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Found 10 results

  1. Here's a handful of speed paints from my Thanksgiving Paint Binge last month. On the left, Sethis the mummy king, on the right one of the Bones mummies of Hakir. In the front, for everyone's pleasure some good old rats.
  2. I'm planning to test some different ways of varnishing Bones, since there is some confusion and some materials seem to dry sticky, or turn sticky after some time. This is going to be a long-term experiment because of the aforementioned change over time. I have a dozen rats and five mummies from the first two Bones Kickstarters which I have painted up in colors known for their shininess (the blacks and reds on the rats) and their matte qualities (the grey bases and the linen color on the mummies). These are super quick paints, just there to test the results. Once they are fully cured I plan to number them under their bases and experiment with different combinations of matte and gloss finish, including at least one unvarnished of each type. I plan to report back after some time has passed.
  3. I tried taking a Zen of Bones approach to this bunch (Thanks Buglips!). These are part of my 4 year olds "Toy Box" minis. I only took lage flash off and pretty much pretended that tne mold lines don't exist. They got a zenithal prime and the 4 year old painted the bodies. I painted faces, clothes and bases. These were treated with Army Painters mid tone quickshade (first time using it). I then played with my static flock generator which worked fine on the mummy bases (which I didn't catch in the photos), but was sad on the Ghast bases. either way they look good enough IRL. Photos are poor as I didn't put much effort in them either. Enjoy! And before the quick shade.
  4. Sculpting and apple. this is the second attempt. mummy had its hand flipped over so it could carry the apple. The idea of adding a step to the base came to late to implament, and it would have included changing the legs in some way.
  5. I painted these guys up in about 7 hours over the course of 3 days in the Google hang outs that some members have been doing. I actually find it kind of motivating, being able to hang out with people from the forums, AND paint at the same time. They're all bones figures, and I decided not to boil them; the various (minor) bends/leaning position/etc actually serve to differentiate them a little bit. I also used slightly different color combinations on them to further the effect. I was also able to accomplish the 'glowing, evil, pit of hellfire' effect on their eyes (although the green doesn't show up as well as I would have liked) that all undead have. Please let me know what you think. Group shot:
  6. The finished batch of vermin, mummies, ghasts 77259: Fly Demon 77144: Mummy x 6 77146: Mummy Warrior 77126: Vermin: Spider x5 77046: Bat Swarm 77032: Oxidation Beast x2 (one with hat conversion) 77159: Ghast x4 77025: Giant Spider 77360: Mr. Bones ?????: Chronoscope Tick thing
  7. Here's a few random Bones minis that I've finished over the last couple of months. I finally got around to photographing them when I finished the bookshelves recently. 77318 Bookshelves I didn't pick any of these up during the Bones II KS, but we grabbed a few during the 12 days promotion. Love the detail on these and can't beat the Bones prices! They work really well with DwarvenForge Game Tiles and I wanted to get them painted in time for the City System KS shipments. 77156 Owlbear This was a pretty quick paint job. I had initially planned to do more with him, but after finishing a few basic steps, I looked at it and said, looks good, don't mess it up! 77144 Mummy Another simple paint job. I painted him quite awhile ago as he was a test piece to see how different sealers worked on Bones. I've had some poor luck with Krylon sprays (turn glossy over time, no matter how matte it looks initially), so this was a test with just testor's dullcote. Definitely no shine months later, although not sure it really provides that much protection either. Luckily, it's Bones, durable, and a simple figure, so I'm not concerned. Thanks for looking!
  8. I picked up this mummy, because it's different from what I've been painting. He was pretty simple and relatively quick compared to the huge pile of game minis that I've been trying to perfect. I typically have trouble going dark enough with my shadows. This time I just covered it in a color that felt way too dark, then lightened it back up with highlights. It's so much easier to try new things when you're not invested in the figure. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out and enjoyed painting him.
  9. So I started the Stone Giant, but ended up getting bored with him before I got very far. For a change of pace I switched to something simple - the bones mummies. Between Bones I & II I had five of them, which seems a nice amount to start with. They're pretty standard, though I decided to go with blue eyes rather than the red or green as so often seen in DnD art. These guys qualify as a speed paint since I'm sure they each got less than an hour of hands-on time.
  10. Last weekend I GM'd the Pathfinder module Risen From the Sands for Free RPG Day at my FLGS. I used it as an excuse to move a few minis onto the completed list, because I'm in the kickstarter wave I-forgot-what-number but November is coming soon and oh em gee now I'm really starting to panic! I did not do my usual WIP, because time was of the essence. They got finished over the course of two days - about 10 hours spread over all three. 77130 Bones Beetle Swarm: Want to know how to make a group of seasoned adventurers cry and pee their pants? Throw a swarm at them! 77144 Bones Mummy: I was SO DONE with linen bandages after about 45 minutes of work... and he probably took another hour at least after that to bring it to an acceptable level. Good thing I got the Kickstarter and not the 3-pack retail version! 77145 Mummy Captain: I present to you the Pharaoh of Sphinxes! He's super evil. Closeup: I'm happy with what I was able to do in such a short (for me) amount of time. Thanks for looking, comments and critique always welcome!
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