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Found 14 results

  1. Continuing the WIP from http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/64819-lexomatics-fall-2015-wip I'll be working on my shelf of shame minis, trying some bones 2 anhurians, some outstanding hearthstone minis, and maybe some more animals and skeletons, and ice walls and slimes. Also some zombicide crows (as lots of different birds
  2. Diorama entries only. Six images per entry. No chatter or questions, please. Use the Rules and Questions thread.
  3. Non Reaper entries only. Four images per entry. No chatter or questions, please. Use the Rules and Questions thread.
  4. Single Figure entries 40mm to 99mm only. Four images per entry. No chatter or questions, please. Use the Rules and Questions thread.
  5. Single Figure entries 100mm+ only. Four images per entry. No chatter or questions, please. Use the Rules and Questions thread.
  6. My skills with collages with the new photo shop I got for Xmas are non existent, so I thought I would link my Inspiration Gallery Pics if people cared to look at most of the Reaper Minis I painted this year. There maybe one or two that were done prior to this year, But they are still there.... Also I will link my RPChallenge links as well, some will be the same as the Gallery, just with more pics! July 1: Cichastus 2:Rogan, Half Orc Rogue 3: Cavern Crawler 4: Escalla the Faerie 5: Winter Wolf 6: Karoak 7:Ral Partha Water Elemental 8: Astrid 9: Bettina 10:7 Kobolds 11:Wind Elemental 12: Citadel Dwarf with No Name August Painted this month: 1: Warg 03209 2: 2 Dire Wolves 02415 3: Marbrezuk 02656 (Glabrezu) Type III Demon 4: Thornwart 02644 (Nalfeshnee) Type IV Demon 5. Neroli 02946 6: 4 Kobolds 03064 7. Hell Hound 03609 8. Snar Mangebelly, Kobold King 03295 9. Vourgha the Ogre 02312 September 1. Duergar Golem (02988) 2. Vrock (02532) 3. Exchange Mini- finished but still can't post (9/30) Pics posted 3 Nov Crystal Golem 4. " Balto Burrowell 5 " Pillar of Evil 6. Duergar Cleric (02988) 7. Duergar Sergeant and 2 Troopers (all different) (02989) October 1. DDS 2 Tower (Tower and Terrain Complete) 2. Candelabra [2] (P02990B) 3. Pillar of Evil (02814) 4. Giant's Spitoon 5. Refinished Hell Hound 6. Xherman (The Were Puppy) (02870) 7. Jack-o-Lantern (02870) November 1. Well of Chaos (o3569) 2. Sculpey Well (First fully sculpted object) 3. The Gremlin From Familiar pack VI (02870) 4. Ral Partha Efreeti 5. Altar of Evil (77139) 6. Mummy of Hakir (02156) December 1. Pillar of Good (02094 2. Pillar of Evil (02044) 3. Cauldron (P02904D) 4. Hirst Arts Skull 5. Kanaag, Half Orc (02898 & P02934B) 6. Candelabra x2 (P02580B) 7. Peryton (03702) Secret Sophie Mini (finished but no pics until my partner gets it!)(pics added 12/20) 8. Pillar of Good (02815) New Version I just picked up my paint brush again in mid April as a form of therapy, to keep my mind off of things better not dwelt on... Following the forums starting in July has really kicked up my game, as you can see if you start with the earliest minis I posted, and compared them to what I am achieving now.. Getting new GOOD brushes, learning how to use a wet palette and reading things here have been the keys to my improvement. So many thanks to everyone that commented about anything I posted, you certainly helped me out! Heck you guys helped me get 2 minis into the STORE! 02656: Demon Marbrezuk 03702: Peryton Special Thanks to our own "Dark Enabler", Ub3r_N3rd whom I have pestered unmercifully with questions since August when the Fall Exchange went Live! He was (and IS!) a font of good information and advice, and was more than patient with me... So it was a Great time for me! George
  7. So here's what I finished this year, most of it from Reaper: A whole bunch of halflings and gnomes. A couple of frost giants: Reaper's Frorigh and Otherworld Miniatures' nameless giant. Dragons (and one ice wyrm). I actually made bases for the dragons (no, really!), so I should try to find later photos of them as well, and do Show-Off threads for their finished forms. Terrain pieces from Itar's Workshop, some sci fi, and lots of aquatic creatures. Standing stones both sinister and benevolent from Naloomi's Workshop (Hijad the Pirate amongst the standing stones is only there for scale). Lots of Mouslings and more aquatic critters. The kraken is done but I haven't made a Show-Off thread for it either, which is why the casual garden photography. And two Discworld characters, Granny Weatherwax and Samuel Vimes, from Micro Art Studio.
  8. This resin figure was the "Gold Badge Mini" included as part of your ReaperCon pass for 2015. I think extra copies were for sale at the convention, but I can't remember correctly. I think the resin figures were selling for $25.00 a pop but someone could correct that information. My goal was to put a paint job to the figure that was worthy of such an amazing sculpt, and for the baseline cost of the figure. I envisioned this evil knight to have once been a legendary hero of much repute in his native land. Perhaps he was the 'first sword' of his king before befalling a terrible fate...something like Lord Soth in his antique armor. All contrast is a function of painting. I used Frontier Blue for much of the shadows. Reaper paints only and a Round #1. Hope you enjoy. Any and all feedback always appreciated.
  9. Going to finish up his medallion with some free hand and call it done. Hope all of you have a lovely Christmas Maybe Santa will get me some photography skills next year ;)
  10. Here's my Fall exchange piece. I's called Fractured Reality and yes, the mirror is suppose to be broken. I now have 14 years of bad luck because of it... Sorry for my sucky camera skills.
  11. New Year and a new Contest. Few new things this time around both rule wise and organization wise as well. If you're new to these contests or a seasoned veteran please read through the full rules. Thanks. Categories Each Painting Excuses contest as more then one category that each have their own subrules. These rules don't conflict with the main rules that all categories share. The rules for each Category will be listed here and in it's own submission thread for easy reference. Theme Category: You're Such a Character Entries for this theme are taking an miniature and then paint it to look like some pop culture character. Ideas could be from, but not limited to, one of the following: Movies TV Comics Books Cartoon\Anime Video Game Celeberty As always, if you're not sure please ask in this thread. Entry Thread Rules for the Theme Category (these are in addition to the General rules below) In your post state briefly why your piece meets the theme. This helps the judges immensely. It can be as simple as Billy Idle to a photo of what you were trying to achieve.Judging Criteria -- The over all possible score for each entry is 100 points. The judges will look at the following when deciding:Adherence to Theme -- 50 points Painting Skill -- 25 points Overall Presentation of the miniature (basing, colors used, and so on) -- 25 pts Prizes for the Theme Category1st--$50 reaper online gift card 2nd--$25 reaper online gift card 3rd--$15 reaper online gift card Drawing -- $15 reaper online gift card --------------------------------------------------------- Challenge Category: Source Lighting Listed below are several different types of source lighting as well as links to James Gurney's blog giving a breif summery of the lighting type. The light source can be on stage (meaning on the figure or base) or off stage. Split Lighting Underlighting Contre Jour (Not frontal) Top Short Three Quarter Entry Thread Rules for the Challenge Choose one lighting type from the list above. When submitting a miniature please list the type of lighting you've painted. Judging Criteria -- The over all possible score for each entry is 100 points. The judges will look at the following when deciding:Quality\Believablility Of the Lighting -- 50 points Painting Skill -- 25 points Overall Presentation of the miniature (basing, colors used, and so on) -- 25 pts Prizes for the Challenge1st--$50 reaper online gift card 2nd--$25 reaper online gift card 3rd--$15 reaper online gift card Drawing -- $15 reaper online gift card ------------------------------------- Single Figure Open Category -- Single Figure Open is for any miniature that doesn't fit into the other two categories. Submit anything you like as long at it meets the General Rules. Entry Thread Judging Criteria -- The over all possible score for each entry is 50 points. There are no defined rules for judging in this category and so they judges score however they like. Prizes for Single Figure Open 1st--$50 reaper online gift card 2nd--$25 reaper online gift card 3rd--$15 reaper online gift card Drawing -- $15 reaper online gift card General RulesAll entries must be made by Reaper. Entries must be in by April 5th at 11:59 pm MST Enter as many times as you want but only one entry per person can win.If you enter in all three categories and win in multiple you will win whatever is your highest scoring prize. Each entry needs to be uploaded to the appropriate thread. Please attach your entries using the forum uploading feature or hotlink from the Inspiration Gallery. We want to make sure they're visible at all times. You may submit between one and four images of each entry (unless stated otherwise for a category's individual rules). They do not need to be stitched into a single image file. Digital enhancement ("Photoshopping") of your entry is strictly prohibited.No clone brush, healing brush, airbrush, or other brush work. Fix your paint with paint, not with Photoshop. No adding or removing background elements from the image If you add a logo or a watermark Reaper cannot use your image in their gallery. Note that if your image is selected for the Reaper gallery, you will be credited by name under the image. Cropping, global color balance, and global level adjustments are allowed ("global" means "the entire image." You may not "pop" colors by only selecting some areas for level adjustment. You are allowed to enter miniatures that will also be entered into other contests that might overlap ours. We are not going to police your entries as to when they were started\finished. We hope that people would paint something for this contest and not just enter something they finished a while ago as this is a fun and friendly contest. The judges or Reaper reserves the right to remove entries if deemed inappropriate, but we're pretty laid back here and this is just to cover our butts. The judges and Reaper can clarify and amend rules at will. Basing and Modding RulesYou are allowed to use non-Reaper parts for modding a figure. However you cannot change a figure more then 25% with non-Reaper parts unless it's a weapon.Example 1: Weapon swapping-- Always allowed with non-reaper parts Example 2: Adding a weapon to the mini -- Always Allowed with non-reaper parts Example 3: Placing a reaper minis head on a non-reaper miniature-- Not allowed. You are allowed to use non-Reaper parts for basing. No limits to this rule. Requesting Feedback -- Unfortunatly this time around I cannot offer feedback. Requesting Scores -- If you wish to know your score after the contest has ended just send me a PM. These are always available and there's no specific conditions (outside of asking) to get.
  12. The Origins Site book has come out recently(-ish). Though Reaper isn't in the Exhibitor hall (oh, noes!), they've a full page in the site book saying "Come by and see us at Booth #D-100". Well, the map on page 52 shows D-100 is Upper Deck. #Panic Is this a convention snafu or some sort of "Where's Waldo?" style LARP?
  13. Note: This thread is scheduled for heavy restructure in the next 24-hours to stop causing so many headaches for the mods. Sorry 'bout that. For those who haven't heard, the Resolutionary Painting Challenge is to paint a certain number of minis a month (4 for January). These are the two CAVs of the Templar 99th Auxiliary Regiment I painted as part of that. My first is actually the painting of Ingrid, Female Gnome I submitted for the Little People Beauty Pageant. I've got my first two additions to the Templar 99th Auxiliary Regiment as number 2 and 3. First up, D for Dentist, first of my Specters: Secondly, L for Luga, my first Razor*: They join the Halberd I finished in the closing days of 2014, G for Galant (which can be found here), who doesn't count for the challenge since, well, it was painted last year. But they look nice together, so I figured a group shot couldn't hurt. Edit: Removed Ingrid to her own thread as per forum guidelines *Note to parents: "My First Razor" is probably a terrible idea for your toddler.
  14. Hymn


    I apologize if the topic is covered somewhere, but I couldn't find the answer to my question on the forums or an affiliated site. If it's already covered, please link me. How does one go about volunteering for ReaperCon? I loved attending this year and would like to give some of my time next year to making it as great for others as it was made for me. Help?
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