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Found 7 results

  1. Speed paint tonight... Grabbed these two candelabra and knocked them out real quick... I think under an hour all told. Which is pretty darn quick for me. The metal was based with a mixture of shadowed stone and pure black, then I added in a drop of Vallejo metal medium and used that to drybrush over. It works better in person than in pictures. The candles were based in blond hair with some highlights in linen white. The flames were painted in linen white, then most of that was covered with pale saffron, then a little bit of lava orange. If I wanted to be fancy I'd try some OSL but I'm lazy.
  2. I really have far too many miniatures. At least 20, and with a further 20 inbound from the 20 kickstarters I have backed the last few years. So for 2016 I will try to crank out those minis at an elevated pace, and chalk up an even 366 -one for each day - finished by the end of the year. Of course, this means to avoid spamming the excellent reaper forums with samey, production-line dross nobody really wants to see, I will not be posting each and every one done here even though the rpchallenge says I should. Instead I will post Reaper minis and maybe some other that I find interesting enough. The rest will get pictures linked to the rpchallenge monthly post for anybody who might be interested. so.... "You see a chest on top of a pile of coins and gems...what do you do?" The Bones kickstarters also had some dungeon dressing and scenery bits, such as this set here. The candelabras fit perfectly into the hole on a Mantic base, and the treasure pile on a 30mm. I used the same black flock as I use on my DreadBall minis. Works a charm. 77138: Treasure Pile and Candelabras Reaper Miniatures Bones KS1 Bonesium PVC 20mm square and 30mm round bases.
  3. Finally had a chance to finish up a bunch of dungeon dressing I started back in May. I took a couple depths of focus on this scene; to get everything in focus: And finally, the Stalagmites from Bones 2:
  4. I'm taking the time to do some of the dungeon dressing from Bones I and II, today, I cleaned mould lines, and stuck a bunch of pieces to my craft sticks: And I got a couple pieces base-coated, the treasure chest: And the other "treasure chest": C&C welcome! :)
  5. I have finished my version of Ebonwrath as a blue dragon. Here she/he is starring down a (off site) party of adventurers coming for her horde. (my WIP is here http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/51816-robins-wip/page-8 ) First off.. up close and pissed! Then the full 360 view: Left.. Back ... Right And then a close up of the treasure The overall color scheme was inspired by Corporea's rendition of the Pathfinder Red found here http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/48238-corporeas-desk-of-progress/page-34
  6. 77138 Candelabra and chest (Dungeon Dressing) 77062 Deenah 77171 Stone Golem 77134 Hajad Pirate 77070 Aviriel Tellerion (oh the hair issues) I have never used these in an RPG, but now that I have them painted Iwant to stick them in. at the least the gems will count as treasure. couldn't find clockwork brass (which everyone is always raving about) so used (reapers) antique brass. chest was painted earlier, but added gems, pearls and shadows. not sure I lit the gems the right way. Her hair, and inner shield took several revisions. as seen in my consolidated WIP thread. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/49139-wip-one-full-case-from-the-bones-kickstarter/page-6 comments and critics welcome.
  7. Here's another Bones dungeon dressing that I finished up the other day. I really love this sculpt, and it translated quite well to Bones. Hopefully my photos do it justice; I had a hard time figuring out how best to pose this thing for photos. I'm quite happy with how the marble came out. It doesn't show up well in these photos, but I went over the marble areas with gloss varnish, to give it a nicely polished look. The gold trim was originally going to be done in gold NMM, but I decided I was ready to move on and get this done, so I used some P3 Blighted Gold. Side note: My paints are almost exclusively Reaper MSP/MSP HD, but I've never had much luck with their metallics, so I picked up a couple P3's to try out. This P3 gold is so much easier to use than the Reaper metallics I have. It behaves better, goes on smoother, and generally acts like 'normal' Reaper paints. I love most of my Reaper paints, but P3 has got them beat on metallics. Comments welcome!
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