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Found 4 results

  1. Sorry, don't have any alliteration for the force, at least yet... So far it's the 2019 Beginner Set and A Game of Armored Combat, but I'm hoping to add in a lance or three when able... Oh yeah, totally forgot, I do also have some metal minis that will be added in over time as well (figured I'd get started on the new CGL plastics so I could teach myself edge highlighting...) Starting off, we have the lovely and wonderful Griffon! Originally the plan was to go with Crescent Hawks for colours, and I might stick with such, but for now I'm having fun with just blue and grey, so who knows where things will go from here... In all honesty, I'm probably going to go with a combination of blue, medium grey, and light grey for colours, as they seem to play together well enough. Wolverine from the Beginner Box is prepped and ready to go, while the AGoAC minis were primed earlier today, and will see prep tomorrow. Eventually they'll see some OpFor that's based off of the Kell Hounds colours, but that's an unknown amount of time from now. Yup, classic red vs blue - makes life reasonably easy to spot what's what on the table.
  2. Note: This was formerly a Clan Hell's Horses thread, but they're being moved over into Sea Foxes because I greatly prefer their look... Hence why the sudden shift after several posts. Witty title not found. Honestly couldn't think of one, not even a unit name. I blame cramped up from assembly paws. Didn't want to go with "rides again" or something, that feels too silly... or something A while back another forum member here sent me what I've playfully called a "welcome back to the hobby" package which had a number of things in it, but specific to this thread would be five mechs - A Masakari Prime (aka Warhawk), Black Hawk Prime (aka Nova), Ryoken Prime (aka Stormcrow), Uller Prime (aka Kit fox), and Puma Prime (aka Adder). Now that I have an extra 3' of hobbying space that I'm hoping will be reserved as a "build-out" area, I figured it was best to get that particular use started out. But first, a soft lil "farewell, but this is not goodbye" set of pics to the previous use of the space - a hobby I was involved heavily in for over five years, and will return to at some point, but for the time being it just wasn't providing much in the way of joy. Skip the spoiler if not interested Okay, now what we're all really here for, the minis. ^As previously mentioned, I have enough to make an initial star of mechs. For those that don't know BattleTech, a star is what the clans use for their unit sizing. In this case, it's five mechs. ^First three, assembled! ^Ryoken/Stormcrow ^Blackhawk/Nova Uller/Kit Fox The other two will see assembly once my paws stop feeling so cramped up from holding tiny, tiny pieces and cleaning many mold lines... In short, things begin. Oh, and odds are I'll be going with Alpha Keshik for the paintjob. Sure, it's the "traditional" colour for them, and it's also hot rodder's delight, but eh. Such is life 😛
  3. I gave this as gift to a Battletech buddy, Wally. He told me a story when we first started playing about how in the mid 90's he would play with a group and use his Classic Ral Partha Stalker and just mow people down from long range. He spoke about it often and always tells the story to new players. I decided since he got me into Battletech and war gaming I would go all out for his birthday. In addition to this miniature I bought him a wet pallet, as he had never used one (i know how is that even possible), and a Battletech Mech Damage T-shirt I found on Amazon. He was blow away. Here's to you old friend! Cheers! I hope you guys like this one. I really like these Mech Warrior Online designs. They are modern and updated. They have the look i've always wanted in Battletech. You'll notice if you look hard enough you can see destroyed mech markings on one side and the name big WALLY on the other. The number "16" is for the 2016. And I went with a blue cockpit glass because the shirt I bought him was blue. I did a combination sand and flocking on the base. The sand is painted to look like rock. He (like my other mechs) is on an MDF hex base I purchased from Waresnal. Questions and comments are more than welcomes, Thank you my friends, ~Arc.
  4. Just finished this lance (plus 1) and thought I would show it around a bit. To see more detail photo's of the individual mechs please go to IB Studios Battletech Support Lance plus 1 Questions and comments are always welcome. Thank you my friends.
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