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Found 12 results

  1. Been wanting to paint this one for awhile. Love the dynamic pose! Really happy with this one.
  2. This one of the results from the Bones Conversion class at Reapercon 2019. I used the grave marker off the end of the weapon wielded by the colossal skeleton, carved a bit and repositioned. The fairy is party of the familiar pack. Fairly simple mash-up, but makes a nice seasonal piece for display.
  3. Hi guys, I just finished that big guy :)
  4. "Hey Galadon, your colossus is playing whack-a-mole on the golf course again!" Or some other silly caption. Many suitable possibilities. The runner ups were "Almost!" and "How many hit points does this familiar have?" This guy has been on my shelf of shame pretty much since I received the first Bones Kickstarter. He was one of the first Bones I tried to paint and I learned a lot from starting on him and giving up several times. But now he's done (or as done as I can force myself to make him... the base probably needs some more love). 31 more
  5. I started this guy last year at Reapercon in the Convert a colossal skeleton class, and entered him into the open category at this year's Reapercon; he earned a bronze. WIP is located here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/62739-colossal-skeleton-conversion-for-reapercon-2016/
  6. For Halloween!! I'll be bringing him with me to the Artists Conference
  7. I guess I got to the event between 11 and 12. The second order of business was to sign up for classes. The first class I could get into was a Conversion class conducted by Jason Weibe. The theme was to convert the big Bones Skeleton (77116) possibly on a Halloween theme. It was great fun and towards the end I started snapping pictures of our efforts. I got a picture (or in some cases two pics) of almost everybody's giant. Enjoy: These two show the ongoing work in progress: above no horns, below sprouted horns... These two show the Bones Giant (an
  8. Working at this guy...getting kind of frustrated with him, so thought I'd post for opinions i'm going for a grungy, 'just got out of the grave' dirty look for him. He will have trees growing out of his back. Going to add more roots in his ribcage his base is in the mail and should be in soon
  9. It's been a short while, but I'm back with another project. This time around, I'm going to tackle this guy: 77116 Bones Colossal Skeleton. This'll be an interesting paint project for me, because I won't be able to depend on using an airbrush as much as I did for painting Kaladrax. I'll be out of my comfort zone and trying a lot of techniques that are new to me. There's a large gap where the skeleton's torso connects to the waist -- I could use an epoxy putty, but there's been something I wanted to try for a while: Alteco SSP-HG Instant Adhesive Putty, a two-part gap-filling compoun
  10. Thought I might as well start this topic. I've begun work on him and wouldn't mind other people's take on it before I settle on a final scheme. Might be a while before I continue as the rest of the Bones just appeared. Woopdeedoo! So far I'm thinking bronze/brassy weapons and bluegrey for the bandages. Just some basecoating so far, but I don't quite know how to paint the area around where his midsection hits the girdle.
  11. One of the figures I was most looking forward to getting from the Kickstarter. I painted this guy up using Quickshade Strong Tone, as I've decided that I really like the look it gives skeleton bones - nicely weathered. I expect my DM will find a reason to throw this one at us soon. :-) I'm not convinced the base is done yet, and I would like to add some rust effect to the blade, but getting to that really depends on what else I start working on. (iPhone photos - in keeping with tradition on these forums, I don't currently have my lightbox set up. I hope to get a permanent pl
  12. Another fairly quick paint. Based on a CD with a lot of Pumice Paste. Not a lot to say...took less than three hours spread over several days. The players haven't faced this one, yet. Should be good when they do.
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