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Found 5 results

  1. I hope I am doing this right. I tried to shrink the picture sizes so they weren't massive. Anyway. I was introduced to minis when I asked a gamer friend to teach me how to play D&D. He has thousands of minis. I bought some rats and beetles and he gave me tips on how to get started. I enjoyed that so I purchased some minis, paints, and brushes and started painting. Then I found the forums and I started reading the posts and following the WIP's to learn to get better. I checked out many of the "how to's" and started trying new methods. I think they have helped and I feel I am getting better. So, I am going to post some pictures starting with my earliest stuff (2 months ago) to present (finished last night.) I will post a few photos and make subsequent posts with the rest so I don't jam everything into one post. (If I am posting wrong, please give pointers!) Also, this is the first time I have tried taking photos of my minis so they aren't super great. Mocking Beast #77048 Mouselings Archer and Wizard #03529 Treasure #77138
  2. Pingo inspired me to restart my WIP threads. I have the same issue: I can't keep track or remember what I was doing without some sort of record of it. So here's Bailey as she stands now. Terrible light and angle, plus my phone would rather focus on the carpet instead of her. Face: Tanned Shadow, Tanned Skin, Tanned Highlight, Fair Shadow. Cactus Flower for her lips, Walnut Brown and Linen White for her eyes. Walnut Brown, Tanned Shadow, Fair Shadow for her hair. Her prominent cheek has some weird issue where the angle makes it look like she has a dirty face when viewed from a slight angle above her head, no matter what it looks like from other angles. This caused me a lot of angst and I finally gave up when it looked reasonable from directly in front. Also, her shoulder where her hair flows onto her cape had a weird mold issue and I think I hacked off too much. Cloak: Basecoated in Gem Purple + Walnut Brown. That's it for now. Leathers: Here's where the drama is! Initially, all the leather got a slathering of Walnut Brown. The under-leather bits I wanted to have more of a tanned leather look, so I started with Earth Brown, and followed that up with Leather Brown, shading with Walnut Brown as necessary. My Leather Brown seems to make things look very chalky, so at some point I switched it to Oiled Leather. I'm not sure it helped a lot. I need to do another highlight pass, at least on her chest, but I'm not sure what color I'll use. For the over-leather bits, I wanted more of what I think of as a cured leather look. Over the Walnut Base, I started with Ruddy Leather. For a higher highlight, I used Maroon Red with a touch of Ruddy Leather mixed in. Walnut Brown to shade as necessary. This leather came out much better. I haven't decided which leather her belt will be, or if it will be a more neutral. It's still in Walnut Brown mode. I'm having some issues with what to do for her chest. The metal version has some very nice stitching detail to break up the monotony. The Bones version has some shallow dents that were maybe supposed to be stitching, and that makes the part right under the cloak clasp look weird. I've decided it's part of her under-leathers, but the whole area looks very plain. I did try an additional highlight, but it just made a tide mark over the still chalky leather, so I gave up to let it all dry for the evening. The End. For today.
  3. I painted her up for the Jan'15 Bones Beauty Pageant. Best face I've ever done thanks to Jessica Rich/Dark Sword vids.
  4. So this was another one of my experiments in trying to paint a tabletop quality mini. Overall I'm not too thrilled with it. The top highlight on the cloak in particular makes me itch. I painted her in about four hours at paint day and decided the cloak needed a lot more contrast at the last minute. I think I was thinking more about getting food at that point :) I did learn a bit more about trying to maximize brushstrokes, and I also learned that I need to work a lot more with my paint consistency. Anyway, here she is.
  5. Just got word that DispatchDave and his wife received the package we sent; I'll let Nissiana post her mini in a bit; I'm pretty sure she took some photos before we sent them off! Here's my contribution. Instructions were pretty free-form, so I decided to paint up Bailey Silverbell. I also wanted to play a bit, so I did some fun things with this mini... The cloak, gloves and pants were all the Ashen blue triad, shaded with some purple and glazed over with teal. I was kinda thinking about Tolkien's Elvish cloaks, so I wanted a grey that had some personality to it. The metals are all based with the teal I used on the grey fabric, then painted with shaded metallics. And the jack/jerkin is the dusky grape purples triad. The cloak came out well, and it was fun to play with. I'm also happy with her eyes; there's actually color in her irises! C&C always welcome!
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