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Found 9 results

  1. The main block of the force I was working on in September... Emerging from the corn to defend the patch... ...and the whole force together... Woe to the Pumpkin Smashers!
  2. Howdy, I entered this on a lark to get the MSP, Fanatic, and Edmazing ribbons for my ReaperCon badge. To my surprise, I got a bronze medal in the painters category. You must enter to win, Kev! P.S. Click thru for light box pics
  3. This is a 20 man (well, 17 with a unit filler) unit of skeletons that I'm working on for possible use in Kings of War. It's composed of figures by a lot of different manufacturers including Reaper, Ral Partha, GW, Grenadier, Mage Knight, and WOTC. I'm using all the different makers and scales to try and make an interesting looking unit composed of more than just human remains. I am an equal opportunity, non racially biased necromancer, after all. This will be kind of a slow burn project; I'm not in any major rush to finish these for a game any time soon. This will be something to work on in between other projects. There will be conversions, and different paint jobs for the skellies; again in an effort to make a more interesting looking group. Here's the unit all together: What would be more interesting; making individual show off threads as I finish 2 or 3 figures, or just putting the finished figures in here and then doing a show off for the whole unit once it's complete?
  4. I found myself with a few free skeleton minis in the bonus stocking from my December order, so I tried doing a quick (by my standards; it still took about 4 or 5 hours ) paint job on one of them using mostly the same color scheme as the skeleton from the "Learn to Paint - Core Skills" kit as a check for my progress at painting. But it'd be a bit boring to just do that, and I was still salty about the results of my previous attempt at glowing eyes, and I wanted some general freehand practice, so I had a bit of extra fun with the eyes and shield. As usual, thought process and more pictures are at my blog: link I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out, overall. The recesses for the gaps (between the ribs, on the forearms, and on the lower legs) should've been darker, some of the blacklining is sloppier than I'd like (particularly on the front trim and back bands of the shield), and there are little mistakes with all three characters on the shield freehand, but for something that I did relatively quickly, I can't complain too much. I'm still adjusting to having a bit of flow improver in my dropper bottle water, so some paint control issues are to be expected while I get used to having more control over how my brush pressure affects how the paint comes off the bristles, though I think the change will be worth it in the long run even just based on the difference that I've felt so far. On the plus side, I think the eyes turned out pretty good, and I'm getting better at not having so much of an ugly chalky look on my white highlighting. C&C welcome . I think the part of this mini that I'm the most disappointed in is the teeth, so advice on how to get better definition there would be especially helpful.
  5. The beginning of what will be another unit of PumpkinGuard. The shape of the shields made the freehand a bit more difficult.
  6. Greetings reaper forum. I present to you my third completed miniature Reaper's bones spear man. All paints used are reaper paints. The base coat is bone shadow airbrushed on. Then I proceeded to dry brush linen white, polished bone, and oiled leather. I airbrushed a blue for the shield. I then did some free hand on the back to simulate wood grain. The spear also has a base coat of bone shadow. The spear tip was given a custom grey base coat. I dry brushed honed steel. I then used polished silver for highlights. I then gave a precision wash of gw badab black. All comments, criticisms and banter are encouraged. Thanks Zoot
  7. My girlfriend painted up her first mini a few days ago, a skeleton she's named Leon. I promised the randomness thread I'd post pics, so here they are!
  8. This speed painted horde of skellies really helped towards my goal of painting 100 minis this year. These are SKUs 77001, 77017 and 77018. Edited to add SKU to title and tags
  9. My Bones skeleton spearman. C&C always welcome.
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