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Found 4 results

  1. Bhelidain "Bhela" Kharandok She stood there, hammer at the ready and massive shield strapped to her arm effortlessly. Her father wanted to keep her safe and out of the fray, but she'd have none of it. She was just like him when he was younger, a warrior and a priest to the dwarf gods. Bhela was now adventuring with companions who had "questionable" scruples at best, she felt that she could help the elf lord who she followed and get him to change back to who he used to be... who she first looked up to as a lass... This was her calling, this was the way she had chosen. Figure: Freja Fangbreaker, Dwarf Sergeant (SKU #14085) Manufacturer: Reaper Material: Metal Sculptor: Werner Klocke Modifications: Axe to Hammer swap and shield heavily modified with plasticard and procreate. WIP Thread This figure is to be used at the table for one of my D&D buddies. I'm calling her TableTop + and put about 6 or 7 hours into her all told I'd say. C&C are welcomed and greatly appreciated! Thanks for looking.
  2. Figure: Freja Fangbreaker, Dwarf Sergeant (SKU #14085) Manufacturer: Reaper Material: Metal Since I started working on this one last night, I figured I might as well go ahead and post a WIP thread. This is going to be a PC for one of my D&D players. He sent me a pic of a female dwarf cleric for inspiration. I went looking in Reaper's store and ended up with Freja. Inspiration picture Conversion weapon swap of axe head for hammer and modification of shield are required to fulfill the vision. Hammer was pinned and glued on. The shield, I had to work on a bit harder. It required me snipping off the metal studs on her original shield, filing them down to be smooth, then I worked on the back of the shield and snipped off the raised metal edges and filed them down smooth. After all this, I used ProCreate epoxy putty and super glue to affix a piece of plasticard that I cut to the appropriate size and shape over the shield in her left hand. Left it all to cure overnight and tonight I'll get her primed up and see about filling any gaps that need to be fixed (if there are any). Current WIP pics!
  3. Female dwarves are hard to find. Especially in the good quality that Reaper has made. This is my female and male version of the Hero Quest dwarf:
  4. Once again I participated in the forums Mini Exchange and I thought I'd post pics of the mini's that I sent out. This time I had 2 Partners Marsya and Saneal. The particular mini's that I chose were based off of request given by them and one gave me a particular set of issues. Also, I stretched myself a little and gave some freehand a try. First off was Marsya who requested a hero mini on a 1" base and she included some player types she didn't have many of including a female paladin and a male wizard among others. Since I was doing a slightly more expensive figure for Sanael, I chose to give Marsya 2 minis, A female Paladin and Male Wizard. First off in the Female Paladin role, I chose 14085: Freja Fangbreaker, Dwarf Sergeant. Now I've always seen paladins as having white armor so I chose the same for this figure and I tried using blue as a shadow color. I think it worked well enough. Now because Marsya is known for painting red hair AND since she sent me an awesome red haired dwarf to study as my exchange piece, I just had to try red hair. I've never done red hair before but I am quite happy with how it turned out. For the base, I used black hobby gravel and some static grass and grass tuft. I feel the black gravel looks like coal and evokes the mining spirit of dwarves. Also, its how I base all dwarves as it doesn't detract from their small stature. The second figure I did for Marsya was 03484: Karlov Diedrich, Wizard. On this guy, I really tried to get the blue cloak blended well as I have been struggling with cloaks. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I didn't go with red hair on this guy though. I gave him a few cork rocks to blend in with the broccoli base i didn't cut off. I was really struggling with the color choices for this and couldn't figure out how to make him look good without using the same color pallate for the clothes. I also didn't want to make him look like a clown either and be too bright. Thankfully, the colors seemed to work well together and I am really happy with it. Finally, We have the mini that I painted for Sanael. This figure had many firsts for me. He mentioned his upcoming campaign usin devils and when I saw the figure I chose for him, I thought it would be perfect! He received 14436: Rahl, Duke of Pain based on a resin shale base from scibor miniatures. Sanael mentioned he preferred 30mm bases however I couldn't find any at my FLGS so I went with the 40mm resin base instead. This was the first time really using resin bases (besides my spirit of the forest figure) and my first time I really needed to pin a model. His upper sword hand kept falling off. I eventually got it well pinned. I went with a classic demon red skin on him and when I saw his coat, it just said black leather on it. The purple gives him a regal look to him as though he is slightly more important than others. Perhaps a high ranking specialist. I tried some freehand for the first time on his cloak also in purple. I gave him a row of runes along the bottom of his coat. The base just needed some paint as well as some grass and tufts. I also opened the secret weapon leaves to give them a try. I only used a few so it didn't cover everything. I'm really happy with how this turned out despite the challenges it gave.
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