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Found 7 results

  1. The last minis I painted last year. I think they turned out pretty well, though I should have sealed them. C&C welcome. Enjoy
  2. 77030: Danar, Male Assassin 77134: Hajad, Pirate 77132: Barnabus Frost Pirate Captain 77363: Deva 77056: Orc Sniper 77133: Gruff Grimecleaver, Dwarf Pirate
  3. Hello. This is my second topic post. Yesterday I posted my beginner metal minis, and now I am posting the Bones I have painted. I missed the first kickstarter but my friend went in on it, so he bought me a Kaladrax as a gift (never knowing I would discover it only cost him $10) and also handed me a pile of minis he never intended to paint, including some really nice ones I would have paid for. I pledged to the second kickstarter with that same friend, so shortly I will be getting a boatload of new stuff and at the rate I paint I will never need more. My partner has already told me I'm not allowed to buy into Bones 3 but we will disuss that again if and when Bones 3 is anounced. Anyway, without further ado... This was my first Bones, fittingly. I added static grass but it was all one shade so it doesn't show up well, even in person. However I am quite happy with the layered highlights on the back of his cloak as it was the first blending that went this well. This was my second attempt. I got new static grass so it shows up better on the base. I tried to make her skirt look more patchwork with different colors but I only have a couple browns and by the time it had been washed and highlighted a little all the contrast had disappeared. This is an orc marauder. I followed the paint scheme on the website because I like red. On the sword I used some corrosion made by GW. Next time I will use less of it because when I tried to do a clean silver edge it picked up the grit and looked bad. I really like the work I did on his skin that is too subtle for this picture, although you can see some of the darkest folds between muscles. There is a nice subtle yellowish tint on the highest highs that is extremely well blended, not even sure how I managed that. This sculpt is an assassin but his studded leather and dual wielding said "ranger" to me, so that's the way I went. Unfortunately I can't claim credit for the paint because I only did the basecoat, the details were all done by a friend. The base, on the other hand, was all me. I love the "log" that was just a twig I found outside. Amazing effect with the peeling bark makes it look like a fallen log. I guess I can't claim credit for that either, that was Nature's doing. Not so happy with this one. Not enough shading, I wasn't happy with the wash I did. I used some more of the corrosion and added the GW rust effect too. That I kind of liked. This one didn't really turn out great either. I have several different browns but they all kind of faded together in the end. I also tried to do the stones under his feet like sandstone I had watched a youtube demo on but it didn't turn out right. Oh well, I have plenty of goblins to practice on. Well thank you everyone for going all the way through this long post. C&C are welcome. These two posts represent the entirety of my painting experience. I won't need to make such long posts in the future because I will do them one mini at a time.
  4. I decided to call this one done. It has served it's purpose as a practice figure. I think the cloak and the face came out pretty good. The sword and dagger could use some work. I originally tried to practice some NMM on them but after repainting them 6 times I gave up and just tried to shade them a bit. I need to practice cleaning up Bones figures (mold lines, making sure swords have and edge...etc). Working with the soft plastic is still fairly new for me.
  5. Started painting this one up today to practice shading and highlighting. I read in one of the tips and tricks threads about using liner for primer on Bones...I am sold. It makes it so much easier to see the detail without obscuring any of it. So far the face and hands got a basecoat and the cloak got the basecoat, shading, and some highlighting done. I am going to keep working on the cloaks shadows/highlights some more tomorrow. I may also go a little darker on the skin so that I have some room to highlight without making the face too bright.
  6. Okay, so I posted the process of making this guy in my WIP. He is now finally done -- this is "Danar" the assassin, who is typically armed with a sword and dagger. To match a character I wrote up, I gave him a spiked chain using an old Viking method of making plaited wire (I kid you not.) I posted that method to "Painting Tips and Techniques," btw. Without further ado, I present Laeglathril, an elven fighter/barbarian who is a spiked chain specialist: Comments and questions welcome!
  7. This is a Bones figure I painted in about 2 hours for a D&D character. My goal was to get a decent-looking job done, and that's it. Nothing special. It is marketed in the Reaper Kickstarter as a "new Bones" figure. It looks just like Kellen, Nobleman Adventurer, but with a hood. I couldn't find an SKU for this exact figure, though, since it's not available yet.
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