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Found 17 results

  1. I've been having fun lately painting base discs up as planets and moons. Hard to have too many of those for space pulp backdrops. Also! here's Princess Auriate, from Bombshell's Babes line. The elaborate headdress and boots, plus the saber, make her a perfect fit with her imperial sisters Azeemah and Khoshta. Turnaround, but not in great focus, sorry. Here are the sisters together: An Imperial Princess lives a life of extreme luxury, but not one of ease. She must be prepared to prove her superiority over any subordinate humanoid (trivial) or savage beast (depends on the beast). This is a challenge: a poisonous Desert Worm. It's also venomous! Noblesse oblige! Couple of bonus shots:
  2. It's definitely a worm, and it's definitely purple. Speed paint. .
  3. This is the 'Great Worm' by Reaper (SKU: 77006) and one of my favourite minis (I love the movie Tremors). The drool and stringy saliva in the maw were a bit of an experiment, they turned out ok, but I feel I need a little more practice to get it right, thanks to everyone who gave suggestions and advice on drool effects in my 'Slobber, snot and drool' thread a few days ago. Overall I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.
  4. I'm fighting a painting slump. Painter's block. I have a ton of minis I need to paint but just can't seem to get started on them. So, as a distraction... Painted this Great Worm up as a Frostgrave Giant Worm.
  5. Howdy, If you walk without rhythm, you won't attract the worm... Kev! P.S. If you walk without rhythm, you'll never learn!
  6. Here's a few pics of my Bones Great Worm, completed during my July paint binge. Here's some pics of rats. I especially like the cow patterned one. WIP is here:
  7. Reaper released a few minis in Bones before taking them to kickstarter the first time. Here is one of them: And what a beauty it is! That head would take pride of place in the monster hunter's wall of stuffed trophies! I really don't know why I have not painted one this earlier. It is a great piece, really three dimensional and wiggly as it were. And this would be maybe a fifth of it's total length. Too bad about the prominent mould lines and my early days inept removal of same with a knife. The resultant cut flats are especially noticable down the back. 77006 Great Worm Reaper Bones, pre-kickstarter sculpted by Michael Brower Bonesium PVC 50mm base
  8. For a long while during the process I had a pretty intense love/hate relationship with this worm. Some parts were a lot of fun, some others I just couldn't seem to get it to work how I had it pictured in my head. Had to leave well enough alone with the belly, especially (I feel like the end result is too heavily shaded, but I couldn't seem to get a decent contrast... oh well). I really like how the stones around the base came out, shout out to robinh for the help with those. Thanks also to Xherman1964 for some help blending the highlights on top. Honest C&C very much appreciated! I have no delusions of grandeur with this piece, just a decent addition to the table. But any critiques to help me learn for the future are most welcome! Also, tried out natural light by the window for the photos, with a folded piece of sketch pad paper as the background. Don't love it, and a lot of the colors and details don't translate exceptionally well, but alas, it will have to do until I can afford some ottlites. Without further ado... edit: better photos. Thanks Chris Palmer!
  9. Hey all, Here's the very preliminary stages of my next project, Bones Great Worm, which I'll be painting pretty close to WOTC's Purple Worm from the DND 5E Monster Manual. Backside purple, front a sort of bone or dark ivory that leans toward yellow. The sculpt doesn't have the bony plate sort of look the MM has for worms, but I still like the color scheme. The "seams" that connect the belly to the dorsal side will probably be a varying gray, similar to the stones he's bursting up out of. (Colored marker selection is, like my paint selection, very limited) Some fun notes about this project: First time using my new wet palette, WNS7 brushes, and a new drybrush. I may end up experimenting with some homemade washes if I'm feeling squirrelly. Will probably use this guy as my maiden voyage into custom basing, though that will probably be a couple weeks away. Very excited to paint this sculpt, since it's a very dynamic pose with lots of topography, this will demand great highlights and shadows, an area I need serious practice in. Either I'll rise to the challenge and produce something I'll be proud to terrorize my players with, or when I bring it out they'll assume it's a CR1/4 monster ;) Stay tuned to find out! Rob
  10. So I am embarrassed to say that my daughter has painted more minis than I have but the work she does has been pretty awesome and I hope she continues to enjoy this hobby. She turned 5 at the end of last month. Showing in the order she completed them. Vanja, Fire Giant Queen - This one I got for her around July when we took a trip to Reaper and I had her pick a mini out. She finally got to paint it around November. I helped only with the skin. She was tired of painting by the time she got to only the skin and so I slapped the color she wanted on there. Fire Dragon - This mini was bought during the Reaper Artist Con I think. She painted it the weekend of her birthday. I talked her into letting me show her what a quick wash of black would do to it. Great Worm - This is one of the minis she got from my mom for her birthday. It was the easier of the two for us to set up so she could paint right away. She picked the colors and just went crazy with it. I even let her use my detail Reaper brush for the teeth. She has already been picking out things in my Bones II stash she wants to paint but we may tackle her other birthday gift from my mom first, Nethyrmaul the Undying. One day I will find the Pathfinder Red Dragon in stock and she can paint it. Edit: Forgot to add tags
  11. THE SORCERESS AND THE WORM The woman stood in the arid desert, her living book held in her hand and she read the arcane words from within. Her eyes glowing blue, she scanned the pages more intently, the mouth on the book uttered the strange tongue in concert, her upraised right hand became wreathed in flame and suddenly the ground erupted! The great sand worm roared forth at her summons to do her bidding and destroy her enemies... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Figures: Nonalla Ellinad / Great Worm Manufacturer: Reaper for both SKU #'s: 03667 / 77006 Materials: Pewter / Bones Plastic Sculptors: Bob Ridolfi / Michael Brower WIP Pics: Located Here! This piece is for my Summer 2014 Figure Exchange partner, figured I'd go ahead and post it up now and leave the guessing as to WHO is going to get it. Anyhow, you may see the "Dune" theme that I used throughout with the colors and a few other tiny details. I also used Velcro on the piece which is super-glued to the bottom of the figures 1 inch base and 2 inch base, this allows them to be used in gaming at the table at normal scale and then be attached to the display base when not in use and not have to worry about them falling off if bumped. Warning! Picture heavy due to the nature of the piece with 2 figures. Comments and Critiques are welcomed & appreciated, thank you for looking!
  12. Figures: Nonalla Ellinad / Great Worm Manufacturer: Reaper for both SKU #'s: 03667 / 77006 Materials: Pewter / Bones Plastic Sculptors: Bob Ridolfi / Michael Brower Show Off Thread: Located Here. Here are the WIP pics of the Sorceress and the Worm that I did for my Summer 2014 Figure Exchange Partner - Last Knight This is going to be super picture heavy as I just upload all the pics I have in 2 posts to break it up a little bit. Continued..... Edited to add 4 new pictures at the front of the WIP! Found these earlier and forgot to post them up.
  13. Here's my version of the Bones Great Worm. I've seen a lot of varied paint jobs on this guy (lava, slime, frost, etc), but I decided to go with traditional colors so that I have one for gaming purposes. This is my ninth painted mini, and incidentially the first one where my wife has expressed some scepticism towards my newfound hobby. "Honey, I think I'm going to stay up tonight and slap some paint on my purple worm" has elicited odd looks from her. I have no idea what's up with that. Anyway, I'd love some C&C!
  14. I'm calling it done...
  15. After a holiday hiatus and break from my Castle Ravenloft painting, I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. Here are my first Bones paint jobs. These were so much more fun to work with than the miniatures found in the D&D board game. 77005 - Ogre Chieftain 77006 - Great Worm Nothing too original in either paint job, but I'm happy with how they turned out. Comments welcome. While I didn't do anything for bases on these, I loved Thrym's idea for bases here, and have picked up some of the tiles myself. I have a few works in progress using these tiles, and so far they work quite well! I'm not sure my basing skills are up to par yet, but we'll see once the minis are finished.
  16. it was a cold wet and dreary day today, so I decided to go out and hit the local game shops, I wanted to get a bottle of Armypainter's soft tone ink anyway. Stop #1 had a nice collection of bones on the wall, and there was the great worm. Ive seen all the great variants done here so I figured I would give it a try. This is also the first bones I have painted (Im not counting the kobold I painted at ReaperCon last year at a speed paint) Colors were inspired off of the sandworm in FF XI EDIT: Lowered the brightness on the pics, they were washed out a bit
  17. So with the liberal use of green stuff, I have created a variant to the tried and true classic purple worm. This iconic beastie tends to inhabit rocky wastes and underground regions. I decided to create a variant to him based on the idea that creatures migrate and adapt. In this case, this fella moved into a swamp land and has undergone some adaptations in the form of skin alterations. His heritage as a purple worm still shows up however, something I attempted to show by over-emphasizing the creatures lateral vasculature. I actually painted some of the lateral skin folds by using painting to integrate them into the lateral vasculature. My goal with the miniature was to have the worm rising from the swamp much and turning his head sharply upward; I attempted to demonstrate this with the three green venom strands whipping out from his mouth. After photographing him, I realized there was a slight mold line along the midline of his upper lip. This was not evident to me with the naked eye as I painted him, so it kinda bums me in photos. A note to newer painters, the darkened shading you see in the middle/upper portion of the interior of the jaw is shaded with deep browns intentionally, as are parts of his green hide (shaded dark green) since they would be dimly lit (if at all) in the murky depths of a swamp. This technique took me forever to develop an eye/brain for; as a newer painter I REALLY wanted everything to show up perfectly as if pure daylight was shining on the thing from every angle. C&C always welcome.
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