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Found 11 results

  1. If you go out in the woods today You're sure of a big surprise. If you go out in the woods today You'd better go in disguise. For every bear that ever there was Will gather there for certain, because Today's the day the owl bears have their picnic. What's this, someone left a wagon in the middle of the road. The horse appears to have run away. Something smells good. How do we open this crate?
  2. Howdy, I am Grr-Hoot! A feather in my cap, Kev!
  3. Here's a few random Bones minis that I've finished over the last couple of months. I finally got around to photographing them when I finished the bookshelves recently. 77318 Bookshelves I didn't pick any of these up during the Bones II KS, but we grabbed a few during the 12 days promotion. Love the detail on these and can't beat the Bones prices! They work really well with DwarvenForge Game Tiles and I wanted to get them painted in time for the City System KS shipments. 77156 Owlbear This was a pretty quick paint job. I had initially planned to do more with him, but after finishing a few basic steps, I looked at it and said, looks good, don't mess it up! 77144 Mummy Another simple paint job. I painted him quite awhile ago as he was a test piece to see how different sealers worked on Bones. I've had some poor luck with Krylon sprays (turn glossy over time, no matter how matte it looks initially), so this was a test with just testor's dullcote. Definitely no shine months later, although not sure it really provides that much protection either. Luckily, it's Bones, durable, and a simple figure, so I'm not concerned. Thanks for looking!
  4. Finally, my first show off post. I am still trying to get the hang of taking pictures and am by no means a professional miniature painter, but I am pretty happy with this mini as a tabletop piece. Enjoy.
  5. I was taking a stroll through the woods one day, and came upon a beast from the ancient days of BONES I, the Jabberwock! This guy had been mostly finished for a long time, but wouldn't stay upright. I couldn't get a rod through his legs, so I wound up gluing the heck out of his tail to get it to stay to the base.
  6. My partner (FireElemental) requested monsters, action poses and colors. The Owlbear fit 2 of them perfectly, it just needed more color. Plus the idea of taking one of the silliest D&D monsters and making it even sillier really appealed to me. Basing is supposed to evoke its jungle home. I watched tutorials on doing jungle terrain but without trees I'm not sure it gives the full jungle feeling. but many others were talking about what they were sending and a single bones figure seemed kinda small. I saw another person had sent spiders, but everyone who ordered Bones 1&2 has a huge bunch already, but almost no one has the giant cockroaches from mice and mystics. I took liberties with the red one, but the green resembles a German roach and the brown and yellow are normal variants. I chose basing colors to match the figure to so camouflage and to make them more easily identifiable on gaming table.
  7. D&D is no stranger to stupid monsters, and this is one of them — the Owlbear. Mechanically, it's not terribly interesting; it's just a big biting, clawing monster, more dangerous than some, less dangerous than others, but with no real distinction about it. It might as well just be a bear. A rabid bear, but just a bear. Its existence in the D&D canon does have implications for the standard milieu, implications that are borne out repeatedly: in the D&D universe, anything can be interbred with anything else. It's a concept that really doesn't hold water in the real world, though it appears to be central to the world view of those peculiar people who think that two men getting married is going to lead to general mayhem and apocalypse. But that's a bit beside the point. This figure does have something going for it that I haven't really seen in others. The owlbear is supposed to be fundamentally bonkers insane to its very core, and this figure does look a tad doolally.
  8. I think that'll do for a couple months, hopefully I didn't bombard everyone too hard with my stuff over the last week or so. I tried to space it out. Anyway, here's the remaining mini's from my last photo session... The flesh golem was a super fun paint. Also, ugh for the mold lines. I must stink at seeing these on bones. Never notice one or two 'til I get them posted... Eyebeast was a pretty straight forward job. This lizardman I did not batch paint with his brethren, as it was my first lizardman I've painted and wanted to just focus on figuring out a palette. And I'd like to say last but not least, but really I didn't do too much with the Owlbear, just a quick clean paint job. Didn't even really bother to stuff his cracks with green stuff. Thanks everyone for looking (at everything this week)!
  9. A while back I painted up the Bones Owlbear, and here he is in all his abominable, monstrous glory. Managed to complete him in two nights, which is fast for me (basecoat and wash on the first day, drybrushing and finishing up on the second). Well, I should say that that's only counting the painting part; there was also quite a bit of mold line removal and gap filling to do on this guy. Thanks for looking, and C&C are always welcome!
  10. I finished this guy up litterally just before leaving for a Sci Fi Con this last weekend. I may do a bit more with the base, but I haven't decided yet. As always, questions/comments/critique welcome! and to show off the base, here's one angled up a bit:
  11. So here are the latest miniatures I got tired of working on. I intended to crank out a couple of big, easily painted models but ended up trying to be "creative". Of course that means I lost interest after getting 3/4 done. Here is the first, the Bones Griffon. I had some issues with this model not wanting to stand up. When I got the model the beak was nearly touching the ground; no problem, a quick boil and reposition and it was ready to be mounted on the fender washer. A couple of days later, it was back to the original condition, so I re-boilded it and re-positioned it again. Still no dice, so I had to remove the base, drill and pin the model. (For those who have to remove a Bones model that is super glued to a base, a little twisting action when trying to pry them appart works wonders.) I think this model may have a problem similar to Dealthsleet, in that some moldings were manufactured with weaker material. Anyway, I have several griffon models, some painted as american bald eagels and others as golden eagles, so I decided to try something different. I knew there are white lions, so I looked for white eagles. There apparently are no naturally occuring white eagles! Who knew? But there is a striking sea eagle with black and white feathers, so I went for that: Next up is the owlbear. Having settled on a white lion and sea eagle for the griffon, I decided to go for a snowy owl and polar bear for the owlbear. Turns out snowy owls are not typically all white, so undercoating in black and highlighting with white was a close approximation: Just to show that I don't hate tradition, I also painted an old GW (boo,hiss) griffon in more traditional colors: I hope you enjoy the pics; I will probably use the Bones models for "named" monsters in some D&D game.
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