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Found 7 results

  1. This little guy will be a wedding cake topper at a friend's wedding this week. I wish I had the time, energy, and ability to do a better job, overall; it feels in many ways incomplete. But I really do like how the wing pattern and spine turned out. I really struggled painting his body, and frankly I'm hoping nobody gets around to looking at his legs and feet. He does look like a nice little fire drake from the top, I think. This was another exercise in not trying to be bigger than my britches.
  2. Speed paints of white dragons and fire elementals 77371: Basilisk 77026: YOung Fire Dragon 89001: Pathfinder Red Dragon 77083: Medium Fire Elemental 77080: Walls of Fire x3 77081: Burning Sphere x1 77082: Large Fire Elemental
  3. This was the Young Fire Dragon that I painted for my mother for Christmas in a crazy panic after I realized that I'd forgotten to paint something for her after deciding that would be the main part of her Christmas present. Oopsies. A good 60% of the time that I spent painting it was spent working and reworking the wings. I didn't get a very good picture of the outside of the wings and it's no longer in my possession. I'm not a fan at all of the base that I threw together - despite that fact, one of the things my mother said about the gift (which she loved, btw) was "the meadow looks so perfect!" Ah well, I already know that I'm tough on myself. I also wish that I had time to refine some of the highlighting and on the scales and the gold definitely needs highlighting. Overall, however, I'm pretty proud of the way that it turned out. Comments and Criticism are always very welcome!!!
  4. I submit, for your viewing pleasure (I hope) a young Fire golden dragon fishing for his next meal. Bones 77026 young fire dragon. Boiled the wings and bent them out. They are still in position 4 days of hot and humid weather later. As requested I have added a salmon to the shot (be gentle I have limited sculpting skills)
  5. I'm painting up 77026: Young Fire Dragon as a white dragon for an upcoming D&D game, and I was feeling a little frustrated and wasn't making very much progress, so I thought I'd take a few pictures and toss them up here. I still plan to give special attention to his eyes, mouth, and base. I am considering doing the little wing spikes and tail spikes as boney protrusions in a warmer white, shaded to a pale warm brown? I would especially like opinions on the wings: is the shading reasonable? Are the transitions smooth enough? Also, is there enough contrast on the body? His little cheek-flaps seem especially hard to pick out at a distance. Lastly, does he actually seem to read as white, or just pale blue? Colors are Snow Shadow, Ghost White, and Pure White, so far. (And I acknowledge the double challenge of both painting and photographing white is working against any useful advice I might receive.)
  6. My seventh Bones completed, which also happens to be the first dragon I've ever painted! The name on the side of the base is my wife, she wanted me to paint her a dragon, and I got it done just in time for our anniversary today. Initially, she was talking about a pink color scheme, but when she saw the anguish in my eyes and heard my cry of dismay ("I'll be the laughing stock of the Reaper forums!!!"), we agreed to agree on green. Anyway, it was fun painting, but I struggled to get it really smooth looking. C&C are, as always, very welcome!
  7. Here's my last 2 Bones models until the Kickstarter package arrives. Not my best work I don't think, but overall I'm still happy with them. 77026 - Young Dragon This guy gave me a lot of trouble with shading/highlighting. I don't think I have a handle on red yet. I learned a few things, which is good, since this guy was mainly meant as a practice run before the large dragons in the Kickstarter. I'm happy with the overall color scheme, but my red shading is going to need some work. It looks a little better in person than it does here, as I ended up with too much glare from my light. His base is supposed to have a cooled molten lava rock look.
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