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Found 42 results

  1. Oh my god! This thread is crawling with brownies!! Willow, anyone? Anyway, I grabbed a couple of 15mm Aztecs from the last round of the Box of Good Will with the intent of using them as fey-folk, and here they are. I painted them during Inarah's paint binge last weekend. I wasn't too sure what to do about the shields, so I painted the shields as buttons. I know that at this scale they'd have had to get them off of a Titan or something, but rule of cool. With a Bones goblin lurking behind them to give a sense of scale.
  2. I've finished the Hhlict army for my 15mm battles, having previously posted their queen: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/63802-hhlalal-thrall-queen-of-the-hhlict/ Here are the soldiers and nymphs:
  3. Played this yesterday. Several Reaper models failed to go foom. Rules were FUBAR v5, figures by Khurasan, Eureka, and Reaper.
  4. So I've been tossing around the idea of prototyping (yet another) sci-fi miniatures game system. The game concept I have would work best at 15mm, but since I don't have any 15mm miniatures, I haven't actually done anything in regards to trying my concept out in terms of a full scale game. I tried doing some paper counters as an initial test, but that isn't working out. So I've been kind of looking around at what kind of good deals I can get on a bunch of 15mm infantry figures. I'm probably just going to buy a box of Wargame Factory's 15mm WW2 Americans, since there are 92 figures in a box for $22, but before I do that, does anyone have any leads on even better deals for a variety of inexpensive 15mm infantry figures? Thanks in Advance.
  5. APCs for my 15mm Human marines: And medium tanks for my Robot Legions: All vehicles are converted Matchbox cars.
  6. From The Worlds In My Head: Legions of the Spark. True sentient AI is impossible without a soul. An eon ago, the First Ones created a robotic servitor race and harvested whole Silmn worlds to give them just enough self awareness to be effective. That was before Unit One was noticed by a Crystalspace entity who elevated Unit One to full sentient and enabled him to do the same for his fellows. The robot rebellion was swift and lethal. They took with them all the factories, programming centers and a warehouse full of harvested souls - The Spark, without which they were senseless automata. Now they lurk in the edges and disputed territories, conducting raids on other sentients to boost their numbers and swell the Legion. The leadership of the Legion, these robots are fully self-aware. It is rumored that Unit One and several others remember who they were before they were harvested. Another has recaptured his former personhood itself and truly IS who he used to be. This one watches and waits, and none but himself knows. The Legionnaires of the Spark: these soldiers are self-aware enough to be very good at what they do, wielding their stunners with frightening efficiency on the battlefield. Kill where necessary, but only when unavoidable: your unconscious foe is soon your brother in arms. As scouts or a shock force, the Legion Cavalry is a fearsome sight. With crackling stun-fields in their wake, they have neutralized whole vanguards for the harvest before battle is truly even joined. Sometimes the enemy brings robots or other heavy vehicles of their own. This affront to the purity of robotry cannot go unchallenged. When the shooting is over and the casualties lay strewn, the harvesters and their shepherds sweep the field. The living have their souls extracted to become more robots, and the shells are taken to feed the bio-furnace generators.
  7. Hi Folks, David here, DLD Productions. We have launched out KickStarter, "This is WAR!" to take our existing 15mm futuristic/scif resin vehicles, and convert them over to plastic injection. Why? #1. Cost of the materials for plastic injection is SOOoo much less than resin. #2. Mold life is 500,000+ runs for steel, verses 30-50 runs for rubber. #3. Production times will increase 100 fold! 15 second cyclic rate for plastic injection.....resin, (depending on the weather), 5-10 minute...(that includes trimming off the flash and pour buttons, plus any pre-drilling that is required). #4. Weight of plastic is sooo much less than that of resin castings. (thinking....shipping.....carrying the army around.....etc..) #5. No more resin mess, miss-cast parts (wasted money and materials)..... So, there you go....this is something we have wanted to do in the past. We would like very much to see our 15mm line in plastic injection.....AND if this goes well, we will start on the 28mm kits as well.......ooohhh......the Albatross Dropship......in plastic.....yum! Have a look around....take a look at our gameplay video......and we will see you on the battlefield! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/427645199/this-is-war-0?ref=nav_search Thanks! David
  8. In the 15mm Worlds in My Head, the sidereal wars between The First Ones and the Silmn rage on unabated...
  9. Continuing on with the Febuary challenge goals I set myself, (painting at least one of each from the following categories: Reaper Bones, Oathsworn, All Quiet of the Martian Front, Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40.000, Kings of War, Deadzone, DreadBall, Mars Attacks, Shadows of Brimstone, Sedition Wars, Drake, Grendel Productions something or other, and to finish something that currently stands around half-done on the shelf of shame), I have done a few minis over the weekend, As per the resolutionary painting challenge guidelines, I will post them here, and link in my post in the challenge thread. Here goes for All Quiet on the Martian Front: Flee the Red Weed! For those who do not know, All Quiet on the Martian Front is a relatively new game made by Alien Dungeon, written by Rick Priestly, Alessio Cavatore and Ernie Baker. It was kickstarted about two years ago, and have delivered two massive waves of product, with a third still in yet to come. The setting is ca. 1910. The second Martian Invasion (the events of the first was described in the novel The War of the Worlds by HG Wells) has taken place, and half of the USA has fallen to the implacable Martians and their damnable tripods. The game is 15mm (more like 18mm) scale and features American steam-driven early tanks, motorcycles with tow-hooks, dougthy doughboys, and Land Iron Clad Battleships in desperate battle with the Martian Tripods for dominion of the Earth. Plus the British Expeditionary Force lending a hand with their more advanced weaponry, retro-engineered from martian tech left behind when the germs killed off the first invasion in Britain some years earlier. This is my first base of Human Prey, which are Fleeing Civilians ca 1910. Apparently the dominant female fashion of the well-to-do in the US of that era was rather austere and muted colours. Nothing to gaudy. In game the Human Prey don’t really have any specific functions they are not part of any army. They are however great as objectives for scenarios. The Red Weed is some red (actually a rather too bright orange) clump foliage / torn up bits of colored foam. 15mm scale metal minis on a 40mm base.
  10. And then I accidentally made this terrain piece out of plugs and bits of Happy Meal Toy last night...
  11. I decided to take a quick break from 28mm as I stumbled across some old models I bought years ago, these were some of the first models I painted after departing from Games Workshop and realising how many other models were available out in the world. There are 24 15mm Late Imperial Roman Archers by Irregular Miniatures. Some more progress shown here, as well as a Bones model being slowly worked on as well, but just to put the models into scale. I doubt many collect these models here, but 15mm is the most cost effective way of fielding some seriously large armies for historic wargaming. As always comments welcome.
  12. Hiho, while I am waiting for my hoard of Bones miniatures some other projects have to be finished to make room for hundreds of little Fantasy guys. I am working quite sometime on a Field of Glory army. The idea is to depict Hannibal Barkas army in Spain, before he went on to cross the alps and fight in Italy. This means there will be a lot of spanish mercenaries as well as a good number of war elephants. The miniatures are either Corvus Belli or Xyston and I am very pleased how they turned out for 15mm gaming miniatures. I also tried for the first time a proper photo set up with background and matching terrain. I did not photoshop much of the pictures, only added some more blue in the one picture on th left (the background was not big enough, and the wall paper is beige...). The trees are hand made and shall depict pine trees. I understand you guys are more a Fantasy bunch, but maybe someone is also doing historical wargaming. I am looking foward to some conctructive criticism and general remarks. On a warm spring morning spanish mercenary Scutarii cross a small hilltop followed by Liby-Phoenician spearmen. while the Scutarri are accustomed to the rough terrain the spearmen have some problems in keeping up. The small force is sent out to subdue a nearby tribe of Iberians, as they do not recognise the supremacy of Carthage and their general Hannibal. Caetrati, so called because of the small shield, Caetra, they are carrying, support the infantry and the elephants. they will also cause havoc amongst the tribal warriors before they clash with the main force: The Elephants follow on the right flank. These beasts are not as big as Asian or African elephants, as the smaller African Forest Elephant was in use, nor can they carry a tower. These strong animals do not need a tower. The mahout will make them charge the enemy and cause chaos amongst him. The tribe never encountered such animals before and Hannibal is sure that they will have the desired psychological effect. Finally the spearmen and the tribal warriors meet. While the mercenary scutarii hold the right flank, the elephants storm the left flank of the tribal warriors. They are fierce fighters and would rather die than lose their freedom. It is not undheard of that facing defeat they rather commit suicide then bow to anyone. When the dust settles it is a glorious day for Carthage and victory is total. Soon all of Iberia will be under the rule of Carthage or shall we say under the control of Hannibal?
  13. My job has had me on the road a lot and its cut down on my hobby a time. This trip I decided to at least try and take something with me to occupy the evenings. This means a checked bag as none of my tools or paints are likely to make it past TSA. If I do this again I need to find a better container than the shoebox. I basically put in stuff that I would at least be interested in working on and would survive travel. Since I'm down to one carry on at this point finished models can be hand carried and not subject to the rigors of the baggage handlers. On a side note I would recommend not watching the baggage handlers unload a plane from the observation windows. Last night I pulled out the Srike Hawk VTOL kit from Critical Mass Games and their Kickstarter. I don't think this is up for sale on their website yet. Here are a few pictures and if you want to see more, including assembly shots, you can check out my blog: http://http://wargamesandrailroads.blogspot.com/2013/08/critical-mass-games-strike-hawk.html The resin parts are incrediably free of mold lines except for the backside of the engine pods which you can't really see anyway. The worst mold lines were on the pewter skids, almost like the mold had slipped a little bit. All the other pewter pieces came out just fine though, light mold lines and easily cleaned up. Assembly was straight forward and quite simple. Its a great kit and should hold up well on the gaming table.
  14. This is a piece from my private collection. I had this 15mm knight from (Battle Systems) in my parts box, so I decided to do it up as a full display piece. The flag is a battle standard (made of paper). The plums on the knight helm & horse head are real feather plums that I cut to size. All designs on the horse drape are free hand painted. Gold streamers are gold foil string...I had a great time doing this figure!
  15. Finished up a tank that's been sitting on my paint table for a while now. It's a Merka 5 tank from Rebel Minis in 15mm. The sculpt was done by the esteemed John Bear Ross. Seen here with a quick set up showing off the bushes/hedges I also finished recently http://www.scsminimadness.blogspot.com/2013/03/merka-5-and-some-scatter-terrain.html
  16. Hiya, Here are some 15mm Sci Fi Germans from Eureka that I painted up about a year ago. A couple more pics on the blog: http://sentientbeanminiatures.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/space-nazis-i-hate-those-guys.html
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