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Found 1 result

  1. My list: Reptus - 999 points Troop 1 Broodmaster, Dragon Rider - Troll Hide T'Kay, Reptus Cleric Spikeshell Warrior x 4 Nagendra Venomspitter x 3 Troop 2 Ssathuss Pakpao, Clutchling Caster Nagendra Warrior x 6 Troop 3 Nakaraat, Hydra Troop 4 Krungbeast ------------------------------------------------- 4 troops +1 tactician 19 models My opponent's list: Bloodstone - 995 points Troop 1 Kordtok the Gutter Scragger x 5 Troop 2 Naklak Scragger x 3 Troop 3 Naklak Scragger x 3 Troop 4 Naklak Scragger x 3 Troop 5 Naklak Scragger x 3 Troop 6 Naklak Scragger x 3 Troop 7 Great Worm Troop 8 Great Worm Troop 9 Great Worm Troop 10 Great Worm Troop 11 Great Worm Troop 12 Great Worm --------------------------- 12 troops 36 models Deployment saw all the worms start out burrowed, while my Warlord was flying. Since my opponent did not have any ranged models or casters I did not have to worry about spreading my stuff out. In fact, since he had those heat seeking missiles of his, that only had 1 attack, the opposite was true, I wanted to stay close together so that I could try and swarm him as soon as he surfaced. I started out with both of my casters being surrounded by soldiers to at least force him to use two worms to come get each. AFter I found out who my opponent was, my strategy had to change from my original script. I knew the casters wouldnt live long so I would not be able to wait to cast their spells. Obviously, with that many beads in the bag, my opponent went at least first, second, and third for the first 3 turns. With the first turn, he sent his waves of soldiers across the field. Again, I didnt want to throw the Krungbeast out that early in the game, but I knew his time was limited and all those gnomes were lined up just right so, I raced across and trampled about 5 of them right away. I then tossed out a firestorm from Pakpao that charred another 3-4. And used my faction ability to add rush attack to my snakes warriors and had them take out another 3-4 scraggers. The worms all raced out and got within striking range of all my casters and bigs (other than my still flying Warlord). Originally, TKay would have waited til later in the game to cast it, but knowing that my opponent's overwhelming odds in terms of beads in the bag, I knew TKay would never see another turn. so I went ahead and had him cast Ironskin on Nakarat.. But, he FAILED even on a focused roll. Turn two had my opponent focus on my krungbeast first. It took two worms to claim him, and I was able to hit one in defense, but whiffed on the second defensive swing. His scraggers started swarming and taking out my snake warriors that had charged last turn. I think I lost 4-5 snakes and took 8-10 scraggers with me. Next, with Pakpao still having more spell points, his worms hit one of my shielding spikeshells and then took out Pakpao before he could cast again. At leat the spikeshell got a lucky hit on defense. But, since he went against Pakpao first, I actually did get another activation with TKay and I successfully blessed my primary troop. My spitters succesfully focused and hit a couple of worms. The spikeshells hit a couple of naklaks. And my warlord finally joined the party coming down and taking out the worm that had killed Pakpao. Next turn saw a troop of scraggers successfully swarm and attack the Broodmaster even with the fearsome and hide. Luckily, they only managed a single hit while getting pasted in return. I think at this point, my opponent was down to about 1-2 scraggers and 2-3 Naklaks, along with 5 worms left. I was down to the Broodmaster, Nakarat, 2 spikeshells, and a spitter. Its a litte fuzzy how it all played out from here. I do remember that he kept using his rush attacks with his worms to negate all my swings. He was able to take out Nakarat but I got a few good poison hits on him in return. my spitters and spikeshells traded off with his remaining naklaks. So, now we are on turn 5 and I have my broodmaster and he has like 4 worms left. First strike was failing for me left and right. And again since he was using rush attack against me, it was limiting my swings at first. Course, then I pointed out it only limits my defensie swings against that particular charging model, I could still take the rest of my deensive swings against other models already in BTB with me. So, his first two worms charge me and bite my head off, both getting their 3 point hammer hits on me. But, I make my tough roll and able to slice and dice them in return. His third worm fails his nauseating roll so he cant attack me. But, that also means that it negates my first strike. So, finally in comes the 4th worm. He whiffs on me. But, again my first strike fails and I whiff on him too. The 4th worm comes barreling in and hits me. I hit both of his models. We all make our tough rolls. So, my activation finally comes up. Here is where we had a small discussion. I could have made a fairly easy break roll and flown up to regenerate back up to full strength (with the troll hide) before returning to the fight. Or I could have done a break and backed out to force him to charge me again where I could use my first strike to hopefully finish him off before he ever got another swing. But, I decided that was just not in the spirit of this battle. This was just a good time to have an epic ending one way or another... so, I focused up and swang away. Everyone hit. Everyone failed their tough rolls. All that could be heard afterwards, was the rustling of proud flags flickering in the breeze. For all on the battlefield had gone down.
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