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Found 11 results

  1. While I still need to do his base, I finished of this pretty boy.
  2. I decided to bring a travel paint kit to work so that I can paint during lunch.I picked an assortment of (mostly Reaper) colors mostly based on what I had doubles of... these paints will likely rotate based on what I'm painting or what I feel like I need more of, but currently I have: Sapphire Blue Burgundy Wine Heraldic Red Marigold Yellow Pumpkin Orange Golden Glow Tanned Leather Fair Skin Grass Green Vampiric Highlight Warpaints White Cloudy Grey Walnut Brown Ebony Flesh New Gold Dragon Copper Warpaints Armor Honed Steel Flow Improver Brown Liner I also have 2 brushes, a GW Starter Brush (size 1 or 2 I think?) and a no name size 000.I figure if I can get even 10-15 minutes 5 days a week, I should be able to knock out tabletop level paint jobs on a mini a week. We'll see how it goes this week.The minis are Devona 77036 and Almaran the Gold, Paladin 77058And after the first week, these are my thoughts: Bring a bigger brush for base coating or base coat at home. Base the minis first so there's something to hold onto! Need to find somewhere to stash them while they dry. Need to get a pin to unclog tips Tanned leather doesn't cover well over liner
  3. Here is the paladin I had been working on. I could stand to do some touch up to him, but he looks good for a table ready mini. Now to get him on a base and figure out how I want to do it up!
  4. Doing some prep work for the next batch of paints I'm set to do.
  5. So here's a dump of plate-wearers. Isabeau you've already seen here, but she appears here again in the little "diorama" I made because reasons. I came up with a little story idea for these guys, in that the paladins all wear red cloaks/capes/what-have-you and white armor. The anti-paladin was once a member of their same order, but kept his cloak as a sort of middle finger to his old friends. It's a sore spot between them all. Almaran is a bit pale as I was using the Fair Skin paints on him and have decided I'll likely stick to Rosy Skin as the absolute "fairest" I'm going to paint someone who is not undead. He looks sickly, at least in person. Also I didn't see the mold line on his face before I was painting him so he has a kind of Two Face thing going on that he shamefully hides behind his shield. I've actually painted all 3 of the paladins before. My other Almaran is floating around here somewhere. My Duke and Isabeau though are kind of laughably bad, particularly contrasted with their newer, shinier versions, at least to me. We're our own hardest critics, right? Anyway, enjoy!
  6. Here it is! The final pictures for Team ub3r's Box of Goodwill group paint! You all did such a fantastic job on this figure, I was amazed when I saw it in the box! Figure: Sir Almaran the Gold, Paladin (Reaper SKU# 77058) Sculptor: Bobby Jackson Material: Bones Plastic Painted by: Marvin Loim Slendertroll Dilvish Doug Sundseth Fishnjeeps Aard Rinn Kharsin Thes Hunter ub3r_nerd - Basing, used a Secret Weapon 40mm base. Without further ado!
  7. For Almaran I wanted to try something new and different (for me) so I decided to use him as an exercise in painting cold white armor (and like most of my bones exercises you'll find some mold lines). I did a bit of cloth a while back, but nothing this extensive. I can't decide if it still goes too far into the blue, but it works on the tabletop. If anyone has any good tips or tricks feel free to share. To keep it simple I went with purple for all the fabric and the lady on the shield. To keep the purple cool I tried mixing in some white to make the highlights. I like it one the shield, but probably should have spent more time on Almaran the Gold White himself. The metals are pretty basic. For the flame I decided to use some blue ink instead of paint. While I was at it, I tried making a snow base as well. I suspected the pumice would look too bumpy, but the modeling paste seems to work fine. Here's a shot of the shield, which I had used as a test piece for the whole color scheme. You might notice a bit of red on his cheek and a dead eye. That's because the mold line morphed into an irregular crevice from his eye to his chin and I didn't feel like fixing it. It became a scar instead. Here's a better shot of the "scar" from my WIP. The paint was just a bit of red, some flow improver, and just letting it find its own way into whatever.
  8. Okay! So I thought that ordering 7 Bones would hold me off for awhile since I've just gotten started, right? Oh, but I was wrong. So very wrong. I started painting on Tuesday. They were all done Wednesday night. Now, I have still got a looooong way to go. No doubt about it. I'm going to try a different method of priming for my next batch, but I really enjoyed working with the color on these guys. Critiques are welcome and appreciated! As well as a Snake Demon (caution. Nudity.)
  9. Once upon a time, I had a consolidated Show Off thread, and in it I posted some smurfy orcs. However, they were not based. My gaming group generally uses a 1" grid so I wanted to have the orcs on a 1" base, but they have such a wide stance that they don't fit well on a round base. A square base has about a 1.4" diagonal, so I decided to pick up some square bases and try to fit the orcs as "medium" creatures. Months later, I finally got around to it. I think it worked out fairly well.
  10. I've been painting for nearly a year now, but I've never been happy with the TMM work I've done. This community has been really helpful in giving advice on some other pieces I've done, so I decided to pick out a handful of mini's with a lot metal on them, and put up a WIP. Hopefully, by the time I'm done I'll be much better. The finalists are: From left to right - 77055 - Anval Thricedamned, Evil Warrior - 77094 - Trista, the White Wolf - 77168 - Battleguard Golem - 77023 - Barnabus, Human Warrior - 77058 - Almaran the Gold, Paladin I've started prepping Almaran, hopefully I'll get some time to paint this weekend and be able to get some pictures up. References: http://mainlymedieval.com/ozpainters/viewtopic.php?t=878 http://www.coolminiornot.com/articles/1232-painting-metallics http://monkeyman7x.com/articles/metals-silver/ [edit 5/16/2014: added references]
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