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Found 45 results

  1. When the frog wizard decided to summon a demon from the nether realms, he of course sought to call one in his own image... I am working on painting up my Bones I and II swamp critters for a swamp adventure I'm running for my D&D players, and figured I'd paint up this Mega Miniatures frog wizard I have had in my case of shame, primed but unpainted for over a year. I'm almost done with the lizardmen from Bones 1, swamp trolls from Bones 1 and 2, and the squogs from Bones 2 as well so I will post them soon.
  2. Before I say anything about the Miniature; I wanted to say thank you to Ub3r_N3rd, robinh, and Dontfear for their suggestions, help, advice, and that they always push me to expand, and try new things. This Miniature is incredible for its detail, and the myriad of ways you can go about painting it. I have had an absolute blast doing it, and I am sure I could have added a few more touches to it, to enhance it further. Blending all those colors, and making the color choices was a hoot. The leaves on the bottom are Birch tree seeds. Go for this one, and try not to giggle as much as I did as I painted it. Here is the Frog Wizard: ETA: Comments and Suggestions are solicited and greatly appreciated !
  3. Prince Amphibias had little to recommend him as heir to the throne. He was selected because he was the first tadpole from the Royal Spawn that lost his tadpole tail, and leaped from the pond. The remaining tadpoles were released into the stream; where they were promptly consumed by a waiting large mouth Bass. There is NO competition for the Royal Titles in Froggy-Dom. Needless to say, His Royal Highness promptly adapted himself to his Father's Sartorial Style. Yes, I have laughed myself silly while doing this Frog Prince. I can't tell if it is a "groaner" or a "Macabre exercise" in painting ! Here is the Prince: As Always C & C are solicited and appreciated ! I kept his base so it would match the earlier frogs that I have painted.
  4. dyne_laike


    Using Ardellen as a base, A little clay for a head, and just some paint, I made Frog as a character. Now I made a character based upon him in Dungeons and Dragons, and was frustrated in finding a real figure to match him. This came out pretty well I think. I've really enjoyed taking figures outside of what they were designed for and making something unique.
  5. This is an incredible amount of fun to paint. The details on this miniature are a sheer joy to encounter. I got playful with this one, it called for something to set it off. I took my time, and got some wonderfu suggestions along the way. So this piece can be quite the challenge for your brush control ! Trying to push the color scale up a bit. I highly recommend painting the Frog King, I think I spent a major amount of time just laughing as I got into it. It reminds me of Jackie Gleason actually. Here is the Frog King. C&C, as always, is appreciated.
  6. This has been one of the Great Fun Projects to paint. Since I took a break from Painting the Arthurian pieces by Tom Meier, I discovered that he had sculpted these larger 28mm pieces. The Frog Queen is a lot of challenge, and you can really push yourself as far as you (and your funny bone) can stand. I hope you appreciate my efforts on this Miniature. C/C is always welcome ! Here is my interpretation of the Queen of the Froggies !
  7. This has been an absolute blast to paint. I think the hardest part for me was to not giggle when I was going to do something that required me to be controlled. Excellent carving and details on this piece. If you want a pleasant challenge, this is a fun one. I slowed down and really enjoyed painting this, seems that I paint one figure a week, no matter how much I slow down. So here is my Froggy Bishop:
  8. I purchased some minis from one of my favorite mini manufacturers (don't worry reaper, your one of my favorites too!) they sent me a few free minis with my purchase as a thank you (I spent more than I probably should have ;) ). Anyways, I didn't know what to do with the minis since I don't use anthropomorphic animals in my RPGs. Then it hit me, my sister likes frogs and has a nick-nack collection on the slimy amphibians. So, for her Birthday, I painted this funny looking guy for her!
  9. Sanael

    DSM Frog Jester

    For Christmas 2013, I painted this for my mother. She's very excited about it; she likes frogs a bunch. Luckily, I have years worth of Darksword frogs to go, so this won't be the last time she gets one...eventually there will also be a Hirst arts base for the whole court. For now, though, just the jester: These pictures were taken before I cleaned up the edge of the base...it's all black on the edge now. C&C welcome.
  10. Here's a mini that I painted up for Gencon's painting competition. I was rather pleased with how he came out, but this year's competition was pretty stellar and he didn't come home with anything. I've also posted him to CMON for those of you who care to vote. Anyway, here are some pictures:
  11. Today, I've been working on my first mini for the recently joined Pathfinder game I'm in. My character is a Gribbli, but I wasn't able to find anything truly suitable for him. Instead, I got this amazing little guy from Marsya as part of a trade (which I totally feel like a jerk for not reciprocating on yet. I need to make it down to the FLGS soon ) Anyway! I spent a good potion of the day painting this guy up. I finally got my wet palette going after being without it for... since I started painting. I actually thinned my paints this time! I'm incredibly happy with how he turned out, even the NMM on the scepter and crown. Anyway, C&C welcome, thanks for stopping by
  12. So about three months ago I hit really hard burnout with minis and haven't picked up a brush at all till a couple days ago. I'm not saying I'm through it, but I did manage to finish the bases on a few figures I'd painted before burnout hit:
  13. Here's a little mini that I painted up in a couple hours a little while ago. I'm pretty sure he's a druid for a D&D game. Pretty eccentric little guy, too.
  14. Renowyth

    Frog Jester

    For a friend for his birthday...4 months ago. Just finished it. ooops. First attempt at a water base. Just used epoxy. Considering it's swampy, having bubbles isn't too terrible... I had asked some questions in the Works in Progress forum, apologies if I made a faux pas, I didn't mean to. Comments and critiques welcome. I know I need to learn patience to properly blend.
  15. I painted this frog prince as a birthday gift for my buddy Mark. This mini was fun to paint. Enjoy! Also, please vote on CMON ...and forward this message to 20 people otherwise you will have bad luck for the next 10 years! http://www.coolminiornot.com/231790
  16. I won third place in the Masters Category with this last weekend at Genghis Con. Comments and critiques welcome.
  17. About a month ago, I asked around about frog minis...thanks to those who responded to that thread. This is the more sedate of the killer frogs from Dark Heaven. My mother recently started a new job that gave her *gasp* business cards, so we made a holder for them. This was a gift to her on her birthday last month, and my dad has finally sent the pictures he took (with a much better camera than the one we usually have here!). The bulk of the holder is Hirstarts blocks, with moss made from pumice paste and water built from...maybe it was stillwater? Or Water Effects? I don't recall...Nissiana will know (since I painted the frog and she built the structure). Anywho. Here'tis.
  18. Here's some cute froggy minis I saw at a recent convention here in Australia . I thought Herr Oberfroschmeister and others might like to have a look . They're available from Eureka Miniatures
  19. Anyone know who makes this frog? This was given to me out of the blue, and I don't know where it's from. The wings are from a Ral Partha Pteranadon. A teacher friend was IMing me, and said "I just set a writing competition to my students. Finish 'Once upon a time, a frog woke up and found that it had wings.'" I blinked, and told her to sweeten the pot...with this guy. He's mounted on a penny. Total time...maybe 20 minutes including assembly.
  20. :0)

    One big frog!

    This guy was pretty fun to paint. I tried using brown for a basecoat for the green skin this time, and added 2-3 greens and yellow into the mix. Once again, the water was made by drybrushing blues and greens, varnishing and applying Testor's Plastic glue.
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