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Found 7 results

  1. These three pieces have been sitting around in a box for ages, I rediscovered them the other day and decided to just have at them. They really did not take more than a few minutes plus drying time each. 77136 Well of Chaos 77139 Altar of Evil 77137 Sarcophagus The well was filled with a drop of blue and a drop of unshaken green (=blotchy and stripey as the pigments had seperated alittle) vallejo paint. Just one drop directly from the dropper bottles into the well each, a very gentle stir and leave to dry. A little touch up around the edges and hey presto! I am pretty chuffed with the result. The stone is done by black undercoat, dark green/grey over that, heavily drybrushed with sandy yellow and lighter drybrush with offwhite. Differently coloured glazes help differentiate it a bit where needed.
  2. So, I puzzled over what would be the first thing I would paint from Bones 3; and I decided tonight: the Crypt from the Graveyard Expansion. When I took it out of the package, I saw that the roof of the crypt is very clearly metal plates; and I figured this was a chance for me to try some verdigris, I think it's turning out all right. Here's the progress I made tonight: Base coated the walls, door, floor, and 77137 (Sarcophagus by B. Ridolfi) with RLM grey from Tamiya. Mixed sky blue and cockpit green from Tamiya to make the base verdigris color: stippled on some lavender color (it's one of the Reaper sample paints I got with no name/number attached), and then using Tamiya purple to fill in the summoning circle: Black/brown wash over the floor and I think you can clearly tell evil things are going to be happening here, really soon: Moving back to the roof; I broke out my Tamiya bronze and stippled that rather heavily over the roof: Had to test fit everything together, because reasons, obviously: That's it for today, but it's more paint than I've put on anything in months, so I'm happy; and I'm looking forward to digging through the rest of this expansion: C&C welcome; thanks for taking a look. ~Josh
  3. Last night I did a quick paint of a couple of minis while my wife painted a paint-by-numbers. I did a little bit of extra work this morning, and had some equipment malfunctions that damaged the minimal face I did paint. As this was all about a quick job, I only fixed the problem, but didn't redo it. The WIP is linked and photos will follow shortly in a separate post (I'm currently trapped by feline).
  4. I had an idea for a quick paint while my wife does some paint by numbers. The goal is to be done tonight, though I don't know if that will happen anymore. She's stopped painting and now we're watching Brooklyn 99 while she does some embroidery. There may also be Scotch (Bruchladdich) involved later, providing further reason to stop.
  5. Ok my daughter has painted a few things since Reapercon and receiving her Vampire box from someone (who I don't think is on the forums yet or does not visit much) and her paints from @Harrek. The first one she chose out of all the minis in the Vampire box was 77137: Sarcophagus: Next she chose a mini that she had painted from my set 2 years ago. 77162: Yephima, Female Cloud Giant: Can you guess which one was from 2 years ago? Today she painted 77067: Virina, Female Demon and wanted to base her so I got out the supplies received at Reapercon. I did the glue work and she did everything else. Front | Back | Alt Front View Any tips on what to do with the based mini from today and protecting it from losing the basing materials? Would the spray on sealer I have help in any way or just mess it up?
  6. Here's another Bones dungeon dressing that I finished up the other day. I really love this sculpt, and it translated quite well to Bones. Hopefully my photos do it justice; I had a hard time figuring out how best to pose this thing for photos. I'm quite happy with how the marble came out. It doesn't show up well in these photos, but I went over the marble areas with gloss varnish, to give it a nicely polished look. The gold trim was originally going to be done in gold NMM, but I decided I was ready to move on and get this done, so I used some P3 Blighted Gold. Side note: My paints are almost exclusively Reaper MSP/MSP HD, but I've never had much luck with their metallics, so I picked up a couple P3's to try out. This P3 gold is so much easier to use than the Reaper metallics I have. It behaves better, goes on smoother, and generally acts like 'normal' Reaper paints. I love most of my Reaper paints, but P3 has got them beat on metallics. Comments welcome!
  7. So, more Bones painted: Thundercats, ho! Too easy to make a joke... More terracotta than Georgia clay, but anyway: Born on Monday... Technically not all Bones: Technically not Fire Beetles:
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