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Found 4 results

  1. And here we have Skrag: the Barbarian Journalist. You will give him an exclusive interview! This is for a PC in a game I'm running. The player has been using a pre-painted plastic mini for ages, and it was time for a proper one. The PC is often the subject of Enlarge Person spells; hence the need for both a regular size base, and a larger one. These two resin bases were originally completely separate: the lower one came from Tabletop Art in Germany, the upper from Micro Art Studio in Poland. Between some work with an exacto knife and a dremel, the two fit together nicely. There was even space for magnets. I sculpted the hat out of greenstuff. The press pass is made of paper super-glued to blisterpack, then to the hat. I accidentally removed the lower half of his left foot when taking off his original base, and thus he is standing on top of a copy of his newspaper: the Urgir Herald (editor-in-chief: Muck Raker). Full details are available in the ridiculously-pic-heavy WIP thread.
  2. I finished up Thelgar. I had some trouble getting him to cooperate with getting the pics. These are actually the best of the bunch. I may need to invest in a real camera at some point and come up with a decently lit area for picture taking. I want to thank Xherman for suggesting a wash on the leather parts. I was stuck trying to figure out what I wanted to do and I think his suggestion helped a lot. Nothing spectacular, but he'll work fine for the table top. Comments and critiques are most certainly welcome.
  3. This is Thelgar from the Reaper store. To me he is Makoa d'Torrn, a half-orc barbarian that carries the dragonmark of House Tharashk. Now that I take some pictures of him, I notice many little flaws, but I don't think I will be fixing them anytime soon. That being said I would love to hear any praise or suggestions. He was my first real freehand attempt (the tattoo on his chest) and my first stubble attempt. Edit to add photo below: The first mark here is what I was attempting to do:
  4. I have not put paint to a mini in far too long. I got a chance to do so today and used my time wisely (I think). I will try and post a picture before bed, but I am about four or five hours in on this guy. 03197: Thelgar Halfblood, Half Orc Barbarian I am currently running a PC Half Orc Barbarian. He is a dragonmarked member of House Tharashk (Eberron). Two things of note that I am attempting for the first time ever with this guy: Stubble on his head. If this doesn't work out, he will just have to deal with a clean shaven head. A tattoo (basically) that looks like one of these (probably vaguely the second one): Any tips would be awesome. Thanks!
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