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Found 9 results

  1. The children know, how he came to life one day. There must have been some magic in that old silk hat they found, For when they placed it on his head, he began to flail around! Down to the village, with a broomstick in his hand! They fled him down the streets of town, right to the traffic cop! He only paused a moment when he heard them holler, "STOP!" Look at Frosty go, over the hills of snow! "...He'll be back again someday..." Stay vigilant, citizens! If you see any ensorcelled hats, report them to the authorities immediately!
  2. A couple of Toyland's finest guards! The Gingerbread Knight here is a wonderful sculpt. Gotta love that peppermint shiv. Coincidentally and independently, a friend was running a homebrew tabletop game involving as a secondary antagonist a psychotic little gingerbread guy named "Candycane Larry." Candycane Larry had a voice like Mickey Mouse and a personality like a slasher villain. "I'm Candycane Larry and I'm here to kill you! I can run very fast! You should be running fast too!" "Run run run as fast as you can! The cops can't catch me! Nobody can!" Meanwhile Mister Sleet here is another great figure. I can't prove anything, but I feel very strongly this guy was inspired by a Killer Mutant Snow Goon from 'Calvin and Hobbes.' Gotta love that slackjawed snarl. Won't lie, though; the candystriping wasn't easy! Merry frostmas, folks!
  3. It's storytime, folks! "Pull up an ice-block and lend an ear!" The third Monstrous Snowman from the pack is modified to resemble Sam from the Rankin-Bass specials. The Snowmen don't match up 1:1 to any pop-culture icon exactly (the one with the top hat has a carrot nose and a jacket; the bowler-hatted one has a scarf, etc.) but color schemes go a long way, as do added facial hair. Of course, with THIS snowman, you better had listen up. That board has a nail in it! I also found a pre-painted reindeer in my FLGS's bargain bin. Didn't bother changing the coat, but I DID give the face a touch-up. Vallejo Fluorescents are great. You could even say it glows! Wishing you a Special Holiday with these holiday specials!
  4. Most of this Early Modern Monster Hunter/Classic Monsters series I've been doing is based on late-Renaissance and early-modern Europe, with notes of high moors shrouded in cold mists; filthy cities with crooked narrow cobblestoned alleyways; high castles on remote crags, etc. But the world's a big place, and it's good to remember that the pulp authors that popularized the monster hunter as recurring character (particularly R. E. Howard and Manly Wade Wellman) had a soft spot for Africa in their stories. So here's Ogana, a hero straight out of a Charles Saunders story, with a great Don Cheadle profile. Another fun sculpt, easy to paint and embellish. [Side note: if you need to make a Sword and Soul adventuring party, this guy plus Nehanda, Jaatu, Rhasia, and Jigeke would be pretty rad.] Far to the north of the grassy fields of his home, the red desert whispers and calls. There, a traveler may sometimes find the great pillared houses and temples of the very old men from long ago who once lived there, in the times when the land there too was fertile. But the red desert spread and spread and swallowed the grass, leaving none for the cattle; and the old men could not move their houses to follow the grass, having built them of heavy stone, and so there the pillared houses stay, empty except for the sand and the wind. Or perhaps not so empty, thought Ogana, hearing the grating sound of a large stone slab moving over stone, and then the pad of footfalls in the rapidly deepening dusk, footfalls so light on the sand, lighter than that of a man full of blood and water and meat. Ogana hastened to hide himself behind a column and watched. It seemed not *all* of the very old men from long ago had left this place.
  5. While it's still winter, I thought I should finish up my last ReaperMas order: The MONSTROUS SNOWMEN!
  6. This is one of three snowman I am posting in homage to the season fast approaching! Snowman one from the 3 Monstrous Snowman set 03296 from reaper. This snowman has a big stick to help him patrol th streets .. yah thats it patrol...surrre! Feel free to add comments, likes.. throw snowballs (batter up) or any other form of expression you might have!
  7. And the last of the snowman from the evil trio.... My favourite of the three wearing grandmas old bathrobe.. the candy Snowman! I wonder are those red stripes candy or maybe something else... better stay out of reach! alright let me have it! comments, suggestions for improvement etc (I should stop painting is not an improvement suggestion...well.. maybe..)
  8. The second snowman in the evil trio is the one with the broom. Here he is cheering on the neighbourhood kids as they play in the streets! (sure he is) again comments critques etc are welcome
  9. My plan is to use these as proxies for Ice Toads in an Icingstead army. There is one more Snowman planned, but it will take a bit of conversion work before painting. The middle one was entered in the recent Painting Excuses competition.
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