my next one ( already have an idea with Reaper bones figure this time :D ) My WIP for this project here : http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/81457-darksword-frog-hunter/
  6. Painted this troll for an upcoming adventure. The party will be fighting a bunch of trolls in a swamp, and while I loved this Ice Troll fig, traditional blues and whites for an ice troll wouldn't fit the game. I modeled the colors after leopard frogs, as I've always loved the greens and browns together for a swampy atmosphere. If I had to do it over again, I would probably make the brown spots on his arms and legs a little bigger and more prominent, as they turned into my favorite part. I'll need a lot more trolls for this battle, so I'll most likely model the painting after this one. Comments and advice are welcome as always. Thank you!
  7. This is a giant frog from Mega Minis (you can't get it from there any more, though. He sold the molds to another company; I'm not sure who) that I have painted up as an Ice Toad for use in FrostGrave games. Also part of my Morihalda Challenge.
  8. GreyLurker

    Frog Demon

    Well this here is my first attempt using an air brush. little tricky to get the hang of but I think it turned out ok. finished off the details with a regular brush. Not enough confidence to try doing eyes with an airbrush. This here is Reapers Frog Demon from the Bones 2 kickstarter (standing ontop of Fat Dragon Games, Castle Winterhawk ruined Tower) any advice for someone new to air brushes?
  9. Clever Crow

    Frog Demon

    Hello everyone. I had the opportunity to paint up the studio version of the new frog demon that was part of the 2nd kickstarter (he is part of the 2nd expansion kit.) Kevin Williams is the sculptor of this bad boy and he did a kickass job!!!! Hope you guys like him..
  10. My entry for the Valentine's day contest, Cinderella and the unlucky Frog Prince. This is what happens if you go looking for love in the wrong fairy tale, and get run over by a princess in a hurry! A pretty horrid frog sculpt by me... My Cinderella was a bit miscast, her face was very flat and awkward, so I ended up not putting in as much effort into this as I otherwise would have. Oh well, at least its another from the lead/pewter/plastic mountain done!
  11. I know some of you have already seen this guy on facebook (thank you for your feedback there!) but I wanted to go ahead and get this guy posted in show off before I slip away into madness painting DDS2 in 7 days. Originally I'd planned on painting this guy for my father as an xmas present but when it became obvious that I wasn't going to have enough time to paint a second figure in time, I decided to give him to my mother instead because she follows my painting on facebook and I knew she'd appreciate a painted mini as a gift a little more. She loved him, although we both agreed that I made the dragon far too cute. The NMM is not entirely successful, although I think it's better on the axe than it is on the armour.... which is funny since I spent way more time on the armour than I did on the axe. Ah well. C&C is very, very welcome as always! I'm pretty proud of how this guy came together, but I'm always very much looking to improve! WIP thread for him is here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/72164-dark-sword-frog-dragon-slayer-wip/Thank you for the feedback there as well!
  12. It started last year, when stonehaven offered a feathered dinosaur and a frog knight. I decided to make a diorama of one of my wife's fav jokes. Since it involved a library, it would be perfect for her to keep on her desk at work. the frog knight didn't work out, so I got a different frog from reaper. I got as far as priming, and starting a base-coat on the "chicken". In December, kicked the project into high gear. WIP The Joke
  13. So as some of you may know, I have been busy converting a Team Frog Duck into a certain Jet packing, Glitter Happy Monotreme... and I have finally finished him... So I give you..... (well you know who it is....!) He was a lot of fun to do, stretched my sculpting skills and ingenuity a bit, but I am pretty happy with the results. Thanks for looking! George WiP here
  14. robinh

    Frog guard.

    I have been painting and repainting a number of minis and while the current one takes a nice relaxing bath in Simply Green I finished off the Frog Guard with Trident from DarkSword. DSM7972 While painting this I was reminded of Jasonater's early endeavor of a whole Frog Fairy tale menagerie (I know he did the prince, queen and bishop).. Hopefully this one fits right in with them!
  15. Ok guys The immense warm welcome to this awesome forum has inspired me so I have worked my butt off doing Lord Poison The Frog Demon I used lots of different poison frog skins to inspire me I really hope you like this model it was so much fun to paint! and once again thanks for the awesome welcome! Comments are gratefully received!!
  16. Yeap, I painted another Frog. ROFL. A few words about the Frog Minstrel, Roll up your sleeves when you go to do this one. This is a really tough frog to work on. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this. I thought it would be straight on... NOPE it isn't. The choices are phenominal. Little fiddley bits show up in the dangest, most difficult of places. At one point I found it Boring ! How can a frog be boring. So I resolved that thinking of our good friend Malefactus. So Here is the Frog Minstrel on a lily Pad, with his two Conger Eels playing a bagpipe, and a horn! Yes, I did intend to make you laugh ! I can't stop giggling. I kept hearing a certain song in my head as I was painting this. Your comments and critiques are appreciated, and sought after. Here they are performing: "I'd like to be under the sea In an octopus's garden in the shade He'd let us in, knows where we've been In his octopus's garden in the shade"
  17. My Bones Frog Demon. Demons should be attention-grabbing so I (loosely) based the color scheme on poison dart frogs. Also, I've tended to end up with drab minis in the past so I'm trying out some more aggressive colors. Gloss varnish to hopefully look damp and slimy.
  18. This miniature started out with a totally different color scheme and then took off on its own. She is far from the black robes that I originally thought she would have ! To say I had fun would be an understatement ! Your Comments and criticism are welcomed and greatly desired. Magda dropped down and landed at the agreed upon meet up point. She scanned the skies waiting for her friends to appear, and then to travel together to the witches gathering.
  19. Froggy Attack! Reaper #2684 "Frog Demon" (conversion), #92683 "Mudcroak, Frogman Shaman," #92681 & #92682 "Frogmen," plus WOTC Deathknell #28 "Giant Frog." The Bones minis were actually the first ones from the Kickstarter that I started painting up, as I was intending to post them with a call-out to Froggy the Great​, since he seems to appreciate fantasy frogs. :) But somehow it just ended up taking a lot longer than I expected. I painted these up as Anura ("Croaks") for my Iron Kingdoms RPG campaign. The big "frog demon" got a makeover, with some putty to smooth out what was originally a hairy (?!?) chest, and to add some "necklaces" for decoration. I have it statted up as a "Great Croak" -- a swamp-based heavy warbeast based on the swamp troll. In my heavily-fairy-tale-influenced IKRPG campaign, I used these to represent characters in a riff off of the Russian "Frog Princess" tale -- and for maximum horror value, I used the Frog Demon model to represent the "Frog Princess." Although the story most certainly did not follow any version of the Frog Prince/Princess fairy tales that I know of, I managed to work in the golden ball, the arrow, the three tests, and the three contestants. The PCs enthusiastically used the whole farce as an opportunity to thoroughly humiliate their idiot charge, Tzarevitch Ivan (AKA Ivan the Fool). The players theorized that tales about kissing frogs and turning them into handsome princes or beautiful princesses -- in this fantasy universe, anyway -- was largely a product of the fact that Croaks secrete hallucinogenic poison from their skin.... Hey, it works for me! ;)
  20. This mini is 03226: Parraway Ambercane, Gnome Druid. I started him in January, then spent a semester abroad without my paints and minis. This is the first mini I finished up after I got back. He has a few pieces of NMM, which I think turned out more or less okay, but I'm really proud of his face and skin. Apologies for picture quality; it's just from an iPhone.
  21. I was going for a swampy base. It kind of worked and it kind of didn't. I attached the frog demon to the base before working on the basing and that was probably a mistake. I had a heck of a time getting the water effects to get underneath his feet without getting it all over the place. I tried to hide some of the mistakes with bushes 'n stuff
  22. Ready to go off to it's recipient..
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