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Found 8 results

  1. More speedpaints for gaming - Not really satisfied with the spider swarms - any tips on how to better do them would be appreciated. I like the vermin pair better in hand, though the photos show where more time would have made for much better/smoother blending. They're off to eat some PCs now....
  2. This was my second diorama that I did for ReaperCon 2016. I started toying with ideas after the Mousling Award was announced and originally pictured a few Mouslings in a cave, totally oblivious to the spider on the ceiling. This changed when I was sorting through some burl wood and came across the piece that I used. I used wolf spiders as my inspiration as they like to make their home in holes and so rather than a cave, I had the Mouslings hunting the spider in a field. It just came together perfectly and I had a blast painting them. I am so addicted to Mouslings now. "The Hunt" MSP Open Mousling Third Place
  3. This is a quick little conversion from Reapercon last year that I finally painted up. (What? I have figures older than you are that I still haven't painted yet. This is fast by comparison). The little familiar is riding on the spider, which is mounted on a base from Secret Weapon miniatures. Tabletop paint,as usual. As an experiment, this figure was done almost entirely with inks. Please let me know what you think.
  4. The finished batch of vermin, mummies, ghasts 77259: Fly Demon 77144: Mummy x 6 77146: Mummy Warrior 77126: Vermin: Spider x5 77046: Bat Swarm 77032: Oxidation Beast x2 (one with hat conversion) 77159: Ghast x4 77025: Giant Spider 77360: Mr. Bones ?????: Chronoscope Tick thing
  5. Lotsa colours! Grey one is dark elf triad, red and orange is HD Crimson, garnet, brilliant reds plus fireball orange and pale saffron. Gross white one is AP necrotic flesh, msp linen white, HD solid white, and HD blue flame. Crazy bioluminescent one is msp imperial purple, P3 beaten purple, AP alien purple, HD spruce green and P3 Arcane blue. Bases are reaper kickstarter round bases with pumice gel, some Browns and a light dusting of bone.
  6. Reaper SKU #'s: Skeletal Archer - 77018 Spider - 77126 Hellakin Gorecutter, Halfling Thief - 77165 Here's the WIP if you are interested. The Plight of Hellakin Gorecutter: The tale was a strange one the young halfling thief thought to himself. Up in the hills there was said to be a deadly beast, something the locals called the "Redstripe" guarding a treasure for the ages, but every adventurer who had gone into the cavern disappeared and was never heard from again. The music played in the tavern and he mused to himself that such a score could set him up for life. He must go forth and brave the cave and retrieve whatever treasure was inside! A few days later, Hellakin Gorecutter set off for the hills and found the cave. He ignored the signs that said "danger" and stepped lightly over the rocky terrain, his steps quick and silent as a whisper. He saw the deep dark cave ahead, the water was green and a few sparse plants were sipping at the water's edge. He could smell something horrendous coming from the cave, but his eyes couldn't penetrate into the gloom. He steeled himself, pulled forth his sharp pointy dagger, and stealthily ventured inside to battle whatever awaited him... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a piece I did for the Winter Exchange and I only got a couple of pictures before I had to send it off to dontfear (so if you read this dontfear, please feel free to add more pictures from other angles and whatnot). Thanks for looking!
  7. suggestions welcome, for future tasks of for improving these. I know the monk has a couple of dots on his hem to fix. 03577: Asiago Jones, Mousling Adventurer sculpted by Gene Van Horne. I have tried for the Indiana Jones look (for what are I consider obvious reasons). I still need more brush control but I'm happy. Mouseling Monk - I can't find his number. He was a spacial purchase, I think, at Christmas. I imagine this monl to be somewhat like Cadfael, for any who have seen the wonderful series or read the books. He is in his garden, but not to be trifled with. Spider 77126: Vermin: Spiders (set of 2) sculpted by Kevin Williams A quick job which I chose not to base. As a quick image out fo the corner of your eye in a dungeon or old ruin this spider would be effective. In the glaring light of day maybe not so.
  8. So, more Bones painted: Thundercats, ho! Too easy to make a joke... More terracotta than Georgia clay, but anyway: Born on Monday... Technically not all Bones: Technically not Fire Beetles:
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