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Found 11 results

  1. Mostly airbrushed with Citadel paint, with a bit of Tamiya clear green for the eyes and additional gloss coat hand painted on the rotting flesh to add to the effect. Sneaked a bit of Nurgle's Rot as well just to add more Ooze to the rotting flesh. Unfortunately I was completely out of idea and time with the rock base by the time I have finished with the dragon itself, so I just hastily sprayed it with sand brown, dark brown and a quick wash of nulin oil. I'll probably revisit the base later.
  2. These are the first figures I painted after lurking around here for a few months. Think they came out well.
  3. I picked up Nethyrmaul to be a cohort for a major undead villain in my Pathfinder campaign, and decided that I really liked the idea of her slaying a Silver dragon and reanimating it as an evil zombie minion, so, I tried my hand at a bit of a NMM(ish) silver scale pattern with a little bit of actual metallic silver thrown in to a few places. He was a long time in completing, the process, but I'm really happy with him. I'm especially fond of the "dragon graveyard" base that he's standing on. The skulls are from a "Prehistoric Mammal Skulls" Toob pack I picked up at the local arts and crafts store. The ribs rising out of the ground are actually the teeth of a plastic alligator clip I grabbed from a grocery store, and the extra rocks are actual rocks and debris from the broken pavement outside my house. He's mounted on a 7" diameter wooden base. I appreciate your looks and comments. I'm still figuring out some of the things I'm working on with this sort of thing.
  4. So this is a thing that's happening right now. No promises on how fast this is going to happen, especially with my impending Bones 3 shipment, but I thought I'd throw this on here.
  5. WIP: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/70492-77190-golden-nethyrmaul-v2/ When I first saw Nethyrmaul I had one immediate thought….and when I saw her being painted up as an evil dragon left and right, it solidified the idea….that my Nethyrmaul was a good dragon. One who mentored and aided knights, defended towns within her territory, and was noble and honorable. Until one day, outnumbered, she fell in battle against a Necromancer and his unholy beasts and undead. Torn open by the fangs and weapons of his legion, and dying, her spirit was captured and imprisoned. Forced under the Necromancer’s will, her mangled corpse lurched to its feet, her eyes blazing a unholy green instead of their gentle blue. Her mind, chained and helpless, was forced to endure and witness as she was turned against the Knights she called friends, and against the villages she had once protected. This diorama helped me try my first attempts at NMM and OSL, though I am not sure how well I succeeded at them.
  6. Over the past week I have decided to proceed with my Nethyrmaul by adding some lighting effects using PoweredPlayGaming's alpha kit and microcontroller. This required some intensive modification work to add the LED wiring in such a way as to minimize external exposure. Unfortunately, in contrast Kaladrax where I was able to succeed without much change to the original sculpt, for Nethyrmaul I have had to make changes to the base to incorporate the LED microcontroller and 9 volt battery, as the original base was not large enough to conceal them. Also, due to the limited length of the LED wire that reaches to the head of Nethyrmaul, this required the microcontroller to be no further than just under the arch of the base. As a result, after finishing the installation of the wiring, I have had to modify the base to conceal the microcontroller. In order to do this, I used an old Reaper miniature card back to provide the initial covering of both sides of the arch (where the microcontroller is located), secured by superglue. Then I covered the card with a primary layer of old Milliput white epoxy putty to provide additional support. After letting the Milliput cure for a day, I then began on filling and fixing the gaps using Green Stuff, including the gaps created during my 'surgery' to install the wiring along the body and neck. To provide some distinction between the dragon parts and the base parts, I started using Procreate to cover the Milliput and begin sculpting to blend in with the original 'rock face' base. Tonight I finished the dragon, and then one side of the base and only the first initial covering of the Reaper clamshell that I am using to provide additional room to keep the 9 volt battery accessible while still out of sight. I still need to finish the sculpting on the other side of the base, as well as the sculpting to cover the outside of the clamshell. Hopefully I can complete that in the next few days and then begin painting by the weekend. Now, for the pictures. The first one is after I had installed the wiring in the dragon itself, before any edits to the base. You can see the microcontroller board hanging just under the back right foot. If the wire length had been much longer, the microcontroller could have been stored in the clamshell underneath the base; but that was not possible. Next, some pictures after I had made the base modifications and covered both sides of the base arch with the card backing: This picture shows some blue tac that I used to hold the card in place while the super glue did its magic: This next picture shows the Milliput layer on one side of the base. This is the side that still needs to be finished. You can also see the Green stuff gap filling and fixing on the body of Nethyrmaul, as well as the Procreate covering the wiring that jumped from the dragon body to the base (top of the arch). The three lines of green stuff on the neck are where I had to separate into manageable sections to drill/carve out the interior to install the wiring. I ended up sculpting some new scales to help cover the gaps. Here is a picture showing the rear view of the dragon, and where I applied the green stuff for gap filling. And another view of the side of the dragon body/neck area. I was fortunately able to cut between the large scales on the front side of the neck, which is why I did not need to use any green stuff there. This picture shows the finished Procreate sculpting on one side of the base, where I have filled the gap in the original base. And this one shows the beginning of my sculpting to cover the clamshell and transition from the Bones base to the clamshell: And a full shot from the more completely finished side: And two shots with the room lights off and the lighting effects turned on: And last but not least, I have uploaded to my YouTube channel some videos I took showing the lighting effects. This one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oD0Z2oVWdLs provides more views of the sculpting as well as showing off the lighting effects.
  7. Just realized I never posted the finished version of this guy when I was taking pics yesterday, so I snapped a few of him. A big thanks to everyone who helped in the WIP thread a while back.
  8. Got this cute little fellow in the mail the other day. Never painted anything this big, and wanted to show my progress and experiences. First I glued him together. Was really surprised about the fact that it wasn't actually necessary to use glue, yet I did it just in case. Then applied some green stuff in the cracks. The black stain on the base is me testing the rumor about washes not sticking to bones. And that was true. Luckily the rumor about mixing dish soap in the paint, to fix it, was also true. Never painted with dish soap before, so that was.. interesting. So then I covered him in a basecoat of gloss varnish, before I painted white over the green stuff, and gave him a nice wash of dark, purple ink. Once that was almost dry, I started adding a dark blue wash: Painted in the flesh, bones and eye. Also applied a drybrush of dark blue: One more drybrush and pondering on how to continue the wings: Edit: This capable young lady will be the rider:
  9. Had this fellow finished for some time. Hard to take decent photos of it since it's so big: I used this blue and purple snake as my inspiration for the color scheme:
  10. Okay, I knew this guy wasn't "finished" when I stopped, but I was sick of looking at him. I've had him off my bench for a while, and I kept looking at him, but couldn't decide what it is that needs done. I think I finally hit it - I think the colors are bothering me, and fighting each other pretty badly in some spots. I think it all comes down to the orangish bits. I think they need changed or tinted with some glazes or something to help bring them back in to the rest of the model's paint scheme. Maybe. I dunno. Anyway, here is the results of my first Nethyrmaul attempt. I never put him up in 'show off' because frankly my first effort was weak. I don't know where to go with the color though, please give me some suggestions. I took several different pictures trying to capture the real colors (my photo setup definitely needs improved for larger models). I think the most accurate color representations are nearest to the top. EDIT: Note the dark spots near the back of the spines in most of the pictures are actual shadows. This guy was a pain to light.
  11. I’ve long admired the various Nethyrmaul minis painted by everyone else, and thought of what I would paint it if I had one. I’ve seen Nethyrmaul painted up as many evil type dragons, being black or red, etc. and I wanted to go an entirely different route. I wanted her whole areas, her base, to be as pretty as I could make them to really offset the ugliness of her exposed flesh =3 My idea for her was based on a dragon character I designed for a little story that eventually got scrapped, but I kept her idea because I liked it. My dragon is a gold dragon, a noble female who defended the innocent and fought alongside goodly knights against the evil in the world. Her name is Kessindra. [Kess-IN-draw] She fell in battle….and her corpse was raised to serve and fight for those she had sworn to defeat. Her mind and spirit remain, chained and helpless, as her body acts out their evil will. Each scale is painted individually [and I use craft paint, so hopefully her quality isn’t TOO bad for that fact] Hopefully you all like her ^.^ Link to her WIP thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/53995-siris-kaladrax-n-nethyrmaul-wip-thread/?p=846024
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