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Found 7 results

  1. I copied this style from another poster and was very happy how it turned out
  2. I made a thing today... Iffin' I wasn't a Griffin this would have to be classified as a Frogcident. I will add part numbers to the tags if anyone can ID some of them. TGPTGP
  3. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to get the skin tone right for this miniature. My goal was to find a color that was found in the very worst storms. I also changed the color of the skirt a few times - including white and purple. I think ochre is the one I like the most. Next I need to work on the eyes (my bane!) and my basing (which I also hate doing!). I'd welcome any feedback on the piece. Thanks, Nick PS. This is a Julie Guthrie Bones mini; she's one of my favorites.
  4. Hey all! Last week and a half I've been contemplating painting the Male Storm Giant from Bones I. I honestly have not painted many mini's from Bones I, or many at all (I've painted like 7 in total maybe? And no other painting experience outside of Miniatures), and I just got Bones II, so I decided to get back into it. On this one, I want to practice layering, and blending layers (dry blend by laying paint over). Part of my inspiration for this is one of the sample images on the reaper store page. While I hope to emulate it in some respects, I doubt I can reach that level of amazing detail and control. Still, its a good learning experience! Before I started painting I decided on my main colors, and I practiced layering. As mentioned before, I have no painting experience outside of miniatures. Nor have I painted many mini's, and am going primarily off of YouTube videos and tutorials by people in this community. I decided on Reaper's Ashen Blue for my mid-tone, with Aircraft Grey as a highlight and Denim Blue as the shadow. The first thing I did was prime a piece of cardboard to practice layering. 1: Painted the midtone, and then painting the highlights and the shadows directly on, not watered down, just directly on 2: Painted the midtone, then layered very watered down versions of the highlights and the shadows, with no color mixing 3: Painted the midtone, then mixed midtone and highlight and watered it down, painted on top, then did just watered down highlight. Same for shadows. 4: Same as 3 except a glaze of very watered down midtone went over the whole thing. Now on to the model! This was before I did any cleanup, when I was just visualizing what I wanted to do. Just after this I cleaned up the mold lines, and realized an issue with odd depressions on his shoulder. A buddy of mine had some liquid GW Greenstuff, and he helped me patch it up. So thats the green you see in the other pictures. Another new thing I tried on this model; Lining. I haven't really had much of a need to do any lining, but I've run into trouble areas before where lining would be useful (like where feet touch ground, it always causes me problems!), and with this model, where his beard meets his arm. So that is the first thing I did, I lined him (Reaper Blue Liner paint): I was initially going to stop there for the night, but I just had to put a first basecoat of the midtone. I was initially just going to do his upper back to see how it looked, but it looked so good I couldn't stop! So I painted all of the flesh parts! Thats just the first coat of the midtone, directly on the bones material with no primer, paint not watered down (I've been finding that watering the first coat down directly on bones causes consistency issues). I'm definitely going to have to do a second coat, but I'm very happy with this progress so far, I think it looks great. And the back: So nothing crazy, and I'm not the most skilful painter, but I think its going well so far. I'll keep this topic updated as I go, but dont expect overly frequent updates. I rarely get chances to paint, and I see this mini taking me quite a long while to paint, I do not wish to rush it. As far as plans, I'd love to try Non-Metalic Metal techniques on the sword and bracers, but every practice I've tried has failed miserably. So I'm not sure. Also not sure what color to do the clothes. Most likely going to do a grey-light blue-white beard, instead of the green beard done in the reference picture. Please, I very much welcome critique and suggestions!
  5. Continuing to post from my latest latest photo session, here's the unnamed male storm giant and Yephima. Both loaded up on NMM, and a fun attempt at an aqua glassy armor on Yephima. The storm giant's face has a wicked moldline I don't think I've ever seen before until I got this picture linked up and previewed. I didn't notice it while painting, nor have I noticed it when handling it later... oh well. Next time I'll get them all. I promise. Maybe.
  6. Following the female cloud giant, my gf tackled this guy while I started trying to figure out how to paint the tiny scorpions, put down some colors on the Marsh Troll and started my copyright-infringing Large Earth Elemental. If we take pictures this weekend those might go in a WIP thread. But as always, hers are way better than mine anyway. Based on the comments to the Female Cloud Giant, she tried to up the contrast on this guy by darkening shadows and brightening highlights. She didn't do it to the metallic parts. ( do those have to be done any differently?) Comments appreciated.
  7. They say a work of art is never completed, merely abandoned. Here are my latest abandoned projects:
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