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Found 3 results

  1. This is Arturo de Montreux, my Pathfinder Society swashbuckler. He is from the devil worshipping nation of Cheliax, and as the 8th son of a minor noble house, he was going to be used to sire half fiends for the rest of his life. That sounded less than desirable, so he abandoned his familial duties and left into the wider world. Having never really seen much in the way of heroism or nobility, he set out to make up for the evil that his family has done. His idea of being a hero is flawed at best, but he tries. For the mini, I went with a pretty basic color scheme, but as he is all about wine, women, and swinging from chandeliers, I wanted to bring a bit of his carefree shenanigans into it. So, I took a few left over Hirst Arts pieces and Balsa wood, made a little bar, and sculpted a cup out of green stuff. The cup is decidedly large, but I doubt he would be complaining.
  2. I finally finished painting the player character models for my 50 Fathoms campaign. Sadly I am posting this now instead of playing, since one of the players is sick. Group shot: First up, my husbands character, Toa, the kraken earth mage and swordsman. (Reaper 3135 Bathalian Pirate) Those who know 50 Fathoms should be able to guess one his starting edges. My son wanted to play a Zorro like character, so here is Xorro Mandez, the spanish mask wearing swordsman and ladies man (Reaper Chronoscope 50054 Zorro). This figure is also my first real success with NMM on a bigger object like a sword. The third character is Tawny Tinewise, a masaquani gunslinger with a penchant for blowing stuff up (Reaper 3623 Finaela), modified to have 2 guns. And yes, that revolver is not quite the right period, which is why I was trying to hide the cylinder by painting it wood... Last but not least, the captain of the bunch, an Englishman named Tim Brighton, which is also quite adept at shooting pistols and bows. (Pathfinder 60148 Sandru Vhiski)
  3. Sandru Vhiski is a friendly non-player character (NPC) from the Pathfinder "Jade Regent" Adventure Path. He runs a caravan and is a charming fellow (with melancholy undertones). The authors of this Adventure Path intended each player character to have some sort of long-standing relationship -- friend, sibling, rival, student, secret admirer, etc. -- toward Sandru or one of the other three friendly NPCs (Ameiko Kaijitsu, Shalelu Andosana, or Koya Mvashti), and the authors encourage you to bring these 4 NPCs along on your adventures. They'll be around for a long time, you may as well have miniatures for them! Reaper offers figures of Ameiko (link here) and Shalelu (version A or version B), and I sculpted Sandru about a year ago. The concept art, by one of Paizo's freelance artists, can be found here. I omitted the stuff on his back (since I couldn't figure out how it was held there) and some of the straps and loops, which make for a nice image but would have been hard to achieve in miniature form. As with my master spy (see forum post here), I knew that Reaper's collection of painted figures already included a good Sandru, but I wanted to paint one for myself, using the "official" colors. I was pretty fast and loose on some areas of the figure, but I spent more time to get his expression right. Making a smile look genuine is tough! Also, if you haven't seen it, check out Kuro Cleanbrush's really nice conversion of Sandru as a more flamboyant swashbuckler (Forum post here). After all of that explanation, here are some photos of my rendition of Sandru. On his own... ...and then standing next to Ameiko, for comparison: (I've also recently sculpted a figure for Koya Mvashti, to round out the set of 4 NPCs. Watch for her in the next few months.) Enjoy, Derek
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