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  1. I based the colors on the Chinese Fan Palm, or Fountain Palm shown here: https://www.davesgarden.com/pics/2011/08/20/growin/ba24e1.jpg Plants and Rocks 3d file by PrintYourMonsters
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/infernalminiatures/ogre-mercenary-company-modular-ogres-stl-pack/?fbclid=IwAR1VYWWW9kXSgj0XIARNUQBvOf3mH4Fc1umiUUFHTQCk0DGDKZMVLertT5I Another fun project from Infernal Miniatures, a large set of printable Ogres. They've updated their scaling and some design methods: these will have modular heads with an attached neck and modular hands. I've backed their last two projects, and they had a ton of variety for the cost. It looks like they've only improved since then. The fun thing is there's alternate less monstrous heads in the pack, so these could easily be scaled to be human thugs for the most part as well. Forgot to mention, two stretch goals have already been unlocked! Additional heads: And Roman Gladiator themed parts:
  3. I got him last year as a freebie and I've really enjoyed painting him. The 3D prints have really been a gamechanger for me, I think this guy was showered, shaved and ready for a night on the town less than 10 minutes after coming out of the box. Of course, it would be a rough night in an even rougher town! I started him looking for something 'quick and easy' to take a break from an NMM study I'm trying to complete. Of course, this guy pretty much has metal everwhere, so I ended up right back in the same hole, digging away... I love how the Hodgson backgrounds can just immediately improve the mood of photos. I need to make some clear stands to really take advantage of them. As always, C&C is welcome.
  4. I just submitted this guy as a 'benchmark' for RCL. I don't know if he's really greatly improved over my January version, but I added a little freehand and more NMM. Trying to get a satin look to his sleeves is a real challenge - I finally sort of gave up... C& C welcome!
  5. Nocturna models has a KS for a series of busts that seem to be inspired by a classic Fantasy trilogy. Available as STl, or physical copies. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/doom-army/magic-land-series-busts
  6. More Gnolls for the horde, just 2 more before I have to get more. I need to get better with taking the pics. I’m either too far away or they’re to granular
  7. I got what I affectionately refer to as the fairy stripper at the 2022 Reaper Con. She’s a 75mm scale model. It was from the United something booth. I don’t know where the stl came from (little help?) for proper attribution. I started out hoping for sparkly wings and blue skin. I verified that blue skin is super hard for me! I wanted to get a little more adventurous with wet blending colors, and I left relatively happy with her clothes. I was trying for a translucent silk sort of look for the arm socks. Her wings were based on a real butterfly. Thanks to Ludo and Hobby Hijinx (Sophie after Dark), I knew that a toothpick was the correct tool for applying spots! Comments and criticism are welcome!
  8. So.... been quite a while since I posted anything... I am trying to climb out of a dark hole again, and painting seems to help.... What really caught my attention is a 3d print of a work in progress mini that has been a dream for close to 30 years!!!!! so I give you Knarthex Knave! So Mad Jack, Are you happy now?
  9. Figure was fun to paint. Today was the first time using a wet palette. I like it so far.
  10. 3rd fiend for the herd…. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be but was fun to practice with it
  11. Starting to build a horde of minions, have plenty of large demons but no small guys.
  12. Another great 3d print I snagged on Etsy. The base was a test. I bought some dollar tree checkers pieces. Glued some rocks and spackle. Bam. I need to put a matte varnish on this guy to take that Gloss off it.
  13. I need to take a moment to say how much I've appreciated everyone's input on these posts. Each time I do them, there's a level of excitement to show how I'm still trying to improve and push myself. The input I get each time is incredibly helpful and rewarding. Not once had anyone negatively said something, and if anything it's great constructive feedback I can use later. I just want you all to know the encouragement here is fantastic and makes sharing the work so fun. Here's the 2nd rabbit from this collection.
  14. This was a fun one I picked up after watching a YouTube video by Ninjon. Model was a cool test of colors. I also got to use my first Reaper bases.
  15. So here are two delightful bugbear lasses that I just finished painting this morning and got set up on bases. As I've said before, I really dig Michael Evan's sculpts, always full of personality and not so typical of what's out there. In this case, two rather buttock kicking female bugbear lasses, a Rogue and a Warlord (war lady?): First the Rogue: and now the Warlord: These are 3D STL prints, from Mike's collection on myminifactory.com. He's got tons of really cool minis out there and the collection keeps growing, definitely worth checking out, especially for you who have those delightful 3D printing machines. Anyhoos, enjoy!
  16. I started this guy the other day. Details are phenomenal, although distinguishing resin tags from fur is tough. I wanted to try something a little more challenging with the colors, given that the details are already great, so I’m trying for a dark reddish skinned critter with dark purple fur. Lots to do, but this is basically all blocked in, with the leather and club getting most of the attention. Painting the horns is a blast! I think it needs stronger highlighting and more of the details (belt horns, underarm satchel, wristbands). Sorry about the pictures - this guy really sucks up light! C&C welcome and encouraged!
  17. I realize I haven't posted anything finished here in a while, despite having several rounds of finished models. I aim to fix that. The majority of these will be 3D prints from my Elegoo Mars 2 Pro. First theme up will be Giantkin. A set of retro Ogres from Fabelzel: A female Ettin from RGSculpt Another Ettin, this time from Titan-Forge A forest dweller from Knucklebone
  18. Hunters Camp Scenery | 3D Printer Files & Terrain Hunters expedition / adventurers camp for tabletop gaming and TTRPG games. Physical terrain & 3D printer STLs available. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theforgeofmanythings/rpg-camp-site-mystery/description
  19. Hello all your Reaperrocious folks! So I've got a few 3D prints of some Stonehaven Miniatures minis, and here is the one I just finished, a female gnome druid. I based her color scheme mostly off the pre-sculpting art that Mike Evans did, and one thing I tried this time which I actually like how it turned out was I used Gingerbread Tan, one of the Christmas colors from Reaper, as the base color of her skin. and to reflect that Gingerbread Tan skin, did a few close ups of her face, which I'm actually quite pleased with, eyes turned out okay and didn't have to retake pictures after seeing the first time like I do a lot when I see the first set of pictures and I notice lots of dust or specks or a rebellious piece or grass, et cetera. Anyhoos, she was a very fun figure to paint. I was a little intimidated with her size and some of the details, but ultimately pretty easy to work on, and her eyes very exposed to the point and large enough that they turned out pretty well too. So hope you enjoy!
  20. I just launched my latest Kickstarter campaign tonight. It's a Norman style tower that can be expanded and customized with modular features and press-fit interlock walls to create several enclosed castle shapes. Thank you to those who contributed suggestions to the development of this project! Your feedback is valued and appreciated! Thanks for checking out my work. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1732408254/stonecroft-i-expandable-castle-building-system
  21. Here's a follow up projet from Infernal Miniatures, a set of Townsfolk that are fully compatible with the bandits and mercenaries from their last project, The Unlawful Bunch https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/infernalminiatures/simple-townsfolk-modular-npcs-stl-pack/description "Welcome to my 3rd Kickstarter campaign "Simple Townsfolk"! Huge thanks for your interest in this project - Hopefully this campaign can get your attention for a while! Townsfolk, commoners, civilians - or whatever you want to call them. This package is full of such models. They make great NPC's for tabletop Role Playing Games but nothing stands in your way to make player characters out of those - especially with "Simple Townsfolk" modular bodies, arms and heads. If you don't like to play around with various arms and accessories - you can just go ahead and print some of the unique premade miniatures and a head piece that fits them. Just a regular day in the city. Most of these models were made for people who like to customize their characters with different head choices, arms, accessories et cetera. Every miniature, body head and arm can be mirrored to "double" the possibilites. You can expect even more from the stretchgoals and - what's not always the case - Those models are backwards compatible with my last project - The Unlawful Bunch. ALL of the models are test printed before release! All of the models come pre-supported for 32mm scale. I've conducted some tests with 28mm scale(downsize them in your slicer to 75-85%) and these works great as well, missing only the smallest of details. Resizing them further might make supports way too thin and I wouldn't recommend that (you can easily support them yourself tho!) So, what can you expect from in the core package? 56 masculine and feminine bodies without heads and arms - fully customizable. Guard bodies have their own set of heads and arms too. 42 unique miniatures. Based on the available bodies - Those come with specifically placed arms. Still - most of them can be customized with different heads and accessories. Some sort of shady business or just a regular deal? 103 different heads. Some of those are angry, others are smiling or just talking. Different hats and helmets based on medieval iconography. In addition, I've added 23 bold head options for people who just want bald minis or like to create their own hair with greenstuff. Total: 126 heads in core package. These heads are fully compatible with "The Unlawful Bunch" bodies and vice versa. Dozens of masculine and feminine arms in different positions, with various items/weapons. Some of those arms will let you create different kind of professions alltogether - Would you like your blacksmith in Nobleman clothes? Not a problem. Some professions might not have their own body type, but in most cases you will find a set of arms that will complete the picture with any other body! 43 Gluable Accessories. Those can help in making some of the characters even more unique. More to come in the stretchgoals! Backpacks, satchels, knives, sheaths and tools. A lot of possibilities. Catalogues for everything - Heads, Bodies, Miniatures, Accessories and Arms. My last project shown me how helpful those can be to find the specific files. They will be released alongside all the files or shortly after that. Plus content from unlocked stretchgoals (new heads, new accessories , new bodies etc.) that can extend the customization possibilites even further. You will find every render and some photos of already printed and painted miniatures below! Bodies(56): Miniatures(42): Heads(126): Accessories(43): Keyring with keys is missing in the picture, but don't worry - It's in! Selection of Arms: Some Arm examples. There's too many of those to post renders of every single one in the campaign! There is much more arm options which were not rendered or still need some finishing touches. You can expect 3 lines of arms for commoners (shirt, long sleeve, noble) as well as limited lines with unique equipment for Guardsmen. Remember - The models are STL files and pre-supported STL files (for resin 3d printing) so they are fully digital. Those are not physical items. You need to print them on your own. You can freely resize those models if you need to. Originally, they are about 32mm scale size. They will definitely work well with all the terrain and scatter bits devoted to that scale." I actually grabbed the late pledge for their first project when I saw them running previews for this one, as it was the same day Warhammer Community was teasing about James Workshop's cat being named "Mordheim" and that set was perfect for such a project. They're great sculpts with an insane amount of variety, but they are HUGE by default. Shockingly, their pre-supports work at scaled down to 80% which puts them with most classic Warhammer plastics.
  22. This is my latest project which is currently running on Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1732408254/the-mariners-house-3d-printable-stls-and-physical-models I am new to Reapermini so here is a little background: I teach 3D Design and I love modelling all things in 3D but mostly buildings, structures and machines. I also am a fan of 3D Printing and have a decent amount of experience designing for 3D Prints. I was introduced to tabletop gaming by a student in late 2021 and I have been making models ever since. This is my first house design. It is an original design, all the textures are original and created by me. It includes two playable floors and is fully detailed inside and out. It connects to a previous project where I designed a historically accurate ship for 28mm scale as well. There are also some customizable features which I always try to include. I recently added some bonus features including boarded up windows (for a zombie attack) and a skiff and workhorses in keeping with the Mariners theme. It will also include a working front door; I am finalizing those parts and test printing currently. I look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions as it helps me improve my designs further! If you read this far thanks for checking out my project!
  23. Happy Halloween everyone ! In remembrance of the departed and the things that were, I prepared a diorama to celebrate All Hallows' Eve. The 3d printed Gothic church was designed by Alessandro Damiano. @gothic.things the church pews, high chair and pulpit designed by me. All miniature models and Harrowgate graveyard set by Reaper Miniatures, mostly painted with Reaper MSP paint. The 28 x 34 inches base is made of two panels to create different layouts. Everything is modular and can be rearranged, nothing is fixed, just transitory. May the past rest in peace...
  24. I haven't been painting anything exciting recently, just some useful terrain. This little hut is from one of Lovecraft's kickstarters, though I can't remember which one. It was small enough that I hollowed it and printed it in resin. I'm not familiar with this type of roof. Maybe those should be 2x4s going across, but there was soooo much wood that I made them steel bands for variety. It is just big enough that a few figures can fit inside.
  25. Finally 'done' with this one. It was turning into a bit of a 'project car' as one of my friends put it. I kept tweaking and fixing things and I just had to force myself to say 'DONE!'
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