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Found 2 results

  1. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and encouragement. <3 Here is one of the Pathfinder adventuring parties I've made minis for. These minis have been put together and painted as needed over the past couple years, so my painting skills have changed quite a bit. They have also seen regular use on the tabletop. Most of the minis I've done are heavily modified to fit the specific idiosyncrasies of the character they're representing. There's lots of pics, which are in an imgur album here: https://imgur.com/a/C1v5U I am trying out new tricks for photographing minis, and while it's far from perfect, it's a lot better than what I have been getting. Thanks to @Guindyloo for pointing me in the right direction on that. I don't have a lightbox built yet, as evidenced by the edges of the paper in some pics. Sorry about that. C&C welcome. Here are the highlights: This is our party as we usually run Aether Fromm, good sorceress gone bad (cobbled together from four different Reaper minis, I think) Vald the Skald, whose mighty voice can be heard across all of Golarion. It's mostly songs about mead. (Commissioned, Reaper Mini 03309) Aramis del'Rothir, disenfranchised swashbuckling noble (Reaper Mini 50054 body with 02775 head) Brennan, ancient reincarnated druid (Reaper Mini 02915, modified) Brennan's standard wild shape form, huge air elemental with gorilla arms (WizKids Thunderblast Cyclone with 03052 Ape Lord arms). The paint job is unfinished, but I'm including it for completion's sake and because it's fun. Gaius Falkner, technically still a paladin (Reaper Mini 02883, modified) Xkylino, or Butts McStickface, wyrwood wizard (Reaper Mini P60147B, modified). Pulling this out, I see how badly this mini has weathered. Ah well, same can be said for the character :P Rathian, half-elf ranger and Chosen of Acavna (Reaper Mini 03652, modified) Rathian when forced to cover herself in public (Reaper Mini 03469, modified) Definitely showing wear. Hue Mann, warrior, deceased. His body remains animated by Aether's magicks and a bound spirit of some kind. (Reaper Mini 03048, modified)
  2. I finally finished painting the player character models for my 50 Fathoms campaign. Sadly I am posting this now instead of playing, since one of the players is sick. Group shot: First up, my husbands character, Toa, the kraken earth mage and swordsman. (Reaper 3135 Bathalian Pirate) Those who know 50 Fathoms should be able to guess one his starting edges. My son wanted to play a Zorro like character, so here is Xorro Mandez, the spanish mask wearing swordsman and ladies man (Reaper Chronoscope 50054 Zorro). This figure is also my first real success with NMM on a bigger object like a sword. The third character is Tawny Tinewise, a masaquani gunslinger with a penchant for blowing stuff up (Reaper 3623 Finaela), modified to have 2 guns. And yes, that revolver is not quite the right period, which is why I was trying to hide the cylinder by painting it wood... Last but not least, the captain of the bunch, an Englishman named Tim Brighton, which is also quite adept at shooting pistols and bows. (Pathfinder 60148 Sandru Vhiski)
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