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Found 8 results

  1. I finished this model right at the end of February, but I've been under the weather and it wasn't until today that I felt up to taking pictures. This was my first time chopping up the integral base of a bones mini and making a custom base and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I realized upon photographing him that I forgot to properly paint the armband on his left arm so I'll have to go back and do that. I might also repaint the knife/cleaver as steel. I thought it would look cool as copper like some kind of ceremonial knife, but I think it's a bit too much. C&C welcome, thanks for looking!
  2. A while ago I created a weapon conversion of the Bones Minotaur 77013 depicted below: The miniature was done for a friend in Iowa and I wanted to do a similar build for myself. I decided in the show off thread to possibly go with a double headed weapon like a Dire Mace. But I am still unsure what I really want for a weapon head design. The one above could quickly look like a minotaur working out which is amusing but not exactly what I was thinking. So, I am looking for concepts to consider. It doesn't have to be a mace shaped weapon head either. Please post your ideas here and I will make some drawings based on those. When we have a sufficient enough group of options to choose from I'll post a poll. Thanks.
  3. Sadly no wings. This one's been sitting in my prepped-but-not-painted pile for a while now, for lack of a good metallic bronze to use... what I ended up using was PearlEx Super Bronze, applied with some Future. Snow is a pretty unconventional base for a minotaur, I think, but I had some snow flock sitting around I wanted to try. Crits and comments appreciated!
  4. I hope I am doing this right. I tried to shrink the picture sizes so they weren't massive. Anyway. I was introduced to minis when I asked a gamer friend to teach me how to play D&D. He has thousands of minis. I bought some rats and beetles and he gave me tips on how to get started. I enjoyed that so I purchased some minis, paints, and brushes and started painting. Then I found the forums and I started reading the posts and following the WIP's to learn to get better. I checked out many of the "how to's" and started trying new methods. I think they have helped and I feel I am getting better. So, I am going to post some pictures starting with my earliest stuff (2 months ago) to present (finished last night.) I will post a few photos and make subsequent posts with the rest so I don't jam everything into one post. (If I am posting wrong, please give pointers!) Also, this is the first time I have tried taking photos of my minis so they aren't super great. Mocking Beast #77048 Mouselings Archer and Wizard #03529 Treasure #77138
  5. So I keep keep making minis for my players. This one is currently a Level 6 (Champion tier) Minotaur monk in a 13th age game He has died once, lost a finger to frostbite, and seen 0 hp at least 1 in 3 sessions. Two sessions ago he got someone to carve runes of healing in his horns. They seem to be helping. His bracers are magical, and he mentioned he wanted some kind of brass knuckle attachment. Presenting Hal Ford - Priest of Judas. (yes the player is a metalhead) This figure has some wicked mold lines - If I can still see them I may just paint them as scars. unrelated picts of gaming group.
  6. Yet again, I am never happy with my photography. I don't know why but I no longer seem able to get decent pictures. Not sure if it's the camera, or the operator. As always, have a look, please give feedback, and especially any tips to help me get better. Still here they are. Starting with the grave digger. Cash made this look so easy. Me....I made this look so...something. Next we have Arthrand Nightblade. Elven ranger. I am really happy with this guys paint job, again, not so much with the picture. And with Arthrand, a nice elven hunting cat. Not my best work, but tabletop ready to be certain. And last but certainly not least, especially where size matters, the Bones Minotaur.
  7. I finished the minotaur up a while ago, but only just got arround to taking pictures. I really need to set up a light box... I also wrote him up as a monster for D&D over on my blog.
  8. Finally got the minotaur finished. This one took me a long time as I haven't had a lot of opportunities to paint recently (hooray for jury duty and 3 week trial...) In addition, after I was unhappy with the metallics on my bugbear, I figured it was time to try NMM. I'm very happy with the steel NMM, particularly on the axe. I did the cleaver first, and I could already tell I was improving when I worked on the axe. I think the gold trim didn't work as well, although it still looks good enough to sell the effect. This guy is a monster for mold lines. I thought I cleaned them up but as I was painting they kept jumping out at me...oh well. The basing is probably an odd choice for a minotaur, but they have to come out of the dungeons at some point, right? I thought the green would bring some needed color to the figure since the body is so dark. C&C welcome.
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