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Found 1 result

  1. All projects have a starting point and this one is no exception (Guess I've been spending too much time at Lowe's lately). It all started with a small bits bag containing a gun platform for only a buck. I didn't know what it was but I figured I could find a use for it, especially at that price. Try as I might I simply couldn't identify the piece, but my gaming group had me covered. Almost as soon as I posted a picture to the chat I had my answer. A 2nd edition assault cannon, perhaps of the sentinel variety. A quick Google search confirmed just that, but not definitively. Naturally I had a decision to make, what to do with a piece like that? Well I have to admit though I prefer the current look of sentinels I also kinda wanted one of the older designs. I've never had the luck to find a decent one at a fair price however (I really wish I could fine a decently priced "egg on legs" too). This single bit made the decision for me, it was time to scratch build one. First step was creating the bulk of the piece. Though I know it'll never play officially I decided to attempt to hit the 80% GW mark anyway. Unfortunately I completely forgot to take a picture of the internal structure comprised of sprue supports, they're in there though. I also grabbed a vehicle commander's torso and glued it in place. The weapon needed a bit of leveling so I test fitted it using a piece off an MDF sprue. It isn't GW but it did a better job, so that's what I used. Now for the biggest hurdle the legs. I found a couple of sprue pieces glued together not only gave them the necessary bulk but also proved surprisingly strong. A bit of rounded plastic was enough to finish the top piece of leg. The bottom legs proved trickier. I found it almost impossible to build them without also creating and attaching the feet. So I did just that using the same techniques as before. That however brought about another problem. Though the legs were the same size their angles were not so I needed to build up the base to accommodate the blunder. Apologies but this is the only picture of these steps, guess I was too busy trying to make it work. I felt the legs needed a little something more. So I began adding coverings over the sprue. This is probably where 80% GW went out the window but maybe not. It also received it's first couple of bits. In the form of some armor and the arm for a searchlight. Now it was time to really hit it with some bits. It looks a little busy but I really like it and it was a way to use some bits I simply had no other use for. Then of course it was time to break out the greenstuff. I gap filled and generally just cleaned up some of my seams. And here it is in comparison to a modern sentinel. Not too shabby, at least with my skill set. I may have actually kept it 80% GW too. I'll leave everything to cure and hopefully I'll be able to prime and paint it soon. Though I have heard that our winter heatwave is over, so priming may have to wait awhile.
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