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Found 4 results

  1. Boys and girls of every age--would you like to see something strange? Some no-account mischief-makers on a raid between realms... What's in the sack?! A hostage! A fearsome king with a deep mighty voice! Clasping bulging sacks in his big great arms! They call him...Sandy Claws. More turnarounds: The Pumpkin King, Mister Unlucky, aka Halloween Jack, has got it into his head to try a new job. He's got the basic idea, but never really understood. Snakes and mice get wrapped up so nice, with spider legs and pretty bows. Again, more pix: "Release me or prepare to face the dire consequences! The children will be needing me, so please come to your senses!" This was another fun project. Gauntfield makes a magnificent Jack Skellington. The Santa is the Bones version of 50208. I'll be honest, when I painted the Grave Minions a while back, I had Lock, Shock, and Barrel in mind for the color schemes. Guest appearance by the Tree of Despair, 44131. The Sally analogue is Autumn the Scarecrone, from Bombshell. It was simply meant to be.
  2. I've seen a number of posts painting these two up as Spy vs. Spy, because that's a great idea! I didn't want to copy it, but a friend of mine is a fan of these little round plushies, and lo and behold if they don't have a couple in the perfect theme. So, here is the Plague Doctor. I added the hat; it was originally some kind of plastic nubbin, from what I can't remember. Couple more angles. I tried to get some OSL in green and yellow. And the delightful Nurse B! Really leaned into the pale pinks on this one. A couple of other angles. Being sworn enemies of the pestilence and filth, they seek out vectors of corruption to destroy. Like this awful Thing. Surely another abject creature of HIS MAJESTY THE WORM. I want to say it's one of the Night Terrors from CP, but can't find it on their site again. A foul thing, wobbling and chuckling to itself as drivel pours from its mouth. The sculptor must have paid attention to polychaete worms. What a grotesque lump!
  3. Seen with some old Marx Toy Factory trees. A close up of Not Conan. I really should have given him the hot/cold water bending treatment prior to painting him, but this works well enough. I left off the buzzards for a desert project, and the female victim will be incorporated into my Witch Hunter Army.
  4. "VVhen I grew in the VV O O D / I vvas vvater'd with B L O O D." Such would be the witness of this ancient tree, could it speak. It has been the site of rural justice and rural "justice" for generations. Tales of such are told to the youth by grey-haired elders, tales they learned as children from their own aged grandsires and grandmothers. A tree like that...well, after a while it develops a taste for it. Don't burn the fallen branches, don't take an axe to it, and have a care how you use the lumber when it finally falls. As happens from time to time in small communities of "good, law-abiding people," an angry mob has formed. These citizens are Concerned about their community. Many of the worst atrocities in history have gotten started when someone brings Concerned Citizens together. The mob makes way for the accused. Duly constituted authority is present, to ensure this is "properly done." // "Order! Order! Hear ye, that VVarden Knochengard and I, Sheriff of thif countee, are affembled in the prefence of divers VVitneffes, to try Goodman Ezra Jacobs againft allegations brought againft him, the same beeing VVITCHCRAFT, CIVIL DISORDER, and POISONING of LIVESTOCK, and to pronounce sentenfe thereupon, to be carried out forthwith." "Let hif accusers speak and make their case againft him!" (here follow reports from Farmers Wentworth and Hogbein of livestock falling sick, crops failing, etc., the same saying they saw Ezra walking to and fro with a book some days before, shaking his head back and forth while muttering and laughing; Deacon Abraham dilates on the fact that the accused pleads no contest to finding a book hidden in a secret place, the same book being one of DARK MAGICKS and BLASPHEMOUS RITES) "Hath the Accufed, Ezra, anything to say on his own behalf, or be there any member of the Communitee willing to fpeak in his defense?" (here Goodman Carter, his sometime employer, appears as a character witness to the effect that Ezra is a kindly soul and a good farmhand, also that it has been a wet year and Farmer Wentworth built his privy uphill from his well; Brother Hammond notes that the accused is almost a simpleton and never learned his letters nor the use of them for reading and writing; Mother Hildegard attests that the book found in Ezra's possession is illustrated with disturbing woodcuts that could upset an unstable soul.) "Having weighed the Evidence thus provided, it is the Judgment of this Affembly that the Accused, Goodman JACOBS, is GUILTY of dabbling in DIVELLISH ARTS, yet the Severitee of the offense be Lessened by his Lack of Wit, and we find no evidence of Malice directed againft his Neighbor; nonetheleff, harm being done, he muft suffer punishment, and learn better thereby. He shall HANG FROM THE TREE for a period of two days, to be cut down thereafter; let no man provide Succour or Comfort in the meantime, neither let any man harm him further for the Duration." The record does not state what exactly became of the book the unfortunate Goodman Jacobs happened upon, or whose possession it was remanded to. It does, however, record a very similar trial less than a year later. The tree does not like to be kept waiting. (Guest appearances from the Dwarf Butcher 77460, Calbach Greatclub 03231, Village Rioter 77140, a Peasant 77655, the Gravedigger, Abram Duskwalker, Brother Hammond, Sheriff Drumfasser, and Jakob Knochengard, among others.)
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