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Found 2 results

  1. Once again I participated in the forums Mini Exchange and I thought I'd post pics of the mini's that I sent out. This time I had 2 Partners Marsya and Saneal. The particular mini's that I chose were based off of request given by them and one gave me a particular set of issues. Also, I stretched myself a little and gave some freehand a try. First off was Marsya who requested a hero mini on a 1" base and she included some player types she didn't have many of including a female paladin and a male wizard among others. Since I was doing a slightly more expensive figure for Sanael, I chose to give Marsya 2 minis, A female Paladin and Male Wizard. First off in the Female Paladin role, I chose 14085: Freja Fangbreaker, Dwarf Sergeant. Now I've always seen paladins as having white armor so I chose the same for this figure and I tried using blue as a shadow color. I think it worked well enough. Now because Marsya is known for painting red hair AND since she sent me an awesome red haired dwarf to study as my exchange piece, I just had to try red hair. I've never done red hair before but I am quite happy with how it turned out. For the base, I used black hobby gravel and some static grass and grass tuft. I feel the black gravel looks like coal and evokes the mining spirit of dwarves. Also, its how I base all dwarves as it doesn't detract from their small stature. The second figure I did for Marsya was 03484: Karlov Diedrich, Wizard. On this guy, I really tried to get the blue cloak blended well as I have been struggling with cloaks. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. I didn't go with red hair on this guy though. I gave him a few cork rocks to blend in with the broccoli base i didn't cut off. I was really struggling with the color choices for this and couldn't figure out how to make him look good without using the same color pallate for the clothes. I also didn't want to make him look like a clown either and be too bright. Thankfully, the colors seemed to work well together and I am really happy with it. Finally, We have the mini that I painted for Sanael. This figure had many firsts for me. He mentioned his upcoming campaign usin devils and when I saw the figure I chose for him, I thought it would be perfect! He received 14436: Rahl, Duke of Pain based on a resin shale base from scibor miniatures. Sanael mentioned he preferred 30mm bases however I couldn't find any at my FLGS so I went with the 40mm resin base instead. This was the first time really using resin bases (besides my spirit of the forest figure) and my first time I really needed to pin a model. His upper sword hand kept falling off. I eventually got it well pinned. I went with a classic demon red skin on him and when I saw his coat, it just said black leather on it. The purple gives him a regal look to him as though he is slightly more important than others. Perhaps a high ranking specialist. I tried some freehand for the first time on his cloak also in purple. I gave him a row of runes along the bottom of his coat. The base just needed some paint as well as some grass and tufts. I also opened the secret weapon leaves to give them a try. I only used a few so it didn't cover everything. I'm really happy with how this turned out despite the challenges it gave.
  2. NOTE: Updated photos on post #23 with 2 elements I reworked. Some of you may have seen my WIP thread over in that part of the forum; here is the completed miniature. My vision for Rahl was that in life he was a general of an army so vile that his passing resulted in eternal servitude in hell as an Archdevil. A mockery of his former self, his raw pig-like flesh a testament to his perverse overindulgence in the torture of any passing victim. Needless to say, this has been a very challenging and demanding miniature; lots of flesh, cloth, and metal. To make matters worse on myself I added the forked tongue using some green stuff; the tongue took me 2 hours just to fashion and get into place between his two dominant top fangs. C&C always welcome.
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