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Found 8 results

  1. Howdy, That sentient club keeps egging him on... Kev! P.S. He's really not a bad guy!
  2. Here are my next two guys I'm trying to crank out to catch back up on the RP challenge. Cave Troll Champion: The base coat for the skin is Reaper Brilliant Green, working up to Viper Green for the highlights and down to Peacock Green for the shadows. I don't really have the layering on the skin quite the way I want it though. I'm going to take a break and do the eyes and mouth before I worry about finalizing that. The club is a base coat of Vallejo Model Color Flat Earth washed with Vallejo Model Color Smoke. The mouth is just a sloppy base coat of Reaper Imperial Purple. The little spots on the club and foot where the paint got nicked by well-meaning in-laws trying to clear the table for dinner have since been touched up. Ogre Chieftain: I see a lot of white/tan/gray ogres, so I wanted to try something a little different and go with a darker skin tone. This is just the base coat, it's Vallejo Model Color Chocolate Brown. C&C welcome, thanks in advance!
  3. Red Beard will be my quick and dirty ogre. Since he isn't based on a large base he should be easier to transport. besides my previous Ogre Chieftain snapped off his base when he was used for a game. I realized after the fact that this skin color is the same on I use for bugbears. ah well. Previous Ogre for comparison.:
  4. This is Jason Wiebe's Ogre Chieftain, one of Reaper's first Bones figures and one of my earlier efforts. I finished it as part of my year-end Conga Line of Half-Finished minis, which I've been chowing down on the last ten days or so. I wanted him to have a sort of sickly color.
  5. Well, I had just painted 2 miniatures in my entire life until I got a e-mail from Paizo telling about Reaper´s Kickstarter. And when it hit me that I will have to paint 300 miniatures I know I have to practice. So I order some BONES from Reaper, bought some brush, paint, and started to improve my dorment skills. Here are the first, The Ogre Chieftain by Jason Wiebe. Hopefully I can get tips and criticism that will help me achieve the level of painting that I want. I had problems finding the correct flow in the sholder tatoo paint. It came out a little thick (but I did it so many times that I was worry that the tatoo will fade, so I just leave it as that). Enjoy! :) .
  6. After a holiday hiatus and break from my Castle Ravenloft painting, I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. Here are my first Bones paint jobs. These were so much more fun to work with than the miniatures found in the D&D board game. 77005 - Ogre Chieftain 77006 - Great Worm Nothing too original in either paint job, but I'm happy with how they turned out. Comments welcome. While I didn't do anything for bases on these, I loved Thrym's idea for bases here, and have picked up some of the tiles myself. I have a few works in progress using these tiles, and so far they work quite well! I'm not sure my basing skills are up to par yet, but we'll see once the minis are finished.
  7. This was supposed to be done as part of the community ogre thread, but paining time has been scarce and took me 4 months to get it done. Working with bones has been interesting. This is my first mini since I stopped painting 6-7 years ago, and had to adjust what few things remembered to the bones. Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out. I've been following the forum since the KS, and it's been incredibly useful, so thanks to all! Comment, criticisms, etc are welcome!
  8. So I was forced to start/stop work on this miniature over the course of around 5-6 days and I just felt like I lost my "flow". My blending definitely tapered off as the interruptions piled up. I'm still thrilled with the quality of the Bones line and am very excited to paint up some of the new Bones minis I just bought. When I based him, I opted to add a rock pile with my DM internal monologue going something like this, "Long ago the ogre Grunnach learned that strategically placing rock piles throughout his territory allowed him to soften up targets at a distance as part of an ambush. This has allowed Grunnach to live much longer than many of his kin.
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