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Found 64 results

  1. Jasonator

    Jasonators Emperor on Horse

    I have spent the last two days doing "clean-up". I found out why I got all those strange looking files in my file set, and what some of them are good for. I got a miniature lineman's pliers set that has proven really good at taking off some of the casting/mold flashing. So I am going to paint the Emperor Lucius and his mount. I am going to try and avoid painting any more miniatures with helms on for at least a month. Feels good to put in a face again. I also am looking at some other Tom Meier works that are more whimsical (but extremely challenging as well). So I will be getting in a few different miniatures to paint (besides Kickstarter II...drool, slurp..be calm my soul). I am painting this a bit differently than normal. He'll be in two parts until I can get the upper body done enough to glue him on his mount. No way I could do his left side glued to that horse ! So here is Lucius. I will probably change colors with the exception of the black shield and golden Eagle.
  2. Jasonator

    Emperor Lucius by Jasonator

    I was rather amazed that I finished The Emperor Lucius today, usually it takes a least a week to finish one of these for me. Think the hot weather contributed to my speed this time. This was a great Mini to paint. I kept the shield color's the same, but did change the color scheme from the Green on the standing version. The big challenge here is painting and then assembling the miniature. Once it is glued you loose access to huge parts of the sculpt ! This took some patience and planning. So here is The Emperor Lucius. I had a blast doing this one ! Jay
  3. Jasonator

    Emperor Lucius Standing by Jasonator

    I thought that I would finish this tomorrow and then post. I kept on looking at it sitting on my painting desk and said..DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is Done. I can honestly say that this miniature blew my socks off, this one has fantastic Challenges, incredible details,and it will make you work and concentrate like you never have before. I don't think I have been happier painting a miniature than this one. so, here is the completed Emperor Lucius, Hope you enjoy him as much as I do.
  4. Having finished the disco Torch Goblins; I dug out the Emperor Lucius by Tom Meier. This is the Standing version, then I will do him on horse. Shield is very complex, as is that crown, and scabbard, with the pattern cloak and surcoat over the armor. That chain mail isn't much of an issue, but the rest of it is. Black Shield golden eagle, or do I go Deutch, Green Shield, Black Eagle, or Gold shield Black Eagle. Decisions decisions. I'm thinking white and gold trimmed surcoat, maybe Emerald Green cloak with Gold on Trim, to match the surcoat.. Anywho.. here are two photos of what he looks like on his binder clip !
  5. Jasonator

    Red Knight on Horse by Jasonator

    I have finished the last Red Knight Miniature I had. This was an awful lot of fun, and a lot more of a challenge due to all the folds in the comparison on this miniature. The figure is very dynamic, and trying to interpret that movement with paint was a lot of fun and experimentation. I will post six photos (that hopefully will show what I have been doing).
  6. Jasonator

    Red Knight on Horse

    I started prepping this Miniature yesterday, got him primed and attached to a large binder clip. I started thinking about colors, and just cracked up ! The Red Knight kinda precludes something in the name. Soooo, gonna have a lot of Red, and some black, and some silver. Sculpt also has a horses faceplate on it, that might be a bit of fun to toy with. Maybe a Ruby color ? The scabbard is also empty, so instead of a lance, I'll be using a sword in the Right hand. Note the dynamics of this piece. Incredible movement. Here is the Red Knight on Horse Lined in Brown Liner.
  7. Jasonator

    Red Knight Standing

    This has been a bit more challenging than usual. I almost got myself permanently attached to this miniature. New Super glue flows a lot faster than I realized ! I used the Joker from a deck of cards to make the tile floor ! Every Minute of painting this has been a joy.
  8. Jasonator

    The Red Knight

    Since I complete my last mounted Noble Oak Guard I needed to find something to paint. Fortunately, six more figures showed up yesterday, and I started cleaning up the Red Knight. He's been filed, primed, and I decided that I was going to do something different than I normally do. I left off the black lining, and started layering in a dark pumpkin mix of dusky flesh, and fire orange. Then added some brown to make a richer brown undercoat, and painted it onto the figure. I will gradually add reds to fulfill his name, but this is learning, and playing. I really like where this is heading. So, a new beginning! And I can make a real base for him on the standing figure
  9. Jasonator

    Jasonator's Sir Percevale on Foot.

    Had a lot of fun painting this one in Greens, after painting the mounted version in Oranges. Finally catching on to the basing concepts. So here is Sir Percevale dismounted. I modified the previously entered photos in favor of some that I had NOT reduced. So these photos have only been cropped. Hopefully these are a better quality, while I transition to using a REAL digital Camera, and set up !
  10. Amazing, I just finished this Miniature. As Willen, and Ub3r-N3rd say.. you start out a total noobie, and then you learn step by step to do this basing trip. So here is the Thunderbolt Mountain Herald, painted, and with a base on him ! Remember this is 25mm. (one Inch Tall) Has been a blast to paint. The sculpts are really very detailed, and don't be afraid of their size; you really can amaze yourself with the level of complexity you can achieve. Great way to enhance your hand, eye, mind control. There are a couple of spots that look like voids on right arm, its the camera, not the paint !
  11. Jasonator

    Jasonator's Lancelot d' lake

    This is what I have been calling Lance II, since my original miniature was replaced due to a problem. I've had him sitting around waiting, and decided to paint him up, and since he didn't come with a base, I had to create my own base this time (this is a first). So without a whole lot of commentary; here is lance, going up the ruined stairs with his mace in hand. Has been fun, I'm rather delighted with the way this turned out. (my original base was far too complex, and large, and had to be removed). Gotta make mistakes to learn ! Oh..Lance II is a 25mm Mini (should call it a "Micro-Mini") !
  12. Sooo.... I'm sitting here, out on the West Coast of Canada, impatiently waiting for my KS Bones to finally get here, and browsing these forums looking for ways to amuse myself. Having found the "Show Off" forum and been impressed by many of the paint jobs here I was reminded that, quite some time ago (2005 to be exact) I'd took some time to actually assemble and paint a couple of Ral Partha lead miniatures that I'd had kicking about since the mid-to-late-90's and that I'd subsequently uploaded images of the final results to a "Microsoft Live Spaces" blog I maintained at the time. Now, I do still have both these mini's so I could take fresh images, but, as it happens, all images uploaded to "Live Spaces" blogs were automatically stored in what would eventually become "Microsoft Skydrive" so it was actually quite easy to locate those older images, allowing me to share them here, now. :-) One point I'd like to make is that, actually having first started miniature painting as a pre-teen back in the early 80's (ya, ya. I'm an 80's chick, get over it!) I first learned with enamel based model paint and continued to use them almost religiously until recently. (In fact, I haven't actually started using acrylics yet, but I have friends who switched over ages ago and will be doing so once my KS bones package, with all four paint sets, arrives.) In any case, working with enamel model paint is quite different from working with acrylics inasmuch as how colours are mixed and blended. Also, the reason I continued to prefer enamel paints was their natural glossy depth (something that I thought wasn't possible using acrylics given examples I'd come across back then but this site has proven that belief to be unfounded) and I generally enhanced this with a glossy top coat, which did have an effect on how the photos turned out. The next two posts will include the photos. First up (as it was painted first): The Jabberwock
  13. mustardgreens

    Old-timey 25mm minis

    Woman with bucket and horse from megaminis. I only own a couple minis from them, but in my opinion the woman is arguably their best sculpt. I bought a whole bottle of realistic water to do the river in the base! Heads up: The woman took me over a week to paint because of the water. It takes 24 hours to try and clings to the sides. It's not at all user-friendly for filling gaps and inset bases. I got it to work eventually though, and I'm pretty happy with the result. I had to drill a hole in the bottom of her dress to insert a metal peg. Otherwise she was going to fall over. I dip and spray-seal all my minis. However, with the woman I was getting a bit impatient with the dipping and I sprayed her a couple hours too early. The unfortunate result was the white flecks all over her front and back. Other than the flecks, I'm pretty happy with her! She was painted with Tamiya. The horse was painted with Vallejo, mostly a colour called Cavalry Brown. It appears a bit messy, and probably a bit too dark, so I'd appreciate any tips to make my minis come out cleaner and brighter looking. And I could probably do with some help with faces. :) Thanks!
  14. Hi all, Has anyone purchased a mini that is 1/72 scale? If so, how does the scale compare to Reaper's 25mm "Heroic" scale? Smaller, bigger... about the same? I found some plastic minis that would do well as fodder, but I want to make sure the scale is right before I purchase. Thanks! -mb